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To Teach A Hundred, How We Are
To Teach A Hundred
Release type: Album
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Duration: 23:57  
Size, Mb: 36,50  


Price for album: 0.96 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
In The Name Of Lyrics 02:25 224 3,81 0.10
Deaf And Silent Lyrics 01:56 224 3,02 0.10
To Ascendency Lyrics 01:52 224 2,88 0.10
Thrush Lyrics
How much longer can we engage in these cat and mouse games?
We all have fingers pointing at someone with a list of reasons why so many tounges are burning and no one is standing down.
Pride is losing it's sentiment, but to some it's the only thing they have left
What are we supposed to do when dialouge is lost?
So many tongues are burning
01:48 224 2,86 0.10
Takers Lyrics 01:52 192 2,47 0.10
If It Kills Me Lyrics
I'm so consumed with nothing
My bearing beyond reality is lost
Needing comfort from everything
The anchors sound so nice
Take me away
Open my eyes
Can anything of quality come from this frame of mind?
My voice is tired
Spitting blood wears me down
I can't stop myself
I need this
02:24 224 3,74 0.10
At Both Ends Lyrics
"I'm going to make it through this year if it kills me"
Is what he said.
And I can't help but feel the pain in his voice
I know how it feels to have that voice in your head
When your words make no sense
Telling the pain to go away
The only thing that's left is to go up in flames
We need to make ourselves stronger
Reflect the idea that we have more of ourselves to give
01:39 224 2,60 0.10
Obtuse Lyrics 00:53 208 1,30 0.10
You Are Not Goliath Lyrics
A bloodthirsty monster
The painting on the wall tells us all we need to know
So cleverly drawn up
We know you without having met
Paint our mission
Blank stares through cold bars
Held captive, never given the chance to show us who you are
Doesn't matter
Opinions have been bought
Minds made up
But this is your story, not their story
Tell the tale if we care to listen
This cage does not dictate who you are
We only see what we've been told to see
Not that there could be something more
02:38 224 4,00 0.10
Leavers Lyrics 00:52 192 1,17 0.10
Beacon Lyrics
These grey skies are home to me.
The cityscape has become something I long to see.
Driving home from the west side can you feel the bitter pride?
It can't be washed away so easily
The lines breathe life where you couldn't see:
Right in front of your eyes.
We had this city to ourselves.
Standing on high-bars, with the Genesee under our feet.
I'm home, in the flower city.
You have my heart. You have our hearts.
02:43 224 4,20 0.10
To Teach A Hundred Lyrics
To teach a hundred
With split lips, shin-splints and sore throats.
With words constantly begging revision.
With all our desires, dressed in our basements best.
So anyone that ever wanted change could hear a voice that sounded the same as theirs.
The question has never been whether or not hope would remain,
but if we can gather enough in our hands to match the fire in our lungs.
We keep time with songs on repeat.
We keep warm with the words that we scream.
Hope is a crutch.
Push your desires.
Our words are fire.
To teach a hundred.
02:58 224 4,45 0.10