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To the Extreme, Vanilla Ice
To The Extreme
Release type: Album
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Duration: 57:23  
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Ice Ice Baby Lyrics 04:31 320 10,45 ˆ0.10
Yo Vanilla Lyrics 00:04 320 0,29 ˆ0.10
Stop That Train Lyrics
It was an average night backstage at a show
I seen this girlie that I knew, she was a cutie and yo!
She had it goin’ on from her head to her feet
Her shape was so petite, and so unique
Her eyes flamed with passion like she was possessed
As I shivered and quivered while she rubbed on my chest
’slaved and engraved I couldn’t scream
Moaning and groaning like she could take on the a-team
I was one of many that she’d choose
Do me, pursue me, twice as nice but don’t refuse
Leaving her breathless as the sweat poured on
The spot that I was in was so soft and warm
This was far from a story you will find in a book
Hot off the platter, and boy, could she cook
Roastin’ my body it left a stain in my brain
And all I kept sayin’ to myself was

Stop that train, I wanna’ get off
Stop that train, I wanna’ get off

Oh my god, what have I got into?
Sooner or later I thought she’d get the clue
’cause my body was tired and full of sweat and perspire
The situation I was in could’ve start’d a campfire
No more skeezin’ and teasin’ for the ice right now
I found me a corner, play it cool for a while
Just mackin’ and schemin’ on a woman I thought was cool
But now I realize that the ice was the fool
’cause a woman will play you, lay you and obey you
You better watch your back ’cause a woman will slay you
Not to mention the one who got me
Yea, she got me, the i-c-e
But, back to the story of a one night stand
I thought I was strong but she was he-man
Lovin’ every second tryin’ to make me blush
And all ’n all it was for the lust
I though, she was an angel and soft as a cream puff
Until I seen her come out with the whip and handcuffs
Breathin’ down my neck I was scared to death
The sweat from my body as it rolls down my neck
And out of all nights, where was my crew?
’cause this was somethin’ I didn’t know what to do
D already told me that the girlie was strange
But I didn’t know until she pulled out the chains
Walkin’ and stalkin’ towards me with a plan
And now I regret all the things I was sayin’
Now the moment is critical, so what should I do?
Leave while I can, or just take the abuse
Now I’m drippin’ with sweat, why?
’cause I’m afraid
Handcuffs and chains is a game I don’t play
No doubt in my mind that the girlie is the boss
Stop this train ’cause I wanna get off

Stop that train, I wanna’ get off
Stop that train, I wanna’ get off

Later on that night as it got worse
My body’s steamin’ up and I was ready to burst
She had me hot as a skillet taken from a flame
And my admission was free for me to ride on this train
Yea, I must admit to myself, it was fun
But, now I’m lookin’ for my shoes, I’m ready to run
So, now I’m hopin’ and prayin’ for the moment to come
’cause I couldn’t move and my body was numb.
So, now what have I done to get myself into this?
It started from a kiss, now I’m ready to resist
I couldn’t take it no more, on the bed, or the floor
My knees were gettin’ weak and my back was gettin’ sore
The room was destroyed, not to mention my body
Why did I ever tell her to pump it, hottie?
What could I do to just ease the pain?
I think I’ll let the hook just try to explain

Stop that train, I wanna’ get off
Stop that train, I wanna’ get off
04:30 320 10,37 ˆ0.10
Hooked Lyrics
1 2 3 4 Hit it, Hit it

[Verse 1]
Yeah, here's a story bout my homeboy randy
He was hooked on a girl named candy
Started off as sex for fun
Now the girl's got him on the run
Made love to her just one time
Now she runs his body and mind
He calls everyday on the phone
But baby's playin' games
Leave a message at the tone
Soft and gentle is not her style
This girl is so damn wild
All my partners wanna get next to her
But she ain't down with that, She moves right through 'em
Yeah, like paper plates, Tears 'em up and she throws 'em away
If you had any guts today, You'd get your
butt up and you'd walk away
But you're hooked

Know what I'm sayin', you're hooked, hooked

[Verse 2]
Yo, Get tough was your new campaign
Cryin' over a girl, boy, you're insane
She treats you like a dirty diaper
Use you one time and then she wipes you out
You understand what I'm sayin'?
If you're a man, you'll stop delaying and betraying
Try to act like you were mack
You can't go an hour without that sex attack
What's wrong, boy, is it that good?
There's a lot of girls that would and could
Take you, But you're so damn weak
I think you need to seek
Professional help, For your problems
Lay on the couch and let the doctor solve 'em
Talkin' to you and now he took your money
You're took on that honey, You're hooked

Hooked, hooked
Fellas, you know what I'm sayin', he's hooked
Ain't got an ounce of mack in him, he's hooked

