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There Goes The Neighborhood, Joe Walsh
There Goes The Neighborhood
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Things Lyrics
I like to take things one step at a time,
One foot in front of the other.
I like to think things will work out fine,
And follow along behind those-
One act play-things can give you a thrill,
Guess it depends on the actor.
Dreams can come true, but some things never will.
As a matter of fact, those things are driving me crazy.
Those things- are keepin' me sane.

I like to take things and make a design.
Keep a low profile. Oh and,
I like to take things and put them to rhyme-

Like those things that are confusing, and the things that
seem so clear,
And the things that seem so far away and yet they seem
so near.
There are some things I have lost, and a few things I
have found,
Well it's so hard to keep track of things there's so
many around.
There's so many around.
And there's things we have to look for, and a few we
never find.
And we all have things in common- you got your thing,
I got mine.
And some things they just happen, and some things you
can plan.
And some of those things you just can't help, but some of
them you can.
Oh, some of them you can.
As a matter of fact, those things- are driving me crazy,
Those things are keeping me sane.

Some things turn out all wrong, and some things turn out
all right,
Some things don't turn out at all, but then again they might.
There are things that come too soon, and some things that
come too late.
It's the best thing to be early so you have some time to wait...
Oh- have some time to wait.
Well it's hard to talk with words, there's some things you just
can't say.
And it's best to leave some things alone in case they
go away.
And it's best to leave some things alone in case they
go away.
You can share some things with friends, there's some things
we've all been thru,
Well it's things like this and things like that, and how are
things with you?
Oh- how do you do?
You can hang things on your wall, you can leave your
things around.
You can mark some things 2001, and put them in the ground;
And maybe later on- they will dig them up some day.
And ooh and ahh, and "how 'bout that?," who knows the
things they'll say.
05:43 320 13,06 0.10
Made Your Mind Up Lyrics 04:25 320 10,10 0.10
Down On The Farm Lyrics
Out in the middle of nowhere,
Gathered around in the barn.
Animals all in agreement- they was down on the farm.

There was talk of all the boring hours.
Standin' round with nothin' to do.
It was just another boring evening.
With a pail of boring things to chew.

There was cows and horses and sheeps and pigs-
They was tired of the daily routine.
They was plannin' on havin' themselves a bash,
Gonna throw a great big wing-ding.

So they said "let's do it, play some rock and roll,"
And they all got loose and had a few.
And before they knew it, they was out of control,
Turned into a regular zoo...

They was tired of the daily routine,
Havin' themselves a great big bash,
And they was gathering steam.

And the pig grabbed a chicken, said
"Come on over, let's do-si-do a few."
And the chick said "no, you're covered with mud,"
Called him a pig and it was true.

And every gol' dang one o' their tails a waggin',
Under the old horse-shoe.
That night the animals fell off the wagon,
And a tractor or two.

Well they was out there in the middle of nowhere,
They was rockin' out in the barn.
They was tearin' it up in the hayloft,
Gettin' down on the farm.
03:13 320 7,35 0.10
Rivers (Of The Hidden Funk) Lyrics
There's a master plan, or so they say,
I'm a patient man, s'il vous plait.
And if what you earn, and what you deserve,
Isn't worth the price you pay...
Save it for a rainy day,
I'm a patient man.

So you made a wish, on a falling star;
That's what you got. Oh...
And here you are, like it or not.
And the truth is- everyone else
Shares the same cloudy sky.
It's so useless- blaming yourself...
Heaven knows you try.

And if it takes until the rivers run dry,
'Til the rivers run dry.
If it takes all the rest of my life to see why...
I'm gonna wait until the rivers run dry,
'Till the rivers run dry...
'Till the rivers run dry...
('Till the rivers run dry...)
05:07 320 11,74 0.10
A Life Of Illusion Lyrics
Sometimes, I can't help but feeling that I'm,
Living a life of illusion.
And oh, why can't we let it be,
And see thru the hole in this wall of confusion.
I just can't help the feeling I'm
Living a life of illusion.

Pow, right between the eyes,
Oh, how nature loves her little surprises.
Wow, it all seems so logical now,
It's just one of her better disguises.
And it comes with no warning,
Nature loves her little surprises.
Continual crisis.

Hey, don't you know it's a waste of the day,
Caught up in endless solutions...
That have no meaning, just another hunch,
Based upon jumping conclusions.
Caught up in endless solutions,
Backed up against a wall of confusion.
Living a life of illusion.
03:32 320 8,11 0.10
Bones Lyrics
Lady luck just let you down, she's just another girl,
Grins and snickers all around,
Imitation pearl...bones.

Mass inflation, welfare line...gross economy
Trade it all for what's behind,
Curtain number three.

Gourmet restaurant, best in town,
Don't know what you ate,
Fresh last week is still around...
Sodium phosphate...bones.

Hi-class, jet-set, bourgeois scene,
European style.
Think they know the way to be-
Missed it by a mile...of bones.
04:34 320 10,47 0.10
Rockets Lyrics
Springtime comes and brings the flowers, oh how new
loves burn.
You and I, we spent the hours, lost to all concern.
And now I know where I belong. I'm sorry baby, I was wrong.
Autumn came and took the flowers, never to
return- good-bye.
Took away this love of ours; will we ever learn? Oh-
And now I know where I belong. I'm sorry baby, I was wrong.
03:56 320 9,03 0.10
You Never Know Lyrics
Secrets always travel farther than they should.
And loose translations float around the neighborhood.
And rumors don't do anyone anyone a bit of good.
They just get started, funny you never know.

The first-ammendment vigilante attitude.
The gospel truth according to the book of someone said so.
The Front-Line grapevine jury's in a nasty mood.
You might be guilty, honey you'll never know.

Did you hear about the gossip-column senate sub-
committee probe?
The allegations put the neck around your rope.
The nominations droolin' on the envelope.
A likely story, funny you'll never know.
You never know.
05:19 320 12,18 0.10