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Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond), Behemoth
Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)
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Duration: 44:15  
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Horns Of Baphomet Lyrics
Music and lyrics: Nergal

raise thy horns
for I’m at one with the dark
divine presence ascends
touching the forehead ov god

hark! I was not, I have become
in rapture, in vengeance, in blood
from word into flesh
from man into god

„strive ever to more”
so spake the wisdom ov snake
„hold up thyself”
sayeth the law ov the brave

beyond all I am
let it be known
within my blood fire stirs
thee I invoke, The Unspoken One

as the wolf among sheep yet cower I do not
victorious, glorious, constantly thirsting
and as the anger fuels my heart and will
no longer fear that which feeble men fear

„no rest for conquerors !”, legions of Typhon Seth await
conquering child ov Mars breathes our war formula:
„Ain Soph Aur
protect my ways
enlighten my paths
consume me with thy rays”

Lead: Nergal

I, the heart ov Tiphareth in waiting
the centre and secret ov the Sun
I invoke the Sothis rites, as day and night I’m reborn...
...we shall all be one with the flames, from above...

Lead: Nergal
06:34 320 15,07 ˆ0.10
Modern Iconoclasts Lyrics
Music and lyrics: Nergal

the centuries ov woe have passed away
with eternal youth at my command I unleash hell !
cast out ov Egypt were we, with lust embraced serpentine heart
our wrath shalt now shower o’er the earth
praise to thee, whose tongue doth speak fire

Dionisos, Orpheus, Attis, Osiris,
slain now resurrected, shackled now released


bring forth ecstasy, the utmost delight
come wholly to me as lifes’ water is poured by thy side
‘twas from sacred society not mother we were spawned
to manifest by Will alone our visions, mote it be!

we are the khaos warriors
the architects ov fate
our sight sees far beyond
the light of the day
our thoughts secluded well
amidst the darkness of night
shall be no final warning
before our battle cry !

breathe out in ecstasy, swallow the seed ov truth:
transgression is the might, transgression is the key
this is the law ov scourge, the EYE ov true revenge
placing trust upon our blade against ignorance

Dionisos, Orpheus, Attis, Osiris,
slain now resurrected, shackled now released


hear us crippled souls, behold us ye blind fools
awake in fear and feel the touch ov bitter bliss
tis no time for repenting, tis time to kiss our swords
we are the new beginning, we light our torch ov war

we are the kaos warriors
modern iconoclasts
cleansers, lurking, waiting
to conquer the Universe
we are all and without equal
our fists crush the concrete walls
our hearts infused with rage
in freedom our souls burn
conquered we can be not
our fate ‘tis fueled by forces
awakening to herald
the dawn ov New Aeon rites
04:25 320 10,10 ˆ0.10
Here And Beyond Lyrics 03:25 320 7,83 ˆ0.10
As Above So Below Lyrics 04:59 320 11,42 ˆ0.10
Blackest Of The Black Lyrics 03:41 320 8,44 ˆ0.10
Hekau 718 Lyrics
Music:Trotzky, Nergal, Copy ov hieroglyphs and their phonetic transcription by Krzysztof Azarewicz

a ka dua tuf ur biu
bi a chefu dudu ner af an nuteru
kha her nest af ur ar uatu an ba an khu an kha
au aper ku khu am aper
00:42 320 1,63 ˆ0.10
The Harlot Of The Saints Lyrics
Music: Nergal, Lyrics: Krzysztof Azarewicz

Ho Ophios ho archaios
Ho Drakon ho megas
Ho en kai ho on kai
Ho zon tous aionas
Meta tou pneumatos sou
Ho Ophios ho archaios
Ho Drakon ho megas

whore ov abominations
I invoke thee!
the harlot ov the saints
the source ov snake’s lust
descend! enter!
in the great Hall ov Fire and Ice
the rose! bloom with mercilles love

Ho Ophios ho archaios
Ho Drakon ho megas
Ho en kai ho on kai
Ho zon tous aionas
Meta tou pneumatos sou
Ho Ophios ho archaios
Ho Drakon ho megas

I hold you in my hands
yet it is you who hurts me...
from the midnight hour to the midday one
together we’re enduring
bounded by spell
reconciled with time
thou art Alfa and Omega
light ov West and light ov East
I, The Eye in The Triangle
citizen ov Corinth
(and looked into the eyes ov Angel)
the slave ov thy might

„The Lord is slain; let us lament
The Word made void, the Work in vain.
Fullfiling their obscure event,
Let us rejoice; the Lord is slain.”
02:46 320 6,37 ˆ0.10
No Sympathy For Fools Lyrics
Music: Nergal, Havok, Lyrics: Nergal

