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Westing (By Musket & Sextant), Pavement
Westing (By Musket & Sextant)
Release type: Album
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Duration: 48:23  
Size, Mb: 88,99  


Price for album: 1.84 (discount 20%)  

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You're Killing Me Lyrics 03:21 256 6,11 0.10
Box Elder Lyrics
Wasn't the question you asked me
It wasn't the answer I gave
That made me feel like I was on a train
Was a distant voice
Made me make a choice
That I had to get the fuck out of this town
I got a lot of things to do
A lot of places to go
I`ve got a lot of good things coming my way
And I'm afraid to say that you`re not one of them.

Last time I was there
You were out on the couch
Pressed into a little electric 2
It was the way that you smiled
Made me know at once
That I had to get the fuck out of this town
'Cause I've decide to make a stand
And I'm not gonna take your hand
I`m taking the next bus outta here, I`m gonna head for Box Elder, M.O
02:26 256 4,48 0.10
Maybe Maybe Lyrics 02:15 256 4,11 0.10
She Believes Lyrics 03:02 256 5,57 0.10
Price Yeah! Lyrics 03:00 256 5,51 0.10
Forklift Lyrics
chinese spectate riding forklift,
mother says "no"
can't i for...forklift me?
why? because i need money, work,
time is my life, not hers.
what does it mean?

of course work sucks: spend week in nevada
dancing with old lady full of nickels,
full of nickels and dimes
makes me tired, lose my..self
lose my cash

i get really fucked and then really drunk...

(something about playing cards and being from iowa
and the dealer had 21)

nothing left back home with his forklift
driving past boss creamer, age 24
delta pi, phd

mr. creamer, tired of words,
looked at me,"life is a forklift.
now my mouth is a forklift

this i ask: that you serve as a forklift too.

christmas, christmas
03:28 256 6,34 0.10
Spizzle Trunk Lyrics 01:23 256 2,55 0.10
Recorder Grot Lyrics 02:08 256 3,92 0.10
Internal K-Dart Lyrics 01:52 256 3,39 0.10
Perfect Depth Lyrics
Got his hand stuck in the kitchen sink
It was his birthday tomorrow
And he couldn't resist
But he never found a sign on his second skin
At least he knows how the other half lives
Inside a little room about four inches wide
With windows glued shut,
And air that stinks
But he only saw the kitchen
And the bath
He should be thankful
So thankful

That all's ok with her

And I wasted
No one's precious time
Like I wasted, I wasted all
Your precious time, precious time
Was a sorry thing to do
Was a sorry thing for you
Cuz I wasted,
I wasted it all on you!
02:44 256 4,98 0.10
Recorder Grot (Rally) Lyrics 00:21 256 0,66 0.10
Heckler Spray Lyrics 01:07 256 2,04 0.10
From Now On Lyrics 02:03 256 3,78 0.10
Angel Carver Blues-mellow Jazz Lyrics 02:30 256 4,59 0.10
Drive By Fader Lyrics 00:28 256 0,86 0.10
Debris Slide Lyrics
maybe she is
maybe she's not
maybe wheeze
wheeze hack cough wheeze hack cough

ba ba bada ba
debris slide
ba ba bada ba
debris slide
ba ba bada ba
debris slide

maybe she is
maybe she's not
maybe eyes
eyes in the socket
eyes in the socket so i'm gonna sock it

ba ba bada ba
debris slide
ba ba bada ba
debris slide
ba ba bada ba
debris slide

ba ba bada ba
debris slide
ba ba bada ba
debris slide
ba ba bada ba
debris slide
01:56 256 3,56 0.10
Home Lyrics
Fight for felicity for me.
You know i cannot do it myself.
Stick your fingers in my mouth.
Pull my lips back and watch me smile.
Catch me on my troubled portion.
Maybe there is something there for you.
Look below her nylon stockings,
snapped the double notch and left untied.

Some king chooser will wind up with my number.
I'll go to sleep and
wait for my number to come.

Deep pockets may be deeper
and always had a nickel to spare.
Now the blood blister's,
the blister's black
as she washes her hands across her chest.
But if you're willing to call my machine,
flip the coins and watch me light up
hope the time is right for it
when its done
turn your back

King chooser has come for my number.
I'll just roll over on my back
and wait for my number to come.
02:23 256 4,39 0.10
Krell Vid-User Lyrics 01:26 256 2,65 0.10
Summer Babe (Winter Version) Lyrics
Ice baby,
I saw your girlfriend and she was
eating her fingers like they're just another meal
but she waits there
in the levee washes
mixin' cocktails with a plastic-tipped cigar

My eyes stick to all the shiny roses
you wear on the protein delta strip
in an abandoned house but i will wait there
i'll be waiting forever...
i'll wait and wait and wait...

Minerals, ice deposits daily, dropped off
the first shiny robe
i've got a lot of things i want to sell, but
not here, babe-- tortuuurreeee...

every time i sit around i find i'm shot
every time i sit around i find i'm shot
every time i turn around i find i'm shot
every time i sit around i find i'm shot
every time every time...
you're my... summer babe
summer babe
03:14 256 5,92 0.10
Mercy- The Laundromat Lyrics 01:39 256 3,03 0.10
Baptiss Blacktiss Lyrics 02:03 256 3,76 0.10
My First Mine Lyrics
I must have been here four hundred times
Keeping myself clear and out of the light
I watch the drunken boy taunt her and point my
feet towards the door
I'm melting ice into water

I didn't see you standing there
I didn't know you were brilliant
I didn't see you standing there all alone

Over the noise like a waterfall crash
An unlikely angel sings in the back
A deadly call from the sirens brings the roof to the floor
Turning coal into diamonds

I must have been here four hundred times
I couldn't see you through open eyes
You're floating over at each lull you were there
every time
Turning empty into full
02:21 256 4,29 0.10
My Radio Lyrics 01:22 256 2,50 0.10