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The Ultimate Ted Nugent , Ted Nugent
The Ultimate Ted Nugent
Release type: Album
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Release date:


Duration: 67:10  
Size, Mb: 125,11  


Price for album: 1.28 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Out Of Control Lyrics 03:29 272 6,49 0.10
Live It Up Lyrics 04:00 272 7,56 0.10
Home Bound Lyrics 04:44 272 8,74 0.10
Need You Bad Lyrics 04:19 272 8,01 0.10
Weekend Warriors Lyrics 03:08 272 5,87 0.10
Smokescreen Lyrics 04:15 272 7,83 0.10
Paralyzed Lyrics 04:12 272 7,84 0.10
Take It Or Leave It Lyrics 04:09 272 7,74 0.10
State Of Shock Lyrics 03:23 272 6,35 0.10
Snake Charmer Lyrics 03:21 272 6,19 0.10
Wango Tango Lyrics
All right! It's zee Wango, zee Tango
Come on boys
Time to Wango

My baby she like to rock
My baby she like to roll
My baby she can dance all night
My baby got no control
She do the Wango Tango

My baby she can scream and shout
My baby she can move it out
My baby she can take a chance
My baby got a brand new dance

Wango Tango
Wango Tango
It's a Wango Tango
Ooooh yeah! (oooooh..)

My baby like to rock
My baby like to roll
My baby like to dance all night
She got no control
She do...

Wango Tango
Wango Tango
Wango Tango
Ooooh yeah! (oooooh..)

Baby! Baby! Baby! Ooooh I like the way you look baby
You look like you're made for me honey
If you wanna take a little chance
I'm gonna show you a new dance
Baby I gotta Wango down one time with you honey
I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it
Well, it's a brand new dance
Yeah been sweepin' the nation
I said a brand new dance
A rock 'n' roll sensation
Yeah I like it baby, I do it every night
I got to do it 'cos I like it so much
Oh honey believe it baby
You see it's a crazed gyration of the rock generation
It's my motivation to avoid the nauseation, frustration
When I need some lubrication - Baby!
Kinda like, goes kinda like this
You take her right ankle out
You take her left ankle out
You get her belly propped down
You get her butt propped up
Yeah lookin' good now baby
I think you're in the right position now baby
Yeah but if you ain't quite ready I'll make sure everything is a little bit nicer 'cos
I'm gonna get a little talcum
I'm gonna borrow it from Malcolm
Yeah you look so good baby I'm startin to drool all over myself
I got the droolin', droolin', get all wet, salivate, salivate
I got salivate late, salivate late, salivate late
Got salivate, salivate, salivate, salivate, heh heh heh
Yeah you look so good baby, I like it, I like it, I like it
You know what I been talkin' about honey
It's a nice dance, we gotta a nice dance goin' here
Now what you gotta do, I'll tell you what you gotta do
You got to pretend your face is a Maserati
It's a Maserati
It's a Maserati
It's a gettin' hotty
It's a Maserati, Maserati, Maserati
It's a fast one too man, that thing's turbocharged
You feel like a little fuel injection honey?
I'll tell ya about it, I'll tell you about it
I'll check out the hood scoop
I gotta get that hood scoop off, shine and shine and buff
I gotta buff it up, buff it up, buff it up, buff it up, buff it up,
Yeah, shiny now baby, heh heh heh
You've been drivin' all night long
It's time to put the old Maserati away
So you look for a garage, you think you see a garage
Wait a minute, Hey!, there's one up ahead
And the damn thing's open
Hello! Get in there!

Is my baby alive? (Is my baby alive?)
Is my baby alive? (Is my baby alive?)
Is my baby alive?
She Wango'd to death

Wango Tango (Wango Tango)
Wango Tango (Wango Tango)
Wango Tango (Wango Tango)
Wango Tango (Wango Tango)
Wango Tango
Wango Tango
Wango Tango
Wango Tango
Wango Wango
Tango Tango
Wango Wango Wango Wango
Tango Tango Tango Tango
04:51 272 9,03 0.10
Scream Dream Lyrics 03:20 272 6,17 0.10
Jailbait (Live) Lyrics 05:20 272 9,94 0.10
Yank Me Crank Me (Live) Lyrics 04:35 272 8,58 0.10
The Flying Lip Lock (Live) Lyrics 04:12 272 7,75 0.10
Baby, Please Don't Go (Live) Lyrics 05:59 272 11,02 0.10