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The Unveiling, Cry Of The Afflicted
The Unveiling
Release type: Album
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Lift The Veil Lyrics
Our perception, so limited and so restrained
A symptom of our condition
Mass confusion, the evidence of staring blind
A symptom of our condition

But we're ready to face illusion
Ready to survey dark vistas
Where forgotten realities have come
to the surface
New details, inner workings of the machine
Ours to discover

Lift the veil, give us focus,
a view flawless, we're so naive
Lift the veil, the faint shading
of the world that we perceive

Steady, we won't shy away
Steady, as we face the unveiling
Where we see everything anew
enhanced by a new light
Mask lifted from the face
of the world we knew
It's all coming clearer

Have we always viewed our world sub-dued?
Out of focus?
Have we always looked
through broken lenses?
Have we let ourselves be convinced
that our privilege is justified, ours by right?
04:02 249 7,18 0.10
Read Between Lyrics
Right now you can't see the end
Soak in the midst of turmoil
Resigned to shrink away
Content to retreat
Content to hide in your safe place
Protest the loss
And mourn the casualties
Look at the wreckage
And understand what it means

When the walls collapse
Your will to fight has been surpassed
You're on your knees again
Sift through the layers
The shattered remains of your broken dreams
The life you once longed for

Face up to devastation
Ignore the urge to hide
Seek revelation
Inspired in all the anguish
Recount the cost
Knowledge through suffering
No easy lessons
Are learned when you cross the valley

Draw out a hard line
You've got to follow the hard line
A marker that shows the way,
and through this
Draw out a hard line
A future that can't be seen from
where you are
03:22 258 6,21 0.10
Built To Fall Lyrics
Each platform a conquest you aim for.
Each step an honor worth killing for.
Your stock will rise and not fall.
If you sell them short
and pull them off the wall.

Climbing on backs of the broken.
Scraping you're gaining traction.
It's easy, the path to summit.
The apex of social ranking.

Still standing, the tower's been raised up.
Your goal, a perfect view from the top.
Can't stop, you know you can't wait.
Or you'll be pulled down by the ones you've disgraced.

Tremors, you feel vibrations growing.
Status forgotten, panic grips you tight.
Not tight enough, not soon enough.
No rescue coming, you're on your own
03:06 260 5,74 0.10
The Influence Of False Pretense Lyrics
While passing judgment reigns.
and this face is not your own.
the evidence is on display.
and I fear its treason now.
betrayed by these teachers revered now.
who claim to love us, yes love us the most.

Guilty by association.
Can I lay this down, go underground?
Please show me the destination.
Where deception falls
and truth still calls by name.

Ascended to a throne.
They've raised on empty vows.
Held against the smallest debt.
and this tainted glory found.
can't wash all the blood
from there hands now.
This blood they've hidden
Will soon be reveled.

Now we stand accused, we stand accused.
We face the hate, the scorn of those
Who've been betrayed.
But our hope is justice for the crime they
commit in Your name
04:17 261 7,99 0.10
A Scar Filled Sky Lyrics
Eruptions of fire and stone all around
They fill the air and shake the ground
And it's proving impermanence,

the tortured landscape heaves
Nothing will be left alive

Bury my remains
under ashes falling on my grave
Make me whole again
give me the sight to see Your ends
Bury my remains, cover up this body in decay
Make me whole again,
paint me on a brand new canvas

Not far from here, a place prepared
Can't find my way, send up a flare
Open the sky,
show me the way through twilight

Even now I see a spark in the distance
A flicker of hope for peace and silence
This span so hostile, won't last forever
This path through struggle will make me stronger
03:43 259 6,87 0.10
New Hopes New Dreams Lyrics
Look forward now to the horizon.
Be still and recognize.
A new day, a new day dawning
Carving out a new sky
Abandoned our false hopes, our false dreams.
Remember, we wandered
in the absence of the sun.

We're balanced on the edge.
And just ahead the great expanse.

Now opened wide a new direction.
Swept up by the destiny
And I know, His favor falling.
Calling us to new life.
These moments, this conclusion
The question we're facing must be answered
with a single step.
One fateful step.

We're stepping out without debate.
Our chance to be decisive and confident.
Excuses fade, logic betrayed.

We're stepping off the edge.
And straight toward the great expanse
We're stepping out now
03:22 264 6,33 0.10
Self Defiance Lyrics
There's a guy I know in town,
Always drunk and always passed out.
All he wants is a hoochie mama by his side.

Always at the corner begging,
"Can you spare some change?" is what he says, But nobody wants him around.

They ran him out of town.
Things aren't the same without Jack around
Tell me why
They ran him out of town.
03:52 239 6,59 0.10
Heed The Sound Lyrics
Echoes ringing in my mind.
They're crying surrender, surrender your will.
Echoes ringing in my mind.
A voice that once whispered is growing and can't be ignored.

Decrease my name.
The grief that’s found in me, You've broken.
Increase your name.
The grace that’s found in me you've spoken.

Hear it clearly declared.
This weakness that held me,
is weakness no more.
Hear it clearly declared.
This whisper of thunder, is deafening.

Decrease my name.
The grief that’s found in me, You've broken.
And replace what I hate.
Increase your name.
The grace that’s found in me you've spoken.

A quiet voice, that once I ignored.
The catalyst, my reason for standing here now.
The Voice of the voiceless.
Now speaks, now speaks through me.
The Hope of the Hopeless.
Your grace, is rising up in me
03:25 257 6,27 0.10
Anchors Lyrics
Hold close your treasures.
The very measure of your value here.
Within these shining walls.
Now raise them higher.
They'll last forever if you're careful now.
If you lock them all, lock them all down.

Wrapped in your precious cloak
Spun from gold.
Useless you're reaching back dead and cold.

This weight you’ve trusted.
Polished and sacred has you safe, secure.
You lie in soothing sleep.
One flash it's happening
A last desperate moment.
Now the weight falls free.
But have you sunk to deep... to breathe?

Your chest is tight, held in death's embrace.
As your eyes lift up, can you see you’re escape?
One flash fleeting glance, at the shine below.
One last freedom chance,
surrendered to the cold.
This useless gold
03:41 255 6,71 0.10
Penetrate Illuminate Lyrics 03:23 258 6,25 0.10