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The Renaissance, Q-Tip The Renaissance 2008, Album
For The Nasty (Single), Q-Tip For The Nasty (Single) 2005, Single/EP
Feelin' Real Good, Q-Tip Feelin' Real Good 1998, Album
Lynwood Rose (bootleg), Q-Tip Lynwood Rose (bootleg) 2009, Bootleg
Kamaal The Abstract, Q-Tip Kamaal The Abstract 2001, Album
Gettin Up, Q-Tip Gettin Up 2008, Single/EP
Abstract Innovations, Q-Tip Abstract Innovations 2008, Album
Kamaal The Abstract, Q-Tip Kamaal The Abstract 2009, Album
Got 'Til It's Gone, Q-Tip Got 'Til It's Gone 1997, Single/EP
Amplified, Q-Tip Amplified 1999, Album
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The Renaissance, Q-Tip
The Renaissance
Release type: Album
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Duration: 43:10  
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Johnny Is Dead Lyrics
Sometimes I phase out when I look at the screen
When I think about my chance for me to intervene
And it's up to me to bring back the hopeful
feeling in the music that you can quote
not saying that I hate it 'cause yeah, I kinda dig it
But what good is an ear if a Q-Tip isn't in it

So just stick it in
and inform your friend
your boy from the hood
is on that shit again
he's upped the degrees
and dropped the mercury
to splash on the mass
from low to upper class

And when the record spins
it sometimes blows a wind
a fickleness of fans
they sometimes hate again
they always bring up Tribe by me
could not survive, I mean
this is my mans, I mean
this is my fams

And here's something new
it's front row for you
so don't misconstrue
it's tribal and true
my dudes who hustle hard
will stop your repertoire
as long as you can see
it's you who's staying free

'Cause life is filled with 'cerns
keep pills and little burns
and shit, I'm fucking up I mean
I'm tripping out
but still there is a void
and people get annoyed
let's focus on the feel
before we get a deal

Figuring life can't be a thing
the wilderness is wild to me
but you're not alone I see we're just the same
figuring out where we should be

Moving while we can
to put back on the street
let's take care of ours
and ensure we eat
and opening in
they criticize the boys
without enmity
they lose all the noise

They can't keep us down
we're dominant and brown
and those of other shades
they join our parade
but wait, there's rain ahead
like Brit and Kevin Fed
and magazine debris
it's shit you gotta see

I'm no different to you
I goes through it too
I thumbs through the page
I don't come of age
I'm not a deity
I'm far from perfect see
I roll a tumbleweed
this just a humble seed

That I present to you
it's just a mystic groove
with words of harmony
and soon a melody
that speaks to where we are
the door of hopes ajar
and soon we walking in
uplifted just to say

03:01 193 4,16 ˆ0.10
Wont Trade Lyrics 02:41 146 2,81 ˆ0.10
Gettin Up Lyrics 03:17 171 4,03 ˆ0.10
Official Lyrics
Oh yeah
Well the bell has rung
Because the time is here
Oh Yeah
We gotta switch it around
And put the thing in gear
Oh yeah
Not much is for sure
But this here is true
Oh yeah
I gotta do it for me
But then I'll do it for you

Major attraction
Trouble distraction
Scramble up my name and it still come action
Music's our number
Dial to sue slumber
Open up your ears to the low tint of thunder
Creative Queens native
Mixes automated
Want some fresh shit then we’ll correlate it
Busta is ferocious
I’m flawed and precocious
Carrying fools out
Cause my willy bodacious
Peoples don't blame me
Shorties can't game me
Country Cherokee
But the city here made me
rock like coral
distinctive 'bout my orals
Gotta lil grime
And gotta lotta laurels
The rhythm stay bangin'
My one two thangin'
Is exemplified by the cop left hangin'
Percussion's our weapons
Drums are Smith and Wesson's
lyrics pop it off
Leaving deep impressions


I feel what the beat does
People fuck with me cause
When the song end
I become what the beat was
Same thing is other
No need for cookie cutter
The bar gets raised
Not you're average old gutter
For that I hit a chin up
B, ya time been up
Would've came sooner
But I overslept my get up
Now let's get in the middle
Girl I'll solve ya riddle
Cause we can be strong
And protect against the brittle
If groupies need to see me
Go and get the CD
I aerosol you all top to bottom like graffiti
Dudes say I'm plotting
When you here the music
Thus begins the Mardi Gra'n
Rhymes ain't the issue
That's how I'm gone get you
Don't need a Billboard
hit for me to hit you
The clairvoyant micist
Who always come the tightest
Queens everywhere
Demonstrating who the flyest

03:18 168 3,97 ˆ0.10
You Lyrics
It's you
It's you
At the end of it all It's you

Looking for how I see her
When I finally realized, couldn't believe it
I couldn't even swallow
Had a lump in my throat my stomach hollow
I had a notion that things were fishy
But everything was fine so I'd be pissy
But when you wasn't seeing me nights you getting in
That's when the snooping and shit it would begin
Where you at?
Where you going?
That's what I get when I pick up the phone
Not a "hello" or "I miss you"
Or "the Renaissance, how does it do"?
Suspicious ones go few
Can stress out your brain
In weighs on your mane
And helps you peep game I thought it was me
But then I could it see


