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The Platform 2000, Dilated Peoples
The Platform 2000
Release type: Album
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Release date:


Duration: 64:11  
Size, Mb: 76,20  


Price for album: 1.28 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
So I May Introduce You Lyrics 00:47 128 0,73 0.10
The Plattform Lyrics 04:31 256 8,30 0.10
No Retreat (Feat. B Real) Lyrics 05:20 128 4,89 0.10
Guananteed Lyrics 03:24 192 4,68 0.10
Right On (Feat The Alkaholiks) Lyrics 04:57 128 4,52 0.10
Main Event Feat. Alchemist Lyrics 00:48 192 1,10 0.10
Service!! Lyrics 02:56 128 2,69 0.10
Ear Drums Pop Ft. Planet Asia, Lyrics 06:54 192 9,47 0.10
Dilated Peoples - Years In The Making Lyrics 03:10 192 4,37 0.10
Annihilation Lyrics
it's hard to lead a life when you've lost the leash.

not that i've been trying to anyways.

and how many times do i make a wish that comes true?

more often than you'd think.

because you can hear this can't you?

if lucky dogs don't have nine lives,

it's days like this i'm lucky that i have none.
03:44 128 3,41 0.10
Expanding Man Lyrics 04:15 160 4,86 0.10
The Last Line Of Defen Lyrics 04:43 128 4,30 0.10
Triple Optics Lyrics
put out one of my eyes and i still got two
Put out the second one and i can still see you

I affect your chemistry and macro molecules
Cells, and groups of cells called tissues
Organs, organ systems, organism
Population, communities, eco-systems
Forks in the road in the valley of decision
Prophets and charlatans both speak visions
So this descendant of african survivors
So-called indian tribes and the korean war-child
Birth name rocka peeps named me iristyle
Or iriscience possesor of the secret file
A student on these l.a. blocks
Ever since i first saw the train and ran from the cops
A triple optomotrist mental megalolopolis
We never fall tho, turntables might wobble, babu
Drop the obelisk on this, guaranteed hot shit, triple optics

Put out one of my eyes and i still got two
Put out the second one and i can still see you, triple optics (x2)

I say make moves, or watch your paper trail
And right before the...absorb the vapor trail
On my mark engage in sub-conscious
Better than the many successfull club launches
You blast, i blast, and then what?
Ends in automatics if we don't blast fast enough
For use of ferrians tearin up various areas
I rock slow but crack them sound barriers
Its iristealth, the inteligence played
Invisible to radar, from the clouds i make it rain
Swoop down survey if they chase like charlie
Back up, i syncranise three eyes like bob marley
And see triple optic, tho you use therm-optics
To camouflauge yourself with elements and objects
I rock projects yall the township youth
I make the people listen, boogie down, and move

Put out one of my eyes and i still got two
Put out the second one and i can still see you, triple optics (x2)

Well, i study, stock pile, and buil(d) for a while
The colorful bomber creates a devastate style
We redefine the state of the art as we go
And bust ends egos and super egos
I grab you with my talons and fly you to the mountains
Where you can meditate on it a harmony inbalance
In audio, video, spiritual wars
I move like the spook who sat by the door

Put out one of my eyes and i still got two
Put out the second one and i can still see you, triple optics (x2)
04:45 160 5,45 0.10
The Shape Of Things To Come Lyrics 05:04 192 6,96 0.10
Work With The Angles Lyrics 04:00 128 3,67 0.10
Ear Drum Pop Remix Lyrics 04:58 192 6,80 0.10