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Year Of The Dog ... Again, DMX
Year Of The Dog ... Again
Release type: Album
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Duration: 46:35  
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[Interviewer:] Yo I'm sayin, these Ruff Ryder Niggas
[DMX:] Dog
[Interviewer:] I heard these niggas is for real
[DMX:] Dog. That's my man and them
[Interviewer:] But I heard these Niggas is like suppose to be lockin down
the industry on some shit, on some power shit.
[DMX:] Dog that's my mans and them
[Interviewer:] Eh
[DMX:] So what I'm doin'
[Interviewer:] right, right
[DMX:] my mans and them is doin, because
[Interviewer:] right
[DMX:] that's my mans and them, ya know
[Interveiwer:] I feel ya
[DMX:] Now ya feel me?
[Interveiwer:] I feel ya
[DMX:] So you know when you fuckin with me
[Interveiwer:] right, right
[DMX:] you fuckin wit
[Interveiwer:] oh oh, what are ya doin now?


Told y'all niggaz
Ya just don't listen
Why must you be hard headed
Tried to explain, but ya didn't hear me though
Ya know, grrrrrr

One two one two, come through run through
Gun who, oh you don't know what the gun do
Some do, those that know are real quiet
Let me think you wanna try it, fuck around and start a riot
Niggas gonna buy it, regardless because I'm the hardest
rap artist and I'ma start this
Shit up foreal, get up and feel, my words
I make herbs split up and squeal
Ill is all I've been hearin lately
Niggaz hate me, wanna duck tape me and make me
put their brains on the wall, when I brawl
Too late for that 911 call
Niggaz stay beefin but a lot of them bluffin
But not me because I'ma nigga that can get out of them cuffs
You think a lot of them tough
Not just for frotin
When I hit them niggaz like 'What you want?'
the battle turns into a hunt
With the dog right behind niggaz chasin em down
We all knew that you was pussy
but I'm tastin it now
And never give a dog blood
because raw blood
I have a dog like one bitin whatever
All up in ya gut
Give it to them raw like that
and ain't no love I do em all like that
Four right up in they back
Clak Clak
Close your eyes baby, it's over
Forget it, happened in front off your buildin but
nobody knows who did it
Where my dogs at?
What what
Where my dogs at?
Where my dogs at?
What what
Where my dogs at?
Where my dogs at?
What what
Where my dogs at?
Where my dogs at?
What what

Niggas is pussy
Keep me runnin from the werewolf, owww
Howling at the moon on the roof
Eh, ah, no, get em
Ten niggas on him, hope God's with him
Give me the bat, let me split him
I'll have em where the pillow and the casket won't fit him
Only reason I did him, he wouldn't fight back
Trieed to strike back
Left him like that, layin up with the white hat
Gettin right back at ya when I snatch ya
up out the grave, nuthin but bones and ashes
Hittin niggaz with gashes to the head
Straight to the white meat but the street stay red
But this girl gave me head for free
Cause they see, who I'ma be by like 2003
That Nigga D took it there
He thought it was a joke
He went through like 20 G's and thought that
I was broke, stupid
That's what you get for thinkin and eventually
found that's what you get for stinkin
Blowin up the spot when you rot
plus if it gets hot they know you dipped
for four squared blocks
Hit em with the ox to the grill
Eh, ah, kill nigga kill
Yet still they don't know I'ma rob who
That dog DMX is a muthafuckin problem
00:22 192 0,51 0.10
Give Em What They Want
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Walk These Dogs (Feat. Eve)
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I Run Shit Here
Lyrics 01:01 192 1,40 0.10
Pump Ya Fist
Lyrics 04:17 192 5,90 0.10
Nigga Gone Wild (Skit)
Lyrics 00:12 192 0,29 0.10
It's Personal (Feat. Jadakiss & Styles P.)
Lyrics 03:41 192 5,06 0.10
Go For Dat (Feat. Lil Scrappy)
Lyrics 02:53 192 3,98 0.10
Getting Down (Feat Big Stan And Kashmir)
Lyrics 02:58 192 4,06 0.10
Blood On My Hand
Lyrics 03:43 192 5,10 0.10
Here We Go Again
"Here We Go Again"

