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The Snake And The Moon, Dead Can Dance
The Snake And The Moon
Release type: Album
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Ullyses Lyrics
It was a saint's day
When I took you
To that quiet place
We both fell into

Lightning's solar crystal power
Gave us words we both remember
Even now in late November
"With every ageing fleeting moment
Remember you is motion, so hold it"
And lightning's solar crystal power
Gave me something I just remembered
Because I'm complacent, blind and ageing
But it's something so important
I held it so close I couldn't even see it

It gave me you
On that saint's day
When I took you
To that quiet place
We both fell into
On that saint's day
But I forget which saint
04:57 320 11,30 0.10
As The Bell Rings The Maypole Spins Lyrics 05:18 320 12,16 0.10
In The Wake Of Adversity Lyrics
In the Wake of Adversity

Hey Patrice don't cry they've no reason to harm you at all
They don't realise that the angels surround you with light
They don't understand their narrow ways defeat them where they stand
They don't realise you hide your sadness beneath a painted smile

Ignorance, that light of fools steers a wayward path
And sets the course upon which we sail into the night of uncertainty
Following the stars that make their way across the sky
Valuing the love that lends grace to our hearts
We sail
04:16 320 9,78 0.10
Mesmerism Lyrics

Brave your heart
Renounce your fears
Locked away inside
All these years

Remain in light
Renounce your fears
For you have been

Break this spell of silence
03:52 320 8,88 0.10
Saltarello Lyrics 02:37 320 5,96 0.10
The Writing On My Father's Head Lyrics 03:52 320 8,85 0.10
Enigma Of The Absolute Lyrics
Saloman hung down her head
Laid bare her heart for the world to see
She craved for intimacy
Through the darkened doors
Her aspect veiled with indecision
Gazed out to sea
She craved lucidity
Cast adrift from past relationships in her life
Hoisted up the ideal
This was her saving grace
Sea's of rage
That once assailed her concern for the truth
Had past her by
And left her high and dry
In her saviors arms
In her saviors arms
In her saviors arms
Across the sea lies the fountain of renewal
Where you will see
The whole cause of your loneliness
Can be measured in dreams
That transcend all these lies
and I wish and I pray
That there may come a day for a saviors arms
for a saviors arms
for a saviors arms
for a saviors arms
04:15 320 9,71 0.10
Cantara Lyrics 06:00 320 13,74 0.10
Nierika Lyrics 05:45 320 13,17 0.10
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove Lyrics 06:17 320 14,42 0.10
Song Of The Dispossessed Lyrics
Song of the Dispossessed

the river is deep and the road is long,
daylight comes and I want to go home.

awoke this morning
to find my people's tongues were tied
and in my dreams
they were given books to poison their minds.

the river is deep and the mountain high,
how long before the other side.

we are their mortar,
their building bricks and their clay.
their gold teeth mirror
both our joys and our pain.

the river is deep and the ocean wide,
who will teach us how to read the signs.

the earth is our mother
she taught us to embrace the light,
now the lord is master
she suffers an eternal night.

you blocked up my ears,
you plucked out my eyes,
you cut out my tongue,
you fed me with lies,

oh lord.

{brendan perry}
04:56 320 11,27 0.10
Dedicace 'Duto' Lyrics 01:15 320 2,90 0.10
Bird Lyrics 05:00 320 11,45 0.10
The Carnival Is Over Lyrics
The storm clouds gathering,
Moved silently along the dusty boulevard.
Where flowers turning crane their fragile necks
So they can in turn
Reach up and kiss the sky.

They are driven by a strange desire
Unseen by the human eye
Someone is calling.

I remember when you held my hand
In the park we would play when the circus came to town.
Look! over here.

The circus gathering
Moved silently along the rainswept boulevard.
The procession moved on the shouting is over
The fabulous freaks are leaving town.

They are driven by a strange desire
Unseen by the human eye.
The carinval is over.

We sat and watched
As the moon rose again
For the very first time.
05:30 320 12,58 0.10
Ariadne Lyrics 01:54 320 4,37 0.10
Spirit Lyrics
I thought I'd found a reason to live
Just like before when I was a child
Only to find dreams made of sand
Would just fall apart and slip through my hands
But the spirit of life keeps us strong
And the spirit of life is the will to carry on
Adversity what have I done to you
To cause this reclusive silence
That has come between me and you
And the spirit of life remains in light
And the spirit of life remains inside
I never thought it would be quite like this
Living outside of mutual bliss
But as long as the veins in our arm still stand up
The spirit of life will keep living on
04:59 320 11,43 0.10
The Snake And The Moon Lyrics 06:12 320 14,17 0.10