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With Devils Amongst Us All, Walls Of Jericho
With Devils Amongst Us All
Release type: Album
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Duration: 34:58  
Size, Mb: 80,22  


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Trigger Full Of Promises Lyrics 03:48 320 8,73 0.10
I Know Hollywood And You Ain't It Lyrics 02:39 320 6,08 0.10
And Hope To Die Lyrics
The world been against you from day one
tomorrows never promised, night has just begun
so sing with me we're all fucked
cause this your hell and this is your heaven
unlearn what you know burn all you've been give

i sing this song hoping that you still care
cause we still care
that all the broken dreamers are living this nightmare

this was written when my heart and mind defined this contradiction
there was nothing i could have done those days play on and on
now i cannot see what's written on your grave
i saw the white flag raised from miles away

i'm sorry for not being there
twice in fucking one year

i sing this song hoping that you still care
cause we still care
that all the broken dreamers are living this nightmare

you must have felt so alone
terrifiedof a hollowed home
the only thing hopeless is death
desperate hope made you cry out
someone end the pain
the only thing hopeless is death
03:15 320 7,44 0.10
Plastic Lyrics
a damage past is haunting me
creeps in won't let me breathe
i can't quite grasp psychotic thoughts (and me) the troubles lie beneath
we won't back down its far too late
paying the price of endeless pain our love, our hate
which on will you embrace

now i can't pretend
to live this life of plastic happiness
this plastic happiness

because one chance is all we get to kill the questions in our minds
just one more chance to turn around this life

break through the structure that we see
reach true surrondings that we seek
and force the path we know is right
this won't conquer quietly
we won't back down its far too late
paying the price of endeless pain our love, our hate

which on will you embrace

i'm so sad to say i've watched this tragedy take everything away from me
i write words for my own survival
if you don't hear them then they mean nothing at all

i won't live like this
in plastic happiness
03:16 320 7,50 0.10
Try Fail Repeat Lyrics 03:14 320 7,39 0.10
The Haunted Lyrics
We must survive

This is a wake up call
To all who their eyes
This is our hope,
Hopeless beaten strife

You kill the messenger not to hear it
It doesn't mean it never happened
It doesn't mean it never happened

This is our mission statement to go show the world
We must survive

We've been dealt
There's nothing left to chance
And the ending of this story
Is not filled with catchy hooks
So save your
It will all be o.k. anthems
And it's not getting any better
No it's not getting any better

This is where we stand
I hope you're ready to end this tragedy
03:23 320 7,76 0.10
And The Dead Walk Again Lyrics
Could you fix these things wrong with me?
Re-animate my shortcomings?
Get out your sewing-kit,
play cut and paste.
My oiled skin, re-attach my lanky limbs,
teach them to hold again.
french-kiss cadaver lips,
re-allign my crooked spine,
this torso's much too long.
We'll hold up in this hollow lung.

I love you Teri Garr
and I love you Bridgette Helm,
I love alls y'alls, you know we'd be so tragic,
a love clinique and classic.
Our hearts are haunted hearts.

I only want to be attractive 'coz I want to attract you,
and I wish I were thin--
'cause I hate this body, so fat and crude--
and I wish I were witty and I want to be cultured and patient, too...

but I could let all these things go
'coz all that I really want is you,
new skin, new lungs, new guts, new...
03:24 320 7,79 0.10
Another Day, Another Idiot Lyrics
I wonder why
Every time I see you
You hold your head up high

So surface,
So obvoius,
You're holding nothing inside

You're a waste of time
I've had enough
Why don't I help you out
Cause I'm tired
Of choking down your mouth

Your shallow existence is tired and old

Now you don't have to call me out
That's something I'll proudly do on my own
I have a past, I've made mistakes
Love and lost, hurt a few in my time
I've made some promises
With remorse I fell back on my words
I have only had regrets
If there was no lesson to be learned

And I won't forget the disasters I've counted on most
And I won't let this self-destructive bomb explode

These qualities are mine
I have a few unlike you
I work to be a better me
You're self righteous
What could you possibly say

Here's to my enemies
I wouldn't have it any other way
01:59 320 4,54 0.10
No Saving Me Lyrics
Inside these broken lines
A disruption of our lives
Insanity kicks in
And all I see is another dead end
So close your eyes
And escape from what you hide

How long will I take to bleed
These is no saving me
How far will you go to hold on

I'm better off cutting my own throat
In hope for once
That you might hear me
I know I can at least count
On the mess never judging me
I'm breaking out from all I've come to be

Alone I've gone through hell
And back to try to feel
And there is no saving me
04:09 320 9,48 0.10
Welcome Home Lyrics
A mother of three
A woman buried somewhere underneath
Sings a sad lullaby
Forever burned inside their minds

Her nights are diseased
Another one full of whiskey and men
To uphold her complacency

As she's down
On her praying hands and knees
Crying out

With her key in hand
She opens where her real night begins
Who could have known
That he pushed the pain this far
WIth a gun and venom in his veins
He screamed, try your best
Save her kids, give her life;
Rip open his wrongs that will never be set right

As she's down
On her praying hands and knees
Crying out
Her daughter pleads
"Daddy don't"

With an itchy trigger
He focused on her instead,
Straight to her head
Shooting straight to her heart

How will this horror end?
Face down
Put up your hands
How will this horror end?
Face down
She holds her head
If she had to relive this
Could she do it again?
02:17 320 5,24 0.10
With Devils Amongst Us All Lyrics 03:37 320 8,27 0.10