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Viscera (2 CD), God Module
Viscera (2 CD)
Release type: Album
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Duration: 81:13  
Size, Mb: 127,47  


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The Source Lyrics
I have nothing to say to you
no words left that sound true
Your morals are your demise
I don't need permission to fuck with your mind
I won't listen to you anymore
the useless babble of a used up whore
another world waits under the stairs
beyond of the lies you tell in your prayers

Can you see what I see?
Can you hear what I hear?
Visions of destruction the sound of fear
the source of my evil is inside of you dear

Blood stains black on your red hands
speaking in words your don't understand
cutting yourself to pass the time
pretending that the monsters are all in your mind
no method to control your fear
why should you hide when I'm already here
no escape, no escape
It's not just your precious soul that I'll take
04:56 224 7,83 0.10
Inside Out Lyrics
I do...touch the devilish one.

Do you want me to turn you inside out?
To show you what love is really about.
I think you do.

The two, left shoulder.

When I saw the face of God, I was changed.

Do you want me to turn you inside out?
To show you what love is really about.
Oh I think you do.

I think you do.
Oh I think you do.
04:30 208 6,25 0.10
False Pretense Lyrics
sing along with the shadows
sing a song to bring about the end
of your resistance
to the simple fact that you're dead
what did you have to believe in ?
what can you say that hasn't already been said
what makes you any different than me
other than the bullets inside of your head?

all your life was hit or miss
living under the false pretense
that you were so special
that you were someone
you are no one just like me
now you know what's after this
beyond your grave another false pretense
that you go to hell or you go to heaven
you're going nowhere just like me

sing along with insanity
A rousing chorus of your defeat
your actions unrealistic
transform into another statistic
did you think that it would change anything
this piece of metal inside of your brain
did you really think you have to die
to learn that things are the
same on the other side?

you are going nowhere
you are no one
you are going nowhere
just like me
05:00 240 8,28 0.10
Still So Strange Lyrics
I Start To Move
To Step Outside What's Become Of You
Remember The Time We Crossed The Line?
Lost Our Minds For You
I Still Can't Remember Why
We Felt The Need To Bring You Back To Life
After All Of The Things That We Knew
You Would Do

Everything Is Still So Strange
That is damaging My Brain
All The Things That I Can See
Are Not How They Are Supposed To Be
And I Still Want To Believe
That Misery And Agony And Suffering
Will Someday Deliver Me
Into A World Where You Belong To Me

An Extinct Disease
Look Into My Eyes - Come unto Me
Screaming Out The Backward Names Of
Those You Would Deceive
Your Glamorized God Is Paralyzed
To Blackout The Miracles I Describe
Learning A New Way To Terrorize
All That We Believe
04:55 256 8,51 0.10
Lucid Lyrics
What if I let you go
out in the world all on your own?
Would you ever be able to forgive me?
We both know that you'll never forget me.

My hands burning your skin
crying out NO so I'll do it again
My lust, my slave
you're the best gift death ever gave to me
I am everything that you will ever need.

There is no getting away from me

My reluctant love
I know what you're thinking of
In a lucid state you sleep
Pray to me your soul to keep
Now I will say goodnight
and make sure your restraints are tight
As you're off to dream
of perversion and blasphemy

Lets pretend I let you leave
This pornographic prison of make believe
No threats to make you behave
No bars left on your cage
Would you really run away from me
after all the things I forced you to see?
or would you stay here by my side
and be my distraction
from what they call real life?
I hold hell here in my hands tonight

There is no reason to fight me
05:13 224 8,32 0.10
A Night Like This Lyrics 04:10 224 6,38 0.10
Sections Lyrics 05:17 224 8,12 0.10
Foreseen Lyrics 05:30 224 8,78 0.10
Lost Time Lyrics 04:29 240 7,24 0.10
Winter Torture Lyrics 04:39 240 7,82 0.10
A Simple Restriction Lyrics 03:52 208 5,76 0.10
Winter Torture (God Mod Dance Till You Die Mix) Lyrics 04:13 224 6,40 0.10
Lucid (Reaper Mix) Lyrics 05:21 240 8,72 0.10
Darkness Is... Lyrics 05:02 192 6,78 0.10
The Source (Imperative Reaction Mix) Lyrics 04:37 240 7,40 0.10
Altered Image Lyrics 04:34 240 7,58 0.10
Still So Strange (Xenograft Mix) Lyrics 05:01 208 7,30 0.10