Same old shit dog, just a different day
You know how niggaz do, when we play, how we play
A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do
If it's fuck me nigga, you know it's fuck you
I kick it to shorty to try to help him understand (uhh)
Hit him with work, cause yo, that's my little man (uh-huh)
He asked a few questions bout the game and I told him (yeh)
So when he made a bad move it was my place to scold him (aight)
Never told him nuttin wrong, kept it fair
Didn't listen, so I might as well have been talkin to the air (damn)
Everybody makes mistakes, a mistake is aight
But if it ain't, I'ma tell you straight, time to say goodnight
Nobody likes to be played, regardless of the relationship
but shorty's fuckin up big time, I HATE THIS SHIT
I'm caught in the middle of, havin love for a lil nigga
knowin what's expected of me as a, real nigga (damn)
My next move is crucial, what do I do?
How do I keep it real with shorty in my crew?
Didn't want to kill him, so instead of puttin the Mac on him
I did the only thing I could do, turn my back on him (aight?)

[Chorus: DMX]

Here we go again..
Same old shit dog, just a different day
Here we go again..
You know how niggaz do, when we play, how we play
Here we go again..
A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do
Here we go again..
So if it's fuck me nigga, then you know it's fuck you

Niggaz that I fuck wit, wanna get him dead
But I'm cool with shorty's peoples, so I let him live
Under normal circumstances, he would be a marked man
but I hit him with a grand, just didn't shake his hand (ooh)
Go about your business (uh-huh) do what you gonna do (uh)
Be what you gon' be, I wash my hands, I'm through (aight?)
I can forgive I just can't forget
You're on your own lil' man don't ask me for shit (no)
If you paid attention to what I taught you then you good (uhh)
If I see you again, GET IT, understood?
Go 'head before I change my mind cause you know you should be dead
"I just wanted to say --" AIGHT?!!!! GO 'HEAD!
Instinct told me to kill him but the saviour is
I'm a good nigga, plus I owed his peeps a favor (hmm)
But I also knew, the decision I just made (yeah)
went against the rules of the game that we played (damn)


I should have, followed my first instinct, cause I knew
Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do
Now this nigga's fuckin with the competition (WHAT?)
Ungrateful motherfucker, shoulda got him missin (WHAT?)
This nigga got the nerve, to take my kindness, for a weakness
Gotsta get back on some street shit so I can creep this
rat, when I act, take one, set him up, to take two
get him there, take three, get him done
Wasn't hard for me to get him where I wanted him, confronted him
{*barrel spins*} BZZZZZZZT, CLICK! There was a bullet in one of them
Feelin lucky? CLICK, looks like you are
CLICK CLICK CLICK, luck ain't goin too far
What you did was put on another pair of shoes
and they just happened to be too big
What you did was stupid (damn) real fuckin stupid (aight?)
Well shorty I gave you a chance and what did you do?
Threw it back in my fuckin face so FUCK YOU TOO (BLAM) aight?

[Chorus 2X]
03:55 192 5,39 0.10
Bust Money In The Head
Lyrics 03:30 192 4,80 0.10
Nigga Gone Wild (Skit)
Lyrics 01:12 192 1,66 0.10
Get Wild (Feat. Jadakiss, Kartoon & Flashy)
Lyrics 03:13 192 4,41 0.10
The Industry
Lyrics 03:03 192 4,21 0.10
We In Here
"We In Here"

Yeah you know how we do it, Funk Flex, Big Kap, Def Jam
The Tunnel, Ruff Ryders, Let's go baby

Ruff Ryders (We in here!)
Ruff Ryders (We stayin here!)
Ruff Ryders (Ain't goin nowhere,
Ain't hidin nowhere, ain't runnin nowhere)

