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The Shaming of the True, Kevin Gilbert
The Shaming Of The True
Release type: Album
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Duration: 67:18  
Size, Mb: 97,53  


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Parade Lyrics
My name is Johnny Virgil, I play this here guitar,
I play it for myself
Got a heart that's full of music. A head that's full of song
Got a love for nothing else

Gonna take a look around me Parades are marching by
Of the people who have made it who are never gonna die

My name is Johnny Virgil and I'm gonna be a Star.
Gonna get my share of fame
Everybody's gonna love me, everybody's gonna care
Everyone will know my name

I've been listening to Dylan, I've been listening to the Dead
I've been listening to the music that plays inside my head
I've been listening to the Beatles, I've been listening to the Who
And they don't know it yet, but they're gonna listen to me too

My name is Johnny Virgil everybody did you hear
My name is Johnny Virgil
03:44 205 5,49 ˆ0.10
The City Of The Sun Lyrics
The attendant at the Texaco saw the guitar case in my back seat
and decided to impart his tragic tale
He said: “I used to play in a band like you,
we even made a record too”
and sang a bar that hardly rang a bell
Now I’m not one to make a lot
of omens and premonitions and fleeting thoughts
but I must admit that I tried to avoid his stare
‘Cause I didn’t want to see him see himself in me
with the look of an extinguished flame that might be lurking there
Waxing sad with drip and dreg,
c’mon now Toto get off my leg,
you gotta remember we’re not in Kansas anymore
And remember always to look both ways,
say “please” and “thank you” and curtsey twice
before you gore their sacred dinosaurs…

Welcome to the City of the Sun

Johnny on the sidewalk,
Johnny on the street,
Johnny in the places where the outlaws meet
Johnny on the sofa,
Johnny shaking hands,
Johnny got a spinning head in wonderland

Welcome to the City of the Sun

Oh Johnny you’ve got a song in your heart
You’ve got important things to say
We’re here to help you make a new start
We’re not gonna take your heart away
You stand before us like a veiled figure at the end of a long gallery
Distant and forever mysterious
Advice from the tasteless to the bland
Wash all that magic from your hands
Make it so we might understand

Good Morning Precious...
Good Morning Special
I've got news for you.
There's millions like you

Where power seems to get no rest
it's the shaming of the true I guess and Zombie,
I can see you're qualified

Johnny on the sidewalk,
Johnny on the street,
Johnny in the places where the bigwigs meet

Welcome to the City of the Sun

Oh, Johnny you've got a seed in your head
It is the seed of your demise
Ambition's gonna lure you away
Into the land of compromise
You stand before us like a brash over-ripened nectarine
and someone better pick you soon
Advice for the dying from the dead
Silence the voices in your head
Wouldn't you rather eat instead?
05:56 216 9,15 ˆ0.10
Suit Fugue (Dance Of The A&R Men) Lyrics
Hi, John it's Mel from Meglaphone
I've been listening to your tape for the 19th time
Oh that's another call - can I call you
Back when I was in a band we used to sound like this
And I loved your songs, they reminded me of myself
You sound like Air Supply meets GWAR
In a good way, Here's my other number
Can you wait for just a sec -
That's another call, I'll get back to you
Have my girl take your information

Hi, John it's Guy from Groan-o-phone
Heard some talk about the band and the way you sing
I really think it's great - can we make a
Deal with me, call me a friend, we'll be a family
You're a talented individual
If you sign here on the dotted line... that's good
And my nephew will be your producer

Yo, John it's Bill from Biddybum
Word is traveling around that you've got some tunes
We will not be outbid -
Radio is in the bag, we own the chart
They will not add your song
Without checking with our promotion staff

Hi, John it's Shep from Shinola
We really should do a lunch
Quite a tape indeed - my secretary flipped
You're a genius

My name is Johnny Virgil
I play this here guitar
I play it for myself


Got hands that move like clockwork
A voice that carries far
Got a love for nothing else


Hi, Jack it's Al from A&R
You don't really need the band they are in the way
We only wanted you any way
So dump the band, you are the face
You better wise up fast
This is not a game - we're professionals
Did I mention that you won't be out this year
Cannot be helped - go take a vacation
One more thing that you should know
We're all counting on you to be
Our new golden boy

Lots of lives and jobs in the balance

Virgil it's Pete your president
Calling to congratulate you on your fine choice
You must be very proud, so are we
I'm sure your music is terrif although I must admit
I don't listen to much of anything
Did I mention that I used to have a band?
I have to run, been great talking to you