[Verse 3]
Yeah, baby, run you, she takes your money
While you'll kick back cryin' over honey
Now, I must admit she's fly
But i'll be damned if oh me oh my
If I ever let a girl run my thing
I'm poppin' it the most, you know what I'm sayin'?
So understand, you gotta be real hard
Don't treat her like a dog, but let her know
You'll pull her card if she ever gets outta hand
What is you a boy or a man?
Stand up and tell baby you ain't gonna be shook
Yo punk, you're hooked on that sssy
I don't know why
I don't stand by
And just let a girl run over me
Fool, I'm a man. can't you see
Boy, you're hooked

Yeah -- you're hooked, might as well give her to me man
Let me do the wild thing, you're hooked
Shoot, I'm poppin' it man, you're hooked

Let me talk to you for second.
So, what's up, vanilla?
Yo, man. come here man. what?
You know, man, you ain't doin' it right. you're off man.
See, you know what the problem is?
That ring I bought her. the diamonds weren't big enough.
I'm tellin' ya' -- the diamonds weren't...i'm goin' know
What she wants...i'm goin' tell ya' man, when I first
Met her she said she wanted a 'vette.
I'm gonna' get her a vette
no man, no...a 'vette...i'm gonna get her the
'vette. no man, hey, wait up

[Verse 4]
Now it's saturday, the day you hate most
Why, because from coast to coast
You see girls everday in the club, cold kickin' it
Reminds you of baby when you used to be with it
But now she took you one time for sex and you're so sprung
That the next time she seen you
We knew, She had to leave you
Boy, you're hooked

Boy, you're hooked, hooked hooked
04:52 320 11,27 ˆ0.10
Ice Is Workin' Lyrics 04:36 320 10,65 ˆ0.10
Life Is A Fantasy Lyrics
Oh yea...In my dreams I 'vision myself at the ocean
Beautiful girls rubbin' me down with some lotion
Even though you know I flow as cold as an ice cube
Let me tell you how it is to make love on an inner tube
Floatin' on water while splashin' waves on your body
Flwoni' and goin', now pump it, pump it, Hottie
See, I wanna get loose with you, is that all right?
Girl, I wanna' do it outside, under the moonlight
And get on down so we can make that love
You be the hand and Iceman'll be the glove
This is your fantasy, your highest dream
Fulfillin' all your pleasures the utmost extreme

Yea...Life is just a fantasy...Yea...

Now, let me take you out so we can wine and dine
As I pull you close you pull your lips next to mine
Oh yeah, you like it like that
You like it like I do and that's where it's at
So later on that night as we got in my car
It started up again we didn't get very far
You made it very clear that you were not in fear
Leaned over to me and started kissin' my ear
Oh girl, you feel so good
You couldn't wait to get home and I understood
As we got busy, then I pulled up in the driveway
You said follow me 'cause we're gonna do it my way
Walked in the front door you startin' strippin' clothes
Turned off the lights and assumed the pose
Closer and closer, hot anticipation
You walked into the closet, came out in some lace 'nd
I almost lost my mind, but I kept it in tact
The lace you was wearin' ohhh, I got an attack
'Cause this is your fantasy, your highest dream
Fulfillin' all your pleasures to the utmost extreme

Yea...Life is just a fantasy
Yea...Life is just a fantasy

Come on baby and let me be your toy
I'll let you do as you wish just to give you joy
And get down, I know you wanna' get loose
Let's do it like a train and I'll be the caboose
Or better yet, I'll take you higher, I think that it's time
To make love to you baby on cloud number nine
As we start pumpin', sweat pour down my chest
And that's when you know Vanilla Ice is the best
You say ooh, ah, ooh, ooh, ah
I don't know what it means but I like it a lot
This is your fantasy, your highest dream
Fulfillin' all your pleasures to the utmost extreme
Yea...Life is just a fantasy
O yea...Life is just a fantasy...Oh girl...
04:47 320 11,08 ˆ0.10
Play That Funky Music Lyrics 04:22 320 10,11 ˆ0.10
Dancin' Lyrics 05:00 320 11,57 ˆ0.10
Go Ill Lyrics 04:59 320 11,47 ˆ0.10
It's A Party Lyrics 04:40 320 10,76 ˆ0.10
Juice To Get Loose Boy Lyrics 00:08 320 0,43 ˆ0.10
Ice Cold Lyrics
All right, stop, spread yourself around
Get loose girl, let’s break it down
Get down, straight to the floor
Get excited and beg for more
As I go on, flow on with a smile
Pay attention to my style
Dirty but hot, ya’ know what I mean?
Get loose girl like a sex fiend, let’s do it
’cause you know what I want
Me and you babe go one on one
Get freaky and I do the same
Get hot and I ride like a sex machine

Ice cool and you’re colder than ever, I like it
Ice cool and you’re colder than ever

