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United States of Mind, Covenant
United States Of Mind
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Like Tears In Rain Lyrics
Go to the empire state and watch the city lights
hear the noise of millions struggle in the sprawl
stare into the sky we're few and far between
black eyes full of stars wide with memories

Every street I ever walked
every home I ever had
is lost

Every flower I ever held
every spring I ever had
has died

Every man I ever knew
every woman I ever had
is gone

Everything I ever touched
every thing I ever had
has died

Lie down in the park and watch the satellites
hear the children sing just a breath away
dance in the heavy air along the interstate
black lung full of fumes choke on memories
05:51 256 10,73 0.10
No Man's Land Lyrics 05:06 256 9,35 0.10
Afterhours Lyrics
I have devils on my mind
and the hour's getting late
there's nothing more to have
I'm waiting for the day
the weeks are passing by
thinking of the days
I want to burn myself again
I want to violate you
I want to hurt me again

I'm never going to waste your time again
burn your love tonight
I'm never going to waste your time again
we can touch the stars tonight

I have devils on my mind
they refuse to set me free
my followers in crime
but you're the one I fear
hiding from your eyes
thinking of your skin
I want to burn myself again
I want to violate you
I want to hurt me again
05:02 256 9,23 0.10
Helicopter Lyrics
Twenty years ago I rode
by helicopter to the sky
I laughed at gravitation
for a moment I was free

They say I never landed
you know they may be right
it looks better from above
with some distance in between

To leave is never easy
perhaps it shouldn't be
but return is even harder
yes return is harder still

I often dream of flying
far above the city streets
I beat my wings and leave
for Cairo or New York

I can go to many places
but there's no one there to meet
and the sky is a lonely place
just me and the silent clouds
05:44 256 10,51 0.10
Tour De Force Lyrics
You burn the ground to hold your position
you ran away if I came too close
you kept track of balance and pressure
all the dreams and desires
I want some more

for the jackpot

Take you down
I want to take you down
I want to take you down with me

We had the motion we had the grace
we had a sense of time and place
we wrote the rules we played the game
and it would never (ever) be the same
it was the beauty while we played
we played to win but no one did
we grew old we moved ahead
from dance hall days for higher stakes

You spun the wheel to keep my attention
you danced away if I missed a beat
you were queen of present and future
I was king and cavalier
on our tour de force
04:45 256 8,73 0.10
Unforgiven Lyrics
I think
you are
not my friend

I think
you are not
on my side

I think
I was
far too blind

I think
I made
a mistake

You try to sneak behind my back
but trust can not be stolen
friendship must be earned and affection's not for sale
I know you want respect
but contempt is all you get from me
we are
forever unforgiven

You call me a traitor
but you are a snake
an eye for an eye
and a tooth for a tooth

I think
you are
in too deep

I think
you're not
what you seem

I think
I have
been a fool

I think
I should
take more care
04:44 256 8,65 0.10
Humility Lyrics
Behold the beauty that surrounds us
see the wonders we take for granted
roam the world in all her glory
sail the seas and climb the mountains
discover things you never knew
be happy that you're alive

So many reasons to remain
so many people to embrace
so many stories to be told
so many errors to correct

Turn your gaze towards the moon
even further if you dare
turn your face towards the sun
and be grateful that it's there

Behold the beauty we have made us
all the wonders that we created
see the cities of the ancients
in the deserts and the jungles
see the truth you always knew
be happy that you're alive

So many reasons to remain
so many people to embrace
so many questions to be asked
so many answers to be found
04:35 256 8,41 0.10
Dead Stars [version] Lyrics 05:13 256 9,53 0.10
One World One Sky Lyrics
One world one sky
We live we die
05:01 256 9,20 0.10
Still Life Lyrics
The muffled beat of distant music someone celebrates
it's hunting season urbanised I wish I could be there
warmth and laughter the right amount of danger
Johnnie Walker wisdom as Cohen used to say

But it's pouring down with rain
do you remember?
are you alive?
do you still speak of deeds undone?

I used to be immortal I was innocent as a child
my vision was unlimited I saw rivers on the Moon
had important things to say can't remember what they were
of all the things I did, none had been done before

But achievements never last
do you recall?
do you dream?
do you still need company?

I had a friend who knew the language of the future
I'm told he lost his mind they say he went away
navigating empty streets astray among the lost
a shadow in the corner of a stranger's eye

But there's nothing left to learn
do you count the years?
do you breathe?
do you still watch the sunrise?

My ambition took me further than I dreamt
I don't even need a mirror anymore
the penthouse pool is full of ice
it should be flowers winter came too soon

But you never liked to swim
so you feel safe?
are you happy?
do you still know my name?
06:50 256 12,51 0.10
You Can Make Your Own Musik Lyrics 04:35 256 8,40 0.10