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Tuatha Na Gael, Cruachan
Tuatha Na Gael
Release type: Album
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Duration: 71:60  
Size, Mb: 132,01  


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Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
I Am Tuan Lyrics 02:23 256 4,37 0.10
The First Battle Of Moytura Lyrics 07:43 256 14,13 0.10
Maeve's March Lyrics 03:32 256 6,47 0.10
The Fall Of Gondolin Lyrics
The most beautiful city built on the middle-Earth,
It's splendour was highly acclaimed,
The Noldor Elf grew mighty and strong,
In the land were Turgon Reigned,
Then Tuor was sent by Ulmo-
The lord of the ocean and sea,
To tell the people of Gondolin,
Prepare to fight or flee.

But Turgon he was stubborn,
"That will I not do!".
He had grown to love his city,
And the terror of Morgoth he knew.

The city was discovered,
And Morgoth sent his legions,
Orc warriors with the fire-drakes,
Led by the Balrog demons.

They appeared before the gates and quickly the Gates fell,
The way was now clear, Through the Elven halls,
The orcs of such hatred poured into the breach,
With scimitars they stabbed both man and beast.

The Noldor Elf advanced with hammer of wrath,
And the kindred of the tree-bravely they fought,
The blows from their hammers, The dint of their clubs,
The orcs fell like leaves but this was not enough.

The lord of the Balrogs gathered his demons,
and made for the folk of the hammer.
They fled in terror rather than of craft,
Down in the plain they all gathered.
But a fire-drake was loosed upon them-
In the house of the hammer they died.
Still it is sung that each Elf of the hammer,
Took the lives of seven orcs to pay for their own.

Gothmog drove the dragons into the cities heart,
Orcs and Noldor fell under the confusion.
The cold-drakes began to tear the streets apart.
The Noldor began to realise the battle they'd lose.

The most beautiful city built on middle-Earth,
It's splendour was highly acclaimed'
The Noldor Elf grew mighty and strong.
In the land were Turgon reigned,
But now it lay akin to ruins,
As the fire devoured its insides,
The last hope for the Elves who lived-
Was to run and flee and hide.

But Turgon was a noble king-
"That will I not do!",
He stayed to die with the city,
The only one he knew.
08:04 256 14,75 0.10
C?chulainn Lyrics 07:03 256 12,93 0.10
T?in B? Cuailgne Lyrics 08:44 256 16,02 0.10
To Invoke The Horned God Lyrics
He holds a twisted torc in his hand,
the forests are his ruling land.

"Great god Cernunnos, return to Earth again,
come at my call and show thyself to men,
sheperd of goats, upon the wild hills way,
lead thy lost flock from darkness unto day".

the Horned God is our nature deity,
yet modern man would from his presence flee.

"Forgotten are the ways of sleep and night,
men seek for them, whose eyes have lost the light,
open the door, the door that hath no key,
the door of dreams, wereby men come to thee".

Sheperd of goats, O answer unto me!
The summerlands is where we shall meet thee.

To invoke thee...
The Horned God.
06:14 256 11,40 0.10
Brian Boru Lyrics 04:40 256 8,54 0.10
To Moytura We Return Lyrics
I was buried alive
I came back to haunt you
Are you dying to believe
I can't go on without you?

All we are
is too fast for love.

We're too young
I hate to love you.
The night's gone
and you're gone too.
But you can't be missed
if you never go away

It's the end of a broken heart
I went on without you
I was lost from the start
I did what I had to.

You don't know what I see
You can't see that I've been
drowning without you.
And I don't know where you've been
but I can wash your sins away.

All we are
Is nothing at all
08:25 256 15,41 0.10
Return Lyrics 06:35 256 12,08 0.10
Erinsong Lyrics 04:57 256 9,05 0.10
? R? S? Do Bheata Bhaile Lyrics 03:44 256 6,86 0.10