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Beborn Beton

Tales From Another World , Beborn Beton Tales From Another World 2002, Album
Fake , Beborn Beton Fake 1999, Album
Tybalt, Beborn Beton Tybalt 1993, Album
Concreate Ground, Beborn Beton Concreate Ground 1998, Album
The Greatest Hits, Beborn Beton The Greatest Hits 2000, Compilation
Tales From Another World [CD 1], Beborn Beton Tales From Another World [CD 1] 2002, Compilation
Truth, Beborn Beton Truth 1997, Album
Concrete Ground, Beborn Beton Concrete Ground 1994, Album
Fake [CD 2], Beborn Beton Fake [CD 2] 1999, Album
She Cried (EP), Beborn Beton She Cried (EP) 2016, Single/EP
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Tybalt, Beborn Beton
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Duration: 55:50  
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Myers Flat Lyrics 04:34 192 6,28 0.10
The Edge Of Wisdom Lyrics
The morning breaks, my mind is dark
If I could only turn back time a few hours
I might be possibly a bit more happier now
I 'm going out to face the sharks ,
But when I think of you I feel the warmth in my heart
Until I realise I'm on my own
The cold outside puts my sentiments down
The setting sun refuses to brighten the day
There's hate in the air and with frustration aware
We never thought we could go wrong
Age ,wisdom , power and confusion
And the fight goes on
So this was more than I can bear
Allthough we passed the test of time
Sometimes I think we've gone to far
But we can't stop fighting
04:12 192 5,76 0.10
Twisted Lyrics
Well I shed my tears and I wonder why
It is getting me so hard this time
And so I'm thinking of my friends
They're having problems with their relatives

And then I compare them to me
And I take into account
The emotional flavour of these days
It is aching deep inside to see them lonely
Now I'm sitting here by the open fire
And it is not only the fire that burns
Deep inside my heart flames are rising high
And the warmth of your touch makes me feel so happy

So I have been thinking for some time
Until my little Cous' showed up
Listening to some tiny bells
He turned to me and raised his voice
Ohh, let me cry weep and die of this pain
This pain within my heart
I know these things so well
And it feels like hell to be lost
To be lost in this world
04:14 192 5,79 0.10
Personal Hell Lyrics
Waking up in blood,
While the morning paper sucks
The human liquid
Into its veins
And a gallery of pain
Surrounds my bed
Raising up my body
Couldn't help to feel the bloody taste
And inside my mouth
The feelings I arouse
While filling it - while filling it with blood
Filling it with water,
Filling it with blood,

One step closer
One step cut
And I felt as cold as Ice
As soon as I recognise you
On the floor downstairs
Doorbell sings,
An angel get's its wing
I fear
The neighbor called the law
Zodiac mindwarp record lies on the floor,
Was all they saw

One step closer to my personal hell,
One step closer to my personal hell
Time was running fast
Policemen start to blast
Their inner guts outside me

Me, being critic
Allways sceptical
About the things we do
Do or say
We keep on hunting ... me
04:03 192 5,57 0.10
Into PCs Lyrics
In the light of the night
Trying hard to forget
All the cries and the lies
Of the people she met
Hypmotised by the sight
That you're seeing and yet
Can't disguise in her eyes
There's a look of regret
So she drifts into tomorrow
Maybe she can find a better way
To love and see her sorrow
Vanish in the haze

Rock 'n' roll lady
Keep on trying
Like the sand that is washed on the shore
Don't believe all the tears and the crying
She's running back for more

In the bars where the stars
Drink tequila and wine
Loud guitars, fancy cars
And the feeling is fine
See her face every place
Every movement in time
But don't choose or a loser you'll be
When she throws you her line

And she drifts into tomorrow
Maybe she can find a better way
To love and see her sorrow
Vanish in the haze

Rock 'n' roll lady
Keep on trying
Like the sand that is washed on the shore
Don't believe all the tears and the crying
She's running back for more
03:44 192 5,11 0.10
Ameriqua Lyrics
I feel some strange, when I think of America...