Ya'll laughin, when we comin, we checkin the cabinets
Body parts we baggin, we ain't comin for the crack
We come to crack backs and ? over niggaz hair dew
Spit rays, pop off C's and graze niggaz fades
I creep in a Mustang, bust my heat in the rain
Till they get a rust stain
Y'all niggaz heard of me, probably wanna murder me
I'll pull up on ya block and turn your white teeth burgundy
Let's see some surgery


Watch the first lady as she rides
Rougher than the rest of them bitches
What it take for cats to hush they mouth
This one official
Come on clown prove it's still an issue
Streets is ours, have ya homies weepin cause they miss you
Thought it was a game when I said the dogs would get you
Heard you fucked up cause E-V-E bit you
Flex knows what the real is
That's why he deal wit
Ruff Ryders baby droppin bombs nigga feel this

Ruff Ryders (We in here!)
Ruff Ryders (We stayin here!)
Ruff Ryders (Ain't goin nowhere,
Ain't hidin nowhere, ain't runnin nowhere)

Why ya'll braggin, I'm over here choppin and baggin
And I don't want the drop coupe so I'm choppin the wagon
Dark navy blue six speed, six air-bags
Even if this shit crash, feel like Six Flags
And ya'll niggaz cant block my shells
When I'm in jail the C.O. don't lock my cell
Before any rap group, we was the L.O.X. crooks
I'll slap a hundred dollars on the whole blocks books
And know the block shook, when I walk by
Niggaz just like you they rather not look
I inspired y'all niggaz to flow
I'ma always get money so I admire ya'll niggas that blow
Ask ya self who the nicest out right now
Put your ice up lets get on the mic right now
Clown, I'm the top cat where it stops at
Where lightning and thunder at
And y'all niggaz is under that

If you runnin with the P. you gonna get your turn
Tuck my gun while its hot to feel my dick hair burn
Might come through the spot where the shottie and what
Body to block and hot wanna the Bacardi wit rocks
I aint never drive a bike but I ride on the back
Rob wit a gat, shit I still ride wit my craps
If you wanna go to war we can tally it up
Escalate and venally it up, what?

Ruff Ryders (We in here!)
Ruff Ryders (We stayin here!)
Ruff Ryders (Ain't goin no where,
Ain't hidin no where, ain't runnin no where)

If you like Sheek, you hold heat and no one know
Bust yo' gun and leave the body where no one go
I pack some shit for any type of situation
Only time I don't pack heat is on vacation
And that's the blow dryer next to the Playstation
I'm big but I use shit to kill you quick
And I don't wrestle unless chicks do bad on my dick
Flex know I bring somethin hot to the spot

What would you rather have the 10 you found or the 5 you earned
Became a man at 6 cause at 5 you learned
Don't take nothin for granted except death
Man of the house cause you the last nigga left
I see how it's going dizzy with the shit so we can blast a rhyme
Hope the Lord got your soul cause your ass is mine
Every time you turn around niggas know that I be right there
East turned to West coast, cravin for the nightmare
Don't give a fuck about what you sling
Cause you ain't slingin that shit, or bringin that shit
Up the hill, but you still singin that shit
Talkin shit like you know what its like to walk this shit
Get on some stalkin shit
So you know what niggaz rule New York and shit
I'm just thinkin all the business and how to handle ya'll niggaz
All the families that I got lightin candles for niggaz
Breathin revelence, grandmothers fallen out and need the sedatives
Mom huggin the casket wishin that she raised a better kid

[Swizz Beatz]
Y'all niggaz actors
I'll put your face where your muthafuckin back was
Im tired of y'all niggaz actors

Y'all know what y'all gonna get
And y'all niggaz know damn well who y'all fuckin wit
Little slim nigga like me, big gun like this
And my gun bust and gun never miss
I'm the nigga that make ya miss Christmas
When we go to court you know shit dismissed

[Chorus x4]
Ruff Ryders (We in here!)
Ruff Ryders (We stayin here!)
Ruff Ryders (Ain't goin nowhere,
Ain't hidin nowhere, ain't runnin nowhere)
03:59 192 5,45 0.10
Lord Give Me A Sign
Lyrics 03:13 192 4,41 0.10