Ice cold, cooler than ever
Never say never ’cause I’m so damn clever
Lickin’ your lips, I’m ridin’ your hips
V.i.p. posse and we’re pimps
Be on the lookout in your vicinity
I’m robbin’ virgins of their virginity
Like robin hood gave to the poor
I rock kashla and now she wants more
She calls everday, it’s gettin’ kinda’ silly
But she rides my saddle like bronco billy
In a rodeo somewhere out west
She screams out vanilla ice, you’re the best!
Echoing out, can you hear?
She screams out everywhere
Just a pimp and you know
Snatchin’ women, so, yo!
You can beg, plead and tell me you love me
But there’s no way I’d put a girl above me
Unless it’s sex and you wanna’ ride
Jump on my saddle, baby, and get live

(repeat chorus)

Move your body all around
This is the dope jam, so get down
Now that you like what I’m sayin’ admit it
This is the jam and vanilla just did it
I made you work ’til your butt got sore
In other words, I’m about to get raw
On stage, it’s a v.i.p., doin’ dances from a to zpumpin’ it,
pushin’ it, stick it hard
I freaked your girl in the back of your car
I wore a jimmy that I slapped on
Popped a rubber duckie, so bought me a trojan
Get ready, hyped into the groove
As I practiced to make your body move
You’re fienin’ for a meanin’, oh yes, I’m comin’
Vanilla ice is here so you suckers start runnin’
This is the jam I know you’re gonna like
Deshay he cuts like a knife
He won’t smirk and he won’t smile
Deshay get funky for a while
Yo, it’s time for me to pump, pump...
Pump up the volume

(repeat chorus)
04:05 320 9,47 ˆ0.10
Rosta Man Lyrics
Strictly from the islands, vanilla ice
The man jam down reggae music
Mash it up ice, mash it

I got the rhyme to keep the body pumpin’
Turn the party out while the people are jumpin’
Reggae style at the top of my list
Is hitting real hard like mike tyson’s fist
It is so good that the girlies goin’ crazy
Vanilla’s on the mic and you know I’m not lazy
I’m pumpin’ up the lyrics in a smooth way
I drop ’em like a bum rush much as what we say
The other mc’s try to duplicate
But with the rosta man they just mediate

Rosta man you be jammin’ so smooth
You rockin’ on the mic and you can only improve
Rosta man you know you sound so sweet
I like the way you put the lyrics to the funky beat
Ah rae rue, re rae rah
Reggae rock has the style to chase the blues away
Ah rae rue, re rae rah
Reggae rock has the style to chase the blues away

Me and i, myself and you
The rosta man, deshay and the rest of my crew
Reggae music’s been around for a while
Vanilla ice is doin’ it the hip hop style
Because this is the one that we call the rae rue
Everybody out there you know just what to do
Just clap your hands and stomp your feet
Move around to the sound of the reggae beat
No push, no fall, no shove, no trip
The rosta man wants you get with it

(repeat chorus)

Well the people out there let me hear you scream
If you want to get down and you want to be seen
Then jump up my man, do the rosta man
Move your head up and down to the reggae jam
Just shake your arms and move your hips
All you females out there let me shake your
And just get down like you’re makin’ love
All you people who believe in God above

(repeat chorus)

From the ah rae rue, the re rae rah
The jack tar village in jamaica
Ocho rios or the way to kingston
If we go back to the homeland again
Back on tour from city to city
Rollin’ with the girls with the big, big ahhh...
Pity the fool who step it to me
I drop ’em like a fly, I better get the flea

(repeat chorus)
04:36 320 10,66 ˆ0.10
I Love You Lyrics
Girl, I keep thinkin’ of how I feel
When I’m in your arms gives me a chill.
Just knowin’ that you want me by your side
Mellows my mind and enhances my pride.
Girl, I need you more and more each day
Believe me when I tell you I’m here to stay.
I’m captured by your love and your pretty smile
You devastataing beauty and your sweet profile.

I love you, ’cause I love you
I love you, ’cause I love you

You’re so fine. let’s wine and dine.
I’m so happy that you are mine.
Thinking of you I melt with desire
Take you in my arms, let love take us higher.
To hear you talk, sounds so sweet
When you’re close to me I feel your heat.
Girl, I want you and you want me
And it’ll last until eternity.
You’re like the snow fallin’ from the sky
So clean, like the look in your eye.
You’re my queen, I’ll buy you everything
Yes, girl, even diamond rings.
’cause you’re my lady, and this love is true,
Every sunset makes me think of you.
And I’ll never forget what you mean to me,
Comin’ straight from the heart of vanilla i-c-e.

I love you, ’cause I love you
I love you, ’cause I love you

Hello. girl, when I first saw you. it was love at first sight.
We’ve been goin’ out now for about two years and I still
Feel the same.
I know I haven’t said it much’s because,
See, I get all choked up inside. it just doesn’t wanna’
Come out. I don’t know. maybe this’ll help all the bad
Things I’ve done. so, no matter what goes on, no matter
What happens, always remember...i love you!
05:06 320 11,78 ˆ0.10
Havin' A Roni Lyrics 01:11 320 2,77 ˆ0.10