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The Savage Poetry, Edguy
The Savage Poetry
Release type: Album
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Duration: 74:34  
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Hallowed Lyrics
Sacred - standing full of pride
Spite in my brain causing you to fight
Enchained - you pray to get a slave
Rules with no sense, to dust you will decay
You left the empire of freedom
Hallowed be my name
Hallowed be my name

The god of creation you beg for damnation
You think you can serve me with hate

Hallowed be my name
Hallowed be my name

The god of creation you beg for damnation
You think you can serve me with hate

Hatred - pushed into the war
Those who blaspheme just die by your sword
Sacred - hallowed be my name
For peace you destruct, a glorious crusade
06:16 192 8,63 0.10
Misguiding Your Life Lyrics
A dawn on the run, nowhere to hide in a life of
Corruption, insanity has won, I'm living in hate
And preaching destruction
I'm screaming tonight, my vengeance
To fight has killed all morality
The cries of the toll and madness control
And liberate my energy - Axe to the wax !

Misguidin' your life, you'll reach
The empire of sadness
I will be rife, driven by insanity and hate
Misguidin' your life, you'll reach
The empire of sadness
I will be rife, driven by insanity

Lunacy and rage are raving in my head, reign
Back to back, c'mon be my slave, the beauty
In your face will be fading to black
04:06 192 5,65 0.10
Key To My Fate Lyrics
Am I totally blind this time when I'm dreamin'
The dreams that I fear, some call it nightmare
And some call it life, what is the sense of
Existing in here
And I think of the sadness when I'm dreamin' of
Leavin' the pain I don't get all that madness
And it drives me insane

Now hear me cry, I'm in quest
Of the key to my fate
I might be nigh to the key
In the abyss of hate

Annihilation in my brain
What is the price that we will be to pay
When will you lift our little poor souls
When will you take us oh lord away

Oh when will we die
Why to suffer to stand up right
We are victims of time
We have to fight till the end is in sight

What's the reason to carry on
What's the reason to fall
After days of living hall
After we had to crawl,

Are we totally blind this time
Can't you tell me the nexus of freedom
And pain and desires and hate
And even the holy ones
04:33 192 6,26 0.10
Sands Of Time Lyrics
Seasons come and seasons go
Here I wait for something to be
Try to get as much as I can see
Hungry for life
But Have you see the sands of time
Every day is a moment in past
Every heartbeat a step to my last
I won't survive

I don't know what time is made to be
If it is a friend or enemy or does it only run
Run to set and end
Secrets of a crazy dream or just a bad
Reality, I don't know

Do you feel the sands of time
Runnin' low to break the line
First we learn to fly, then we learn to cry
Later in the evening we will die

Questions roamin' through my brain
I'll be leavin' into a grave
I'll be dead but my soul will be save
For a time called forever

All the seasons will have been gone
There'll be times that you will forget
My name and the words that I said
Then my time will be over
04:42 192 6,45 0.10
Sacred Hell Lyrics
Ravens in the air, noone in the streets
Seems like the fiend he must be back
Riding on his horse but also flying in the iar
Love has just started to crack - ow
Whisplash and torture, falseness and pain
Envy is driving our hate
Everything out there is mad and confused
Till we'll be able to seal each others fate

Staring through eyes of hate and able to kill
We don't realize we've been given our own
Fuckin' will, like animals humans don't think
Don't look for a reason, we hate no style
We put the blame on the demon

Sacred hell, sacred hell
There is nothing but names on the wall
You can be free, you can reach tomorrow
Sacred hell, sacred hell

So the fend must be back on our ball
Lose all your sins, lose all your sorrows
No lucid intervals, no people who guide
But a 1000 Masters of disguise
Eternal damnation 'cause humans they hide
They think that satan shall rise
05:36 192 7,70 0.10
Eyes Of The Tyrant Lyrics
In the eyes of the mighty domain and its evil
Doctrines, there is no trace of romance
But the fears that grow
Noone can watch his next into the eyes
You killed the poetry of mine
A long time ago - NOW
How many times have you given me rage
When your words were mendacious
And your laughter insane, how many times
Have you written lapoons about my life
And desires, about my pleasure and pain

I bare my fangs to you, look at my face and
You'll stare into my mind and you'll watch

The eyes of the tyrant - eyes of the night
The eyes of the tyrant - eyes of the night
Back from the hades, into the daylight
Back from the hades, into the daylight

King of tonight, tell me what should I do
Should I die in glory, should I raise my fist
The Crime of my deads is the frolic I need
I won't die on my knees, I will kill to resist

The chagrin of the damned cries the tears of
Romance, lord of uprightness take me now
The empire of the sad, the empire of the mad
My feelings were killed so long ago

Yeah, we are eternal, we are immortal
There is a trace of glory in our hands
Majestic and wild, we stand and we fight
Soon your blackened pride will be fading away

You'll realize you'll had been walking astray
Never tame the wicked, I'm a tyrant tonight
Back from the hades, into the light
Back from the hades into:

Uh, now here we go
10:02 192 13,79 0.10
Frozen Candle Lyrics
Crying on the pyre, feelin' all so strange
When you took my mind to deteriorate, told
Me that you like me, atrocious and deterrent
Lies, you showed me how it is to suffer hate
Celebrate my funeral, vultures on my corpse
Ashes to ashes - me to hell, you think I could
Be dug alive, but you never knew, you're just
Too deaf to hear my forces yell

All your mind is full of hate, you hold the link
To seal my fate, I stare into the light
Now you'll try to burn me, inquisition in our
Time, but I'll tell you what I am

Burning like a frozen candle
Burning like a frozen candle
I can still remember when you called the reaper
Told him how to unlock my door, sleepers
Nights, evil dreams, faces in the window
Voices that I've never heard before
07:15 192 9,97 0.10
Roses To No One Lyrics 05:44 192 7,90 0.10
Power And Majesty Lyrics 05:14 192 7,17 0.10
Misguiding Your Life (1995 Version) Lyrics 04:12 192 5,76 0.10
Sacred Hell (1995 Version) Lyrics 06:09 192 8,45 0.10
Roses To No One (1995 Version) Lyrics 05:45 192 7,92 0.10
Sands Of Time (1995 Version) Lyrics 05:04 192 6,97 0.10