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There Is No Beginning To The Story (EP), Bright Eyes
There Is No Beginning To The Story (EP)
Release type: Single/EP
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Duration: 22:50  
Size, Mb: 31,42  


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From A Balance Beam Lyrics
There is a man holding a megaphone
So he must have been the voice of God
The bystanders claimed they saw angels
Flying up and down the block
Well, they must have been attached to wires
I saw one laying in the lawn with a broken arm
So I called 911
So that's one less founded opinion
One more cause for a dispute
So the street filled like a basin
Up with cameras and their crews
And they washed away the rumors
Leaving just the concrete truth
It was a spectacle
No, I, I mean a miracle
So then I fell like that girl from a balance beam
A gymnasium of eyes were all holding on to me
I lifted one foot to cross the other and I felt myself slipping
It was a small mistake
Sometimes that's all it takes

Now I'm staring at my wrist
Hoping that the timing is right
When the planets will align
There will be no planets to align
Just the carcass of the sun
And those little painted marbles
Spinning senseless through an endless black sky

(And so it never started and it will never stop just like I am and you are)

It was in a foreign hotel's bathtub
I baptized myself in change
And one by one I drowned all of the people I had been
I emerged to find the parallels were fewer
I was cleansed
I looked in the mirror and someone new was there
Still I was as helpless as a chess piece
When I was lifted up by someone's hand
And delivered from the corner
My enemies had got me in
But in all of my salvation I still felt imprisoned inside
That holding cell that is myself
So I wait for the day when I'll hear the key
As it turns in the lock and the guard will say to me
"Oh, my patient prisoner, you have waited for this day and finally
You are free! You are free! You are freezing"

Now I'm staring at the sun waiting for it to explode
Because a day is gonna come
Don't know when but it will come
And then we will finally know the way out of here

And I will throw away this wrinkled map
And my chart of stars and compass, cracked
And I'll climb that tree all wet with sap
To avoid the hungry beasts below
I'll cut out my lover's tongue and sing
Of a graveyard gray and a garden green
And then we won't have worry no more
No, we won't ever worry again
About how this song or story ends
About how this song and story will end
03:40 192 5,05 ˆ0.10
Messenger Bird's Song Lyrics 05:30 192 7,55 ˆ0.10
We Are Free Men Lyrics
Well, the future spills its intangibles
An unknown set of variables
A path that split infinitely up ahead
So tell me what's the use to pick and choose
From what you should or shouldn't do?
That's time spent better sleeping in your bed
Or wide awake in a shopping mall
Trying clothes on from off of the wall
Yeah, anything to entertain yourself
Because a costume can be comfortable
It can make you feel more beautiful
It can even make you look like someone else
But it's still you, so there's nothing you can do
Like a bad habit, the one you couldn't kick, there it always is
And it's nothing that no doctor's going to fix

They pat your back bruised with their accolades
And all four walls are a trophy case
But that doesn't make it any less of a cage
But you can make it all less difficult
By embracing the ephemeral
Then you'd never have to worry or explain
Because if it's really all just physical
Then my memory's immaterial
So why then do I remember you at all?
But I do, I do, my friend, I've seen your face
We shared a cup, I know the taste
Its sweetness is relentless on my lips
So help me drink in everything that is
Like a freed convict, drunk on redemption
From the way I've been
But I swear this time that things will be different

Well, right and wrong, they have never been that far apart
For those who'd write that sentence where you hang
We will be lifted up from all of this
Yeah, we will transcend the insignificance of our existence
Yeah, your body's gone, but angel, you will live

Yeah your body’s gone
Now your body’s gone
Now your body’s gone
Now your body’s gone
Now your body’s gone
Now your body’s gone
Now your body’s gone
Now your body’s gone

Now your body’s gone
Now your body’s gone
Now your body’s gone
Now your body’s gone

Now your body’s gone
Now your body’s gone
Now your body’s gone, but angel, you will live
04:35 192 6,30 ˆ0.10
Loose Leaves Lyrics
The story's in the soil
Loose leaves cover the ground
There are volumes in the forest no one reads out loud
If I could take them down, off of that mountain shelf
We used to climb but no one tries to go up that far now

Yeah, we're all too busy working
Entertaining ourselves
40 hours, television, and prescription pills
Well, I take two a day to make my brain behave
It never does, but who's to say?
At least my doctor gets paid

So that is fine, yeah, come by
We'll take the afternoon off
We can kiss and undress
Or if you want, just talk
Because I have got nothing real
Just empty space to fill
And you're my girl, I like your style
Just imagine all the time we could kill

And time's not poison
But once you drink it all, you'll die
So let's just sip it real slow
Yeah, we can nurse it all night
Try to believe that once it's gone
They'll pour another round, we'll come back to life
Yeah, we'll come right back...

It's all moving fast now, yeah
And that's what they say
And though some days still take forever
I can't disagree
Because it seems to me
That I wake up and sleep
Look in the mirror and have no idea
What happened in-between

But I remember counting days down
Until the year could be done
So I could scatter all my notebooks on the prep school lawn
And disappear into a summer's bliss
Of staying out and sleeping in
And getting drunk with my friends

And that's gone and I know
That it won't ever come back
I accept, I won't cling to what I had in the past
But life is a slippery slope
Regret the steepest hill
Hope for the best, plan for the worst
And maybe wind up somewhere in the middle

And I'm not saying that I know what I want
But I know what I don't
Don't want to rot in my room
And never know what could have been
Believe what everyone else tells me is true...

Yeah, what they'll say; "True!"
That is what they'll say
That's it
Believe what everyone else tells me is true
They will say: "True!"
That is what they'll say
That's it...
03:43 192 5,10 ˆ0.10
Amy In The White Coat (Hidden) Lyrics 05:25 192 7,42 ˆ0.10