What a look,
The sea is so violently strange
So many fish swimming on it
The green sun
Is rising in front of it
Makes me feel like the last man on earth
Step aside
And take a look at what is left behind
Only fear, sorrow and pain
The green sun
Is bursting the athmosphere
Burning men scraeming prayers for rain
I turn back
'cos my oxygene`s low
I run home just following the stairs
And I see, yes I see
That it`s really impossible
To get hold of the banister

... in America
03:24 192 4,68 0.10
Torture Lyrics
The street`s running under our feet
Worlds between us, although you`re near me
The cold came creeping in the night
And this rain weakens my brain
Now we`re 2oo Miles away from the sea
And I`m standing in the doorway
Your eyes are lying at me still
And then you slowly shut the door
Hate is the kiss when you awake
A vision of a red red rose
So the clown starts his last song
While a light end the sun
The smell of death is hanging in the air
And I see little children burning
While it rains dead cats and dogs
I look to the sky: Where`s a god?

Can`t You see it`t torture for me
And this is why I hate You now,
All I want is to forget You
I can live without You now !
04:52 192 6,70 0.10
Winter Lyrics
The feelings that we shared
Are now living seperate lifes
It seems to be not in our hands
To make a change, to keep us from decline
I hardly recall your face,
Your lips
Allthough I should know
A voice on the phone says:
Do You love me?
And I say: No!
An eternity has past away since we first met
The summer breathe blew through your hair
I won't forget
How shall the this faith return to earth again
Lay hand on your heart
What once was love is now Despair again
This winter shall not pass
Let this winter pass

I guess it `s something that I should learn
Because I never seem to find the right term
04:51 192 6,66 0.10
Psychologic Secrets Lyrics 04:20 192 5,96 0.10
The Reanimator Lyrics
Hunting a trace to the public pools
Followed by a dozen of skaters
They drag me down, and they pull me through
And now I think I need a reanimator
Slightly despaired as I kiss him goodbye
"Sorry Boy, but I should be leaving.
Before I treat you the skating kind
I cast a spell and turn you into a beagle!"
Recovering fast I continue my way
Open the door of the building
"It`s closing today ", says the man in white
I turn around maybe they`re filming
Ain`t loosing hope, there`s still a chance
Beaching the local lido
I see 4oo grannys are drifting by
Over an aerea of 5 square meters

I feel treatment over me
This kind of treatment

And this is the end and so we go...
04:10 192 5,70 0.10
Chameleon Lyrics
Silently I am walking on hollowed ground
Am I walking?
I seem to fly
Birds all around mewhispering, gazing
Suddenly a voice or two
I turn aroundand hardly can believe
In what I hear, in what I see
The Nightingale talks to stone,
To a beast turning
Red and green and blue
"I`m alive" says the bird,
"I`m alive in here", The Chameleon smiles
It`s fate is it`s youth,
Never loved before, never shared a tear
Darkness fills the air and I realize
I do not fly anymore
No Chameleon, no Nightingale,
No voice over there,
The riverside, a bridge
On the other side
I see flowers
Everynow and then
A flower on the way
Slowly getting pale,
Slowly recovering
Beasts crawling, sneaking
Silently weeping
But I don`t seem to notice
Blue as I used to be,
Till I found you
It`s the Chameleon never responding
Silently nodding,
But never spending a tune
Never let someone in,
As deeply as you did with me
It`s the Chameleon never responding
Silently nodding,
But never spending a tune

Is it worth a try or will I drown?
What better way to die
in search of life?
As I step on,
a CrushI drown,
I die
Happy though ...
Happy not to have
Let a thing in life untried
A last view to The Chameleon
Never responding silently nodding
04:59 192 6,86 0.10
The Bolt Lyrics
I memorize my trace
Way far behind
A path that leads to days when
I cursed my own posessions
A thousand times
But now the only love
That I went through
Fell by self destruction
Buried for a lifetime
In my heart
In my agonizing dreams
I crave
For something to rely on
Wishing my tormented soul
Might be released

A passion`s lurking deep inside my soul
Performing my transgression
Obsolete in mind they hunt me down
03:48 192 5,23 0.10
That Deadly Kiss Lyrics
I am a solitary lover
All alone within my heart
There is no certain kind of nothing
Solitude just helps me missing
My everything
That is so far away ,
That is so far away
A smile explodes in an offtaking fireball

I am a solitary lover
All alone within my heart
There is no certain kind of nothing
Solitude just helps me missing
My everything
That is so far away,
That is so far away
So far away
A thousant miles
Miles in my dreams, I feel you near me
Miles in my dreams, feel the warmth of your embrace
Allthough there is no pariculary living
Living you, just visions
A smile on your face, a smile on your face
A smile explodes in an offtaking fireball

Missing everything that I own
Or everything I've give
Remembering the days that have gone
The days that have still to come

Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Deadly
Ohh kiss me, kiss me, give me that deadly kiss
04:43 192 6,47 0.10