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Welcome To The Tundra Vol.2 (Bootleg), Various Artists,Young Jeezy
Welcome To The Tundra Vol.2 (Bootleg)
Release type: Bootleg
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Release date:


Duration: 76:50  
Size, Mb: 109,08  


Price for album: 2.08 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Intro Lyrics 01:07 160 1,15 0.10
Hypnotize Lyrics 03:40 208 5,17 0.10
Child Of God Lyrics 04:16 224 6,39 0.10
I Got Money Lyrics 03:35 224 5,72 0.10
Soul Survivor Lyrics 04:20 208 6,35 0.10
Freestyle 1 Lyrics 01:33 208 2,22 0.10
I Love It Lyrics
Ride till I die, Lord knows stay high, and I love it
Let's go!

We count hundreds on the table, twentys on the floor
Fresh outta work and on the way with some more
And I love it (yeah!), and I love it
I got gangstas in the crowd, bad bitches at my show
Parked outside, and sitting on vogues
And I love it (yeah!), and love it
[Verse 1]
Once again it's on, I'm back in the motherfucking booth
These niggaz still lying, I'm the motherfucking truth (YEEEEEAHHH!)
I don't believe I need some more fucking proof
I ain't want the four door, I copped the motherfucking coupe (HAHA!)
They tryin be me, I'm just tryin be G
And everything comes to 'em like you'll see
These niggaz in the dark baby I'll just shine (SHINE)
I do it from the heart homie they just rhyme (YEEEEEAHHHH!)
Check your watch nigga it's my time (HEY!)
Mind made up I was on my grind (THAT'S RIGHT!))
So pay attention yea you on my time
In that case time waits for no man
Do it again I done that before man (GYEAH!)
M.O.E., he ain't part of the program
Or maybe you niggaz ain't listening
Open your eyes I'm a blessing in disguise

Yea I blew up, but they like that
They switched up on me, and I ain't like that
Sold my first brick yea, I came right back
Fast forward the tape, nigga look at me now
And I never turn back, so motherfuck that
Life is on the ground got my head to the sky
Smoked all day, Lord knows I stay high
Stay on top, Lord knows I'm gon' try
And live for the moment, Lord knows I'm gon' die
And when I get to hell, Lord knows I'm gon' fry
Woke up this morning so I'm still alive
36 O's I sold them all for five
Been around the world, it's the same ol' caine
Been around the world, it's the same ol' thang (Dro)
All the real niggaz either dead or in jail
And if you're looking for me homie, I'm in the A-T-L
You gotta play it how it go, you can't cheat on life (YEAAAAH!)
Ya better drink a Red Bull, you can't sleep on life
I ain't tryna do you, I'm tryin' do me
Last album did two, I'm just tryin' do three
Fresh out the block yea the work was hard
Ride with the top down so I'm closer to God
My P.O. telling me I need a 9 to 5
But I already got a job, and that's stayin alive
[Repeat intro till fade]
03:35 224 5,66 0.10
Top Back Remix Lyrics 03:26 192 4,68 0.10
Pussy Muthafuckas Lyrics 04:06 192 5,59 0.10
For The Hood Lyrics 03:52 208 5,62 0.10
J.E.E.Z.Y. Lyrics 03:37 208 5,04 0.10
And Then What (Original) Lyrics 03:54 208 5,78 0.10
Grew Up A Screw Up Lyrics
I Grew Up A Fucking Screw Up
Got Introduced To The Game, To The Game Then Fucking Blew Up
[Ludacris Talking]

Ever Since I Was An Embryo Waitng To Shape Up And Ship Out
Something In My Brain Said Wake Up And Kick Out
Roberta And Wayne Stayed Up And Flipped Out
Cuz When I Came I Was Draped Up And Dripped Out
Snip The Amblical Spit The Government Chip Out
Peace Up A-Town Down And Then I Dipped Out
And Oh My Gosh The Osh Gosh Was Picked Out
I Slipped In Even My Baby Stroller Was Tricked Out
Somebody Get Him The Lil Niggas Out Of Control
Put A Lil Bit Of Rum I My Bottle
I'll Dream About Diamonds And Gold,Gold ,Gold
To Grow From An Infant To Toddler Was Effervescent
The Essence Of Adolescence Got My Body Feelin Fresh 'N' Fresh 'N' Fresh 'N'
And It Was A Blessin To Rhyme And Start Rapping
I Was The Best In My Section
With Flows Harder Then Erections
Still The Best But Now Im Grown With More Range Then A Texan
Im A Heavyweight You Niggas Is Lighter Then My Complexion

[Chorus: x4]
I Grew Up A Fucking Screw Up
Got Introduced To The Game, To The Game Then Fucking Blew Up

[Young Jeezy:]
From The Front Of Me It's Six Shit I Made It A Burn
Its Seventeen And A Half All I Need Is The Word
Say The Ice Is Cool But Them Pots Is Hot
You Let It Cook Slow But That Money Come Fast
I Got Whut You Need I Hope You Brought All The Cash
You Know The Kidd Pimpin All Over The World
100 Carats Got Me All Over Yo Girl
5 Bricks And My Coochie Double Bagged
A Corporate Thug I Run With A Players Circle
Got A Filled Mob That Disturb Ya Peace
Blowin Sean J All We Do Is Smoke
Finished Counting My Bread And I Was Gettin Sum Head
Whut's Up

[Chorus x4]

When I Came In To The Game They Aint Do Nuthin But Doubt Me
Now The Whole Game's Changing It Ain't Nuthin Without Me
Pickin Up My Sloppy Seconds As They Reach For The Crown
Only Reason You On That Song Because I Turned That Down
Went Form Hot Wheels To Big Wheels Hyundais To Bentleys
Five Course Meals No More Popeyes And Blimpies
From Alrite To Handsome From One Room To Mansion
From Hangin On The Block To Throwin Parties In The Hamptons
From Broke As A Joke To Rich As A Bitch
I Bought A Plane And A Boat And 6 Other Whips
No More The From Dice On The Curb Im Stackin Up Chips
But Harder Birds On My Nerves To Chicks On My Dick
Guard Ya Women Dog I Went From Ashy To Classy
Went From A Kiss On The Cheek To Doin The Nasty
Reach Yo Hand Up In The Air And You Can Play Wit The Stars
Its Not The Hand That You Dealt But How You Playin The Cards Boyyyyyyy

[Chorus x4]
01:19 192 1,73 0.10
Gotta Get Her Lyrics 03:35 208 5,10 0.10
Still On It Lyrics 03:29 208 5,00 0.10
Soul Survivor (DJ Supreme Remix) Lyrics 02:29 192 3,21 0.10
And Then What (DJ Supreme Remix) Lyrics 03:15 192 4,16 0.10
Freestyle 2 Lyrics 01:12 192 1,58 0.10
Air Forces Lyrics 00:56 208 1,29 0.10
Hold Up Lyrics 03:16 192 4,35 0.10
Southern Kingpins (DJ Supremeremix) Lyrics 02:00 192 2,60 0.10
Go Crazy Lyrics 03:22 208 4,84 0.10
Let's Get It Lyrics 03:30 208 5,05 0.10
Freestyle (Myspace.Com/ironrecordz) Lyrics 02:40 192 3,60 0.10
High Definition Lyrics 02:43 208 3,93 0.10
Freestyle Lyrics 02:15 208 3,27 0.10