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Velvet Darkness They Fear, Theatre of Tragedy
Velvet Darkness They Fear
Release type: Album
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Release date:


Duration: 52:05  
Size, Mb: 95,49  


Price for album: 0.72 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Velvet Darkness They Fear Lyrics 01:04 256 1,96 0.10
Fair And 'Guiling Copesmate Death Lyrics 07:05 256 13,00 0.10
Bring Forth ?? Shadow (Mix) Lyrics 06:49 256 12,48 0.10
Seraphic Deviltry (Mix) Lyrics 05:16 256 9,66 0.10
And When He Falleth (Mix) Lyrics 07:09 256 13,07 0.10
Der Tanz Der Schatten (Mix) Lyrics 05:29 256 10,04 0.10
Black As The Devil Paineth Lyrics 05:27 256 9,96 0.10
On Whom The Moon Doth Shine Lyrics
O soft embalmer of ye still midnight,
Allow me thee to adown,
Of any sort thou fancieth;
Each holdeth its own fancy, I say -
Yet the pleasure we partake in
Was caus'd by the fang'd grin,
Save!, do I for him anger hold?
Nay - I knew I was fey!"
Had I what it taketh I would do;
I sense - I cannot sense,
I am - yet! I am not -
Once I kiss'd the image
Of the Seven Angels of Death...
Yet as thou so didst,
On my lips a kiss land?d,
And with the shadows blend?d
The tendermost silken mourn;
In which the light hidden is -
Yon Hell's brazen doors
Wrothfully it trieth to push.
Then, lo! the Black Death,
Serpent-like 'twixt the breasts crept;
Hush'd with a gasp of life's breath,
Hush'd with a gasp of life's breath,
Together red tears they wept,
Together red tears we wept - in vain,
And pass'd the procession of dancers dead -
And pass'd the procession of dancers dead -
As in darkness were we lock'd in wed."
As in darkness were we lock'd in wed;
I kiss'd the Seven Angels of Death.
And Hell open'd its doors,
Yet what was 'fore my eyes
Yet what was 'fore my eyes
But if not the brightest light.
But if not the brightest light.
06:15 256 11,44 0.10
The Masquerader And The Phoenix Lyrics 07:34 256 13,88 0.10