Hi, Joe about publicity
Thought about the photo op with the cripple
No, we need a sharper hook - like a scandal
Maybe you could rape a nun
Or better still a priest
Some androgyny could be interesting

Hi, Jim it's Val from video
Who decided on your hair?
Can we cut it off?
We'd like to see a buzz bin rotation

My name is Johnny Virgil
I play this here guitar...
Ah fuck it


My name is Johnny Virgil
I'm gonna be a star
If this is how it's done

02:24 195 3,35 ˆ0.10
Imagemaker Lyrics
Black asphalt carpet stroke my feet
Internal rhythm clocks the beat
Liquid refreshment indiscreet
Poetic license so concrete

On the way towards the light
Blind ambition blurs my sight
The hand which guides me through the night
Has left me alone

Sitting pretty on my chair
My two way mirror shields the glare
Narcissus bows in useless prayer
This franchised ego needs repair

Imagemaker come to me
Make me things that I should be
I am only what you see
And you're wanting more

Champagne Minds and Cold Duck Hearts
And who knows where the bullshit starts
the biggest grins on the biggest sharks
In the only pond that pays
Mass distribution through master relations
Can you get a leg up on the favored nation
Can you count your long career in days

So check the odds and place your bet
Let's have some quiet on this set
Some standard moody silhouette
I'll hatch another image yet
03:39 204 5,32 ˆ0.10
Water Under The Bridge Lyrics
What's a drop of water
From a daughter made of glass
Frail and poised on a question
WHen there's nothing left to ask

Asking questions
So close to the ridge
Dirt under my feet
Water under the bridge

What's a drop of water
In an ocean of compromise
One more shake of my tail
and it falls away and dies

Asking questions
So close to the ridge
Dirt under my feet
Water under the bridge

What's a drop of water
From a storm's gentle eye
Poisoned by an envy
That a tear can't purify
05:30 201 7,90 ˆ0.10
The Best Laid Plans Lyrics
The Shepherd raises up his staff
And hurls it at the crowd
To the sound of a maniacal calliope
And Leo the Lion reclines on the throne
He had built by the boys in the band
And the crown upon his head reads
"By the Queen's decree"
Do we all agree
Luck knows no justice at all

Everyone's a self-made man,
there before the thing began
Making such a circus of the best laid plans
Everyone's responsible,
empty words and purses full
Making such a circus of the best laid plans

The clowns arrive in a pirate ship
And pose before the crowd
Hilarious remarks and inactivity
They throw the dog faced boy a bone
Command him to play dead
For the Hollywood and Hollywood infirmary
For the standard fee (repeat after me)
Luck knows no justice at all

Everyone was paid their fee,
I made you and you made me
And we made such a circus of the best laid plans

You can tell a big man by the company he fleeces
Step right on up here son see how your wealth increases
Get your Cross of Iron, get your thirty silver pieces...

Here's Dr. Dogma's smug prescriptions
Placebo cures of all descriptions
Shucking and jiving for the circus of the best laid plans
I wish I might, I wish I may
You've ruined my August and it's only May
I'm off to join the circus, dad
Of the Best Laid Plans

Everyone can fill their nose. Everyone can strike their pose
Welcome to the circus. The Circus of the Best Laid Plans
05:39 219 8,81 ˆ0.10
Certifiable #1 Smash Lyrics 07:22 216 11,38 ˆ0.10
Staring Into Nothing Lyrics 05:51 197 8,23 ˆ0.10
Fun Lyrics 05:33 193 7,67 ˆ0.10
From Here To There Lyrics 02:11 200 3,12 ˆ0.10
Ghetto Of Beautiful Things Lyrics 04:54 199 6,96 ˆ0.10
A Long Day's Life Lyrics 07:30 188 10,02 ˆ0.10
The Way Back Home Lyrics
I was lost in the city
When I chanced on a man
Who said he was Jesus
And he held out his hand
I tossed him a quarter
Said, "I'm your biggest fan."
"Do you know the way back home?"

And the planet sits waiting
For this man to appear
who will solve all our problems
And make everything clear
'Cause we are all prisoners
Of apathy and fear
And we've lost the way back home

But there is no one coming
With great things to say
There's no simple solutions
There's no last judgment day
there's only the trying
To find a better way
To look for the way back home
To look for the way back home

I'm walking on pavement
Where old illusions fall
I'm struck by a sadness
Lonely here inside these walls

And the man who was Jesus
Lit his last cigarette
And he spoke in a whisper
With a voice of regret
"You've all heard the answer.
But you're not listening yet.
Love is the way back home."
04:56 201 7,05 ˆ0.10
Johnny's Last Song Lyrics 02:15 190 3,07 ˆ0.10