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Until The End, Kittie
Until The End
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Duration: 41:17  
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Look So Pretty Lyrics
Say what you will
I will walk past that plate
Of glass
Your time has passed.

Dont ever say its my time
Burning hatred will light my way.

A choice not an echo.

And as your world comes down
I will be there.

[Chorus] You look so pretty
Digging your grave
You look so pretty whats
Left to save?

Say what you will
Eyes to the skies.

You look so pretty right now.
05:30 256 10,06 0.10
Career Suicide Lyrics
Vindiction bleeds you
From every pore
Until hope runs out
Until my feet leave the floor
The first trace of
That too familiar feeling
Smiles and daggers
Hearts are bleeding.

Dont say no
I'll soon know.

[Chorus] Convictions see you through
Are you all you know?

Your faded costume is
Wearing thin
Was there no comfort in
Your own skin?
You always were a slow
Learner inside your ugly
Living lies
Tell yourself that
Next time you cry.

Dont go
Dont go
Dont do it.
03:56 256 7,21 0.10
Until The End Lyrics
Wings spread, poised
Faintly convulsing the sky
How will I know?
Bask now in this graying light
Search for that word
Something likened goodbye
How will I know?
That they will cry?

[Chorus] We were blessed
(in this lifetime)
Laid to rest
(all we live for)
We were blessed.

Voices ring on
Autumn is always at hand
Angels corpses
Hollow and stolen so fast
I heard your voice
And it spoke softly to me
We have this time
And then we're free.

Take me under
Take me under.
04:14 256 7,74 0.10
Red Flag Lyrics
I feel trapped and its all
In my dirty hands
These walls are closing in.

You always were so hard
To please
You thought you had me on
My knees.

I think I'm going under
Red flags for all of this.

You're cold and calculating
A knife held to my lips
And this anticipating
Blade bleeding for a kiss.

[Chorus] This is the day and you wait
Is this fate, laying waste
And you'll stay here forever
Stay here forever.

And all thats left are scars
And lies
Whispering while beauty dies.

I claw my neck for answers
As last life slips away.

Take me away.
03:48 256 6,96 0.10
Sugar Lyrics 04:16 256 7,82 0.10
In Dreams Lyrics
Every time I speak
Wipe away all these tears
Living every day in fear
Finding nothing but empty.

[Chorus] Wide awake and dreaming
Is this what it seems
Close my eyes forever
I'll wake up.

Desperation strips me
These last days have not
been free
Stealing every breath
from me
Whispering defeat.

And I see it in your eyes
Long gone
And I feel it in your heart
Long gone
And I see it in your eyes
Long gone, long gone.
03:15 256 5,98 0.10
Into My Darkness Lyrics 03:38 256 6,67 0.10
Burning Bridges Lyrics
Hell above
Your star is below.

Theres no comprehension
Theres no voice of reason here.

Fairy tales dividing
Broken wings unfold
Before you.

Take a look at what
You've become.

[Chorus] Hell above
Your star is below
All I see
Covered in dirt
Hell above
Your star is below
All hope dies
Burning bridges.

I'll take the truth before trust
When the world comes crashing down.

Embrace the pain
In a world of lies.


I'll take the truth before trust
Flight betrayed you
Clipped your own.

Take a look at
What you've become.

One truth for you.
03:08 256 5,74 0.10
Loveless Lyrics
And so we're here again
I try to speak
Beg forgiveness
This fall from grace
Is in my hands.

[Chorus] I'll stay away.

You're so forgiving
I'm so wrong.

Stinging tears
Burn resentment
All I have
Is in your possession.

And my heart does not
Bleed for anyone
But my own.

Am I loveless?
02:08 256 3,93 0.10
Daughters Down Lyrics
I feel helpless, stare in disbelief
How can you still sleep at night?

Hold her with one just look,
Just one foot she's innocent
Put your hands around my neck
Stripping me of all my dignity.

Vendetta black against her
Your bloody mouth against her.

Raped of everything she owned
Its so lonely at the bottom
Putting pieces of a puzzle
Back together we've forgotten.

[Chorus] Hold your daughters down
Throw your daughters down.

Seeing beauty turn to waste
Let your ego be the death of me
Hand held tight behind my back
Stealing all thats precious to me.

Would you do this to your own?
Breathing, lying to my face
I can see you're still the same
Kill before I kill again.

03:40 256 6,74 0.10
Into The Darkness(Vocal Remix) Lyrics 03:47 256 6,96 0.10