FOOLS, I cast you all aside!
your bullets harm me not
I am heresy, blazing hell
the embodiment ov all you fear
I am all which you can never be
a truth revealing hate machine
no longer will I tolerate
lies from a kingdom built on dread

yet what if naught exists above ?
no shining glory and no god
you question not, blindly believe
upon your ignorance I shall feast
damn higher virtues, divine love
your wooden idols and your law
kneel before your god yet do not see
he doth feed you lies, blinds you with fear
eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
your hearts I shall tear with paws ov truth
with slashing jaws I rape your feeble womb
no god exists to save you from thy doom

you will never see the light !
bound to always live by lies !
03:48 320 8,71 ˆ0.10
Zos Kia Cultus Lyrics
Music: Nergal, Lyrics: Krzysztof Azarewicz

Lead: Havok

praise to thee - Sabbath Goat
rising from the smoke
entheogenic god
dwelt in inbetweeness
in quadriga sexualis
thou art mystery unveiled

on the sun we fed
worshipping spirit in matter descended
through the mists ov the highest mountains led
out ov darkness ov ignorance
into the light ov reality

touch and say:
„this is the flesh and blood ov mine”
look: Atmospheric „I”:
„blessed be who have seen”

lead: Nergal

fools in the slime
their world shrills with fear
Kali Yuga; shells ov qliphoth manifest
-decline! decline!

beyond the dead words
going across the gnostic waste
drifting in infinite experience
from Nowhere to Nowhere
in the dreams ov eld heard we atavistic chant:
: Zos Kia Cvltvs : Nagual-Hoor-Lam
„certainty, not faith”
instinct - desire - and will!
Naught in All, All in Naught!

lead: Nergal

touch and say:
„this is the flesh and blood ov mine”
look: Atmospheric „I”:
„blessed be who have seen”

by the Fire and Force
I command thee: spirits ov the deep
Thoughts - theriomorphic shades -
creep and obey me! -
Demons - perfected dissolution -
„in non- atomic fact ov universality” -
this is my sweet solitude
05:32 320 12,69 ˆ0.10
Fornicatus Benefictus Lyrics
Music: Raven Moonshae, Nergal, Incantations: Austin Osman Spare

almighty asmodeus, existant of Chaos
ominous be thy name
thy kingdom come on earth
lead me into all temptation of my flesh
so i may trespass greatly into
thy ways by my desires:
for thou art all sex-seeking unity
thou mighty genitalia of creation
that knoweth no satiation -
grant thou my wish
for thou art power, ecstasy and actuality
00:52 320 2,02 ˆ0.10
Typhonian Soul Zodiack Lyrics
Music:Nergal, Lyrics: Krzysztof Azarewicz

Acoustic lead: Nergal

above the high temple ov Matter
svastikas ov Time slash the heaven
and from the pit, from the slime, from the thought
qliphotic intruder decoys
Lilith, Thantifaxath, Zi’uaq
non-manifestation born in the dark ov a day

can you hear distant desert call?
and stone you see - by Adytum builders -
... rejected, damned?
deeper, deeper; in the night, world, fear
towards the Noctuary ov the Truth

from the mirror he crawls out
devouring Eden’s light
in the tunnels ov Seth he abides
Shugal, The Howler!

Lead: Havok

who am I? where I’m going? where?
we live dreaming
slipping from body to body
and nightmares steal our breath
and hissss in our souls
poisoning with the venom ov existence

just say „Illusion”
when the first sunray falls
in your hawk eye
and don’t look in the past -
- it hurts, and there the Shadow lies in wait
so with every step on the Path
beyond good and evil
stronger GOD you become
04:29 320 10,26 ˆ0.10
Heru Ra Ha Let There Be Might Lyrics
Lyrics: Nergal & Krzysztof Azarewicz, Music: Nergal

Heru Ra Ha
flaming tongue of art
awake the lion’s strength
consumed by the ancient breath
diffracted ray ov Ra
lend me on thy wings
devour all fears that I breed
and come, as I summon thee


Ra Hoor Khu
by ithyphallic spell
shin illuminates deep within
I invoke thy names
spirits ov the earth
crush the slaves of dog
open the gates
ov liberated Will


Lead: Nergal

Heru Ra Ha
let me see in the dark
wisdom of which I fear not
and mute the weakness in my heart
let there be might
Sothis raised we await
the Mighty One from above
multitude of stars transform into God

03:03 320 6,99 ˆ0.10