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The Uneventful Vacation, Commander Venus
The Uneventful Vacation
Release type: Album
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Duration: 40:39  
Size, Mb: 55,95  


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Jean's TV Lyrics 02:18 192 3,17 0.10
Refused By Light Lyrics
The light refused us with designed intent
Into darkness we retreated to seek defense
With patience and logic new hope extends
To be different, to be lucky, and to die happy
So I go down the staircase and out the front door
There is no time left to waste, a lifetime spent being choked
When I'm at school it's like I'm dead, then the weekend comes and I resurrect
These old fears and these old dreams, they follow,they're chasing me
To wipe the cobwebs off my tongue and try to speak those ancient words again
It was patience and logic that killed true love
Make it easy, stop believing that you can trust someone
Go find yourself a dry place, where the storm can't touch you any more
Lay down and let time waste
A lifetime is being choked
'Cause there is no place left to feel at home
The years have past and I'm alone
With these same fears and these dead dreams
They strangle, they're killing me
To get this far
03:43 192 5,10 0.10
We'll Always Have Paris Lyrics 04:44 192 6,51 0.10
The Uneverntful Vactation (part 01) Lyrics 02:26 192 3,35 0.10
Lock N Chase Lyrics 02:53 192 3,96 0.10
Life As Expected Lyrics
pull back the sheets
and climb in bed with me.
we can talk all night.
I'm not tired, are you?
did you like the party?
did you see any pretty girls there?
not that it matters,
neither of us are alone
but sometimes it feels that way.
so I need a sign, give me your hand.
no more life as expected,
I'm through with the usual.
I want to fall in love
but if my mouth stays shut
and I don't speak up,
then she'll never know.
cause if I can't relax
and I can't tell her how I really feel.
what she really means to me.
the cops showed up about 1:45 a.m.
I didn't even notice
I was so immersed in conversation with you.
the band is too loud.
somebody tell them to turn down,
I don't want to hear a sound,
except for her voice,
except for her breath,
except for my beating heart
begging her to come closer and closer.
I want her close to me,
but if the 'hands don't crap'
and if I can't relax,
this is hopelessness
why do I even try?
because tonight will end
and then my life goes on,
like it always has,
like it is always going to.
the chorus is done
and we're still standing in our standard melody.
only one of us is alone,
and it's not you.
05:45 192 7,91 0.10
The Way Things Had To Be Lyrics
Why do we always end up like this?
The same position on the couch staring into each other's eyes
But do we have to talk about this now, do I have to feel like crying?
Because I don't want to
Run, and don't come back again, we could have avoided this
Five desperate hours pass and now we know the truth, that I can't learn to love you
So desperate I can taste it, wishing things were different
But still I cannot change
Run, and don't look back again
There's nothing left to see
These empty months have proved my inability to treat you like you deserve to be treated
But then you can't expect me to change who I am
So from now on I will not leave myself open to needing someone
And trust is not an answer
That's just what we do when we can't stand to be alone again
03:58 192 5,44 0.10
Dress To Please Lyrics
I'll cut my heart out and leave it here on the stage
And you can come pick it up after the show
And when you find out what you really want you let me know
And we can hang out with some more so-called friends
And we can meet at the house after the show
And you will smile and lie to my face, I'll never know
To fall in love you get fucked, you give in until you both give up
So give in to your next sweet young love
To fall in love you get to fuck, so who's the whore?
Can't count the lies
You get to fuck, so who's the whore?
You twist my words to fit the end
So what's a friend?
The truth remains to get your end
So what's a friend? So what's a friend?
01:49 192 2,50 0.10
The Walk-around Problem Lyrics
It is the same plan inscribed on me, 'cause there is only one design
There is some time allowed to me, but Saturday came and went
And I still want and I still need, just don't remind me
'Cause I still feel and I still need to feel like I have learned, adapted, and tried
The hungry ones survive, the rest fall behind
The rest just wait to die
I could have learned to deal with kneeling down and living out my life
Like I'm supposed to, but it's too late now for that
These eyes were circumcised from the design
Wait, have I been ruined?
Such blinding faith could ruin us
And from now on I will not hide this fear
This evolving heart, from stage to stage
Till nothing is left to learn, cheated and lied
The weakest ones subside, they'll just get left behind
They just can't wait to die, and neither can I
03:53 192 5,35 0.10
My Collapsing Frame Lyrics
Would you do that if it really meant
That they would see you and would be convinced that you love me
And you didn't care who knew it?
Please believe me, when I say it's true
I have never felt as close to you, or anyone as I do right now
And I'm begging you- please don't leave yet
This moment is glass in it's fragile state
I have convinced myself that it won't crack or break
Like a heart, in the winter, when the air is cold
And your words are the same- I know them
I am broken, I m wounded
Watch me as my fragile frame collapses on me
But it's not your fault you never meant to hurt me
You hurt me
And when it's 5:00 a.m.
And you're too tired to ever sleep
There's no rest for the lonely
I hope I die in my sleep
There has never been such hopelessness or devotion
03:32 192 4,86 0.10
The Raining Holiday (part 2) Lyrics 02:55 192 4,01 0.10
The Role Of The Hero In Antiquity Lyrics
I fell asleep today, it rained all afternoon
The apartment felt too small, I take up to much room
The night has worn away but she hasn't disappeared
I wanted to say good-bye, but the lonely gray of privacy abounds
Like the kings of ancient times, the light has struck, opened our eyes
And what we saw, the glory of our life unfolds before us
At the edge of all our dreams, nothing is the way it seems we used to be
As history wipes clean the slate that sits in our eyes
And you will always be my friend
I never wanted this to end and now it has
Forgetfulness will dry the tears that fall from our eyes
02:45 192 3,79 0.10