I couldn't take it
But the spell of love
I couldn't shake it
Even though I would discover
That there was somebody else
Who was your lover
You gave me up
And managed to turn the tables
And all your honest words they turn to fables
The things that you would accuse me of
It seems were the things you were doing, love
Get it? These things you projected
And I don't want to be affected
But when you get in love
It's never easy love
To make decisions of
You've defected
You were doing so much to try to pin me
Going through all my stuff but it was empty
Answers, that I'm seeking
Well, it seems I'm getting close
That I'm reaching
And I was thinking I had no reason
Calling you a culprit it was treason
And the twinkle in your eye
It was kinda not for love
And tell me why?
We'll make amends if you admit it
We can ascend if you're committed
Your heart, is it in it?
If it goes for many days
Sweet love can decay from you

03:01 158 3,42 ˆ0.10
We Fight / Love (feat. Raphael Saadiq) Lyrics 04:47 153 5,25 ˆ0.10
Manwomanboggie (feat. Amanda Diva) Lyrics 03:06 173 3,82 ˆ0.10
Move Lyrics
[The Jackson Five] She's a dancing machine..

[Chorus 1: Q-Tip]
Here we come yo
Here we come
Here we come yo
Here we come
Here we come yo
Here we come
Here we come yo
Here we come
Here we come yo
Here we come
Here we come yo
Here we come

[Verse 1: Q-Tip]
I'm just a brotherman descendant of the motherland
I fuck with blackberries and dimes and butter tens
Good on my right and shuffle on my other hand
Life is a tight rope I'm dyein' the balance in
And by the end hopefully I be the balance-man
A simple dude who can exude the talents and
I am the captain of the hot butter-caravan
Spread in a different look to charred and battered lands
It's outta function I see girls that can top it off
I hold mines while these cowboys pop it off
You just a movie-dude claimin' that you pop-soft
This shits like cold grits without the hot sauce
This government seems to me like it's off course

[Chorus 2: Q-Tip]
Come on come on
Let's move and get down
[Like it's off course]
Come on come on
Let's move [This government] and get down
Come on come on
Let's move and get down
[Ride with me, come on]
Come on come on
Let's move and get down

[Verse 2: Q-Tip]
Your dubious style may rock for right now
But in the long run, you really lost one
Jamaica, Queens-man land of the tossed gun
It's never easy police nah sees we
Go through the checkpoints birds flip to po nine
I got a bad bird nicknamed her sunshine
I treats her so kind sweet nothings at nighttime
Into the right tunes we hit the right rhymes
I dig her fashion smash into my memory
And in the club shorty stays rear end of me
A humble dude and never will pretend to be
The type of artist that's desired for the industry
Came in this fucka me and I'm a leave me
And in the end B you would believe me that I'm a leave me
So what's a industry if the listeners will always stand beside me?

[Chorus 3: Q-Tip]
Come on come on
Let's move and get down
Come on come on
Let's move and get down
Come on come on
Let's move and get down
Come on come on
Let's move and get down

[Repeat chorus 1: Q-Tip]
05:49 160 6,64 ˆ0.10
Dance On Glass Lyrics
The people at the label say they want something to repeat
But all my people really want something for the streets
So keep hooking
Hey ya'll what's going on?
So keep hooking
It's time your word is bond
So keep hooking
Let's do what we must do
So keep hooking
ah ah ah let's hear it for
Keep keep

Who can make it up, dark age is here in rap
And the constant conversation has been, let's bring it back
Corny rap style niggas they lack the pedigree
Deep waters they be in when they just a manatee
Who, me? I'm unaffected, the whale, the hammerhead
The magnanimous decision, unanimous, I am fed
What you looking at? wait, I can help you with that
The formidable, unforgettable painting abstract
In the wall amongst them all from Tucson Michelle
A commodity, hot property, hears the morning bell
Guantanamo bayin' niggas deferring routes
Your soliloquies are trash inferring that you got clout
Homie, whats that about? You should revisit your scheme
Before the scheme that seems real, reverts back to a dream
Into that pea head of yours
You ain't commanding no tours
You seeing fee in per diem
We seeing that in the doors
Plus a little bit more because she choosing the prettiest
Though while they is wittiest
On the low we the grittiest
Taking the task, these barbaric insurgents
From nursery rhyme niggas that play like they crime figures
Man, what could give you such a naive belief?
There's examples all around of careers being brief
The Luke Cage of the loose leaf page
Run and hide, coming out in the yard
Bonafide to be hard

So keep hooking
Keep hooking
Keep hooking
Keep hooking
Keep keep

As if we reading pressures higher
We should all be that inspired
Too just lift it, take it higher
Peep the name that's on the flyer
The Midnight Marauder, low end theoretical
Ring tone rappers rocking shades are forgettable
Phantom of the rap world boo
Yo, you puss in boots
Energy electrocutes, looking for a love recruit
High definition for the fortunate you to view
Challenges with riches we will put you on strict review
Time to turn the tide around
Coming with the tribal sound
Brandishing these microphones, we outlaws in the town
Corruption in the pool pit, we witness the jam
Acquisition of materials the evil of man
Trickles down to MC's
We combat the disease
With the good and hardy measurement
A real rap sediment
Degenerate genes and your bodies the host
You need to open up wide while we give you the dose

Gather round
Gather round
Gather round
It's the hottest thing
03:01 168 3,63 ˆ0.10
Life Is Better (feat. Norah Jones) Lyrics 04:42 172 5,77 ˆ0.10
Believe (feat. D'Angelo) Lyrics 02:58 161 3,39 ˆ0.10
Shaka Lyrics 03:32 169 4,27 ˆ0.10