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Release type: Album
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Trouble In The Fields Lyrics 03:22 192 4,62 0.10
From A Distance Lyrics 04:13 192 5,77 0.10
I Don't Wanna Talk About Love Lyrics 04:10 192 5,71 0.10
Deadwood South Dakota Lyrics 05:11 192 7,11 0.10
Love At The Five And Dime Lyrics
(Spoken with picked guitar background)

One of my greatest fascinations in life has always been a little store where you can go in and get a vanilla coke, and listen to the popcorn machine go 'pop pop pop,' and dig through the record bin and find a record for 69 cents that you've always wanted, all your life.

When I was in high school, the only way you could get from north Austin to south Austin on the bus was to get off the bus in central Austin and get on another bus.

And where you changed the bus at 6th and Congress was a place called a Woolworth's store. And I always had just enough time to run into the Woolworth store and get myself a vanilla coke, dig through the record bin wink at the boys and get back on the bus.

And Woolworth stores are the same everywhere in the world. They have this wonderful smell to 'em - they smell like popcorn and chewing gum rubbed around on the bottom of a leather-soled shoe.

And the first time we went to Europe we landed in London and we were driving through central London and we came to a corner and by golly there was a Woolworth store. And I wanted them to stop the car and let me out so I could fill up my suitcase with unnecessary plastic objects.

And if you've ever been in a big Woolworth store, where there's an elevator, or a lift as they say in Europe, every time the doors open on the elevator they make a little noise like this: {ding}... and I've often been asked what that little noise was... {ding} and that's what it is, it's the elevator doors {ding}...


Rita was sixteen years... hazel eyes and chestnut hair
she made the Woolworth counter shine
Eddie was a sweet romancer, and a darn good dancer
they'd waltz the aisles of the five and dime

They'd sing, "Dance a little closer to me... dance a little closer now
Dance a little closer tonight
Dance a little closer to me... it's closing time
And love's on sale tonight at this five and dime

Eddie played the steel guitar and his mama cried 'cuz he played in the bars
And kept young Rita out late at night
So, they married up in Abilene... lost a child in Tennessee
still, that love survived

(repeat chorus)

One of the boys in Eddie's band... took a shine to Rita's hands
so, Eddie ran off with the bass man's wife
Oh' but he was back by June... singin' a different tune
And sportin' Miss Rita back by his side

{And he sang}
(repeat chorus)

Eddie travelled with the barroom bands... till arthritis took his hands
now he sells insurance on the side
Oh Rita's got her house to keep... she writes dimestore novels of a love so sweet
and they dance to the radio late at night

(repeat chorus)
(repeat 1st verse)

{and they lived a life, a simple life}
They'd waltz the aisles of the five and dime
{and we can all go take a date}
And they'd waltz the aisles of the five and dime
07:20 192 10,09 0.10
Listen To The Radio Lyrics 03:47 192 5,21 0.10
Gulf Coast Highway Lyrics
Gulf Coast Highway
He worked the rails
He worked the rice fields
With their cool dark wells
He worked the oil rigs in the
Gulf of Mexico
The only thing we've ever owned
Is this old house here by the road
And when he dies he says he'll catch
some blackbird's wing
Then he will fly away to Heaven come
some sweet blue bonnet spring

She walked through springtime
When I was home
The days were sweet
The nights were warm
The seasons change, the jobs would
come... the flowers fade
This old house felt so alone
When the work took me away
And when she dies she says, she'll
catch some blackbirds wing
Then she will fly away to Heaven come
some sweet blue bonnet spring

Highway 90
The jobs are gone
We tend our garden
We set the sun
This is the only place on earth
blue bonnets grow
Once a year they come and go
At this old house here by the road
And when we die we say, we'll
catch some blackbirds wing
Then we will fly away to Heaven come
some sweet blue bonnet spring

And when we die we say, we'll
catch some blackbirds wing
We will fly away together come
some sweet blue bonnet spring
03:03 192 4,20 0.10
I Wish It Would Rain Lyrics
Oh, I wish it would rain
And wash my face clean
I want to find some dark cloud to
Hide in here
Love in a memory
Sparkled like diamonds
When the diamonds fall... they burn
Like tears
When the diamonds fall... they burn
Like tears

Once I had a love from the
Georgia pines
Who only cared for me
I wanna find that love of twenty-two
Here at thirty-three
I've got a heart on my right
One on my left... neither suits my needs
No, the one I love lives a-way out West
And he never will need me


I'm gonna pack up my two steppin' shoes
And head for the Gulf Coast plains
I wanna walk the streets of my
Own hometown
Where everybody knows my name
I wanna ride the waves down
In Galveston
When the hurricanes blow in
'Cuz that Gulf Coast water tastes
Sweet as wine
When your heart's rollin' home in
The wind


When the diamonds fall darlin'... they
Burn like tears
02:40 192 3,68 0.10
Ford Econoline Lyrics 02:15 192 3,07 0.10
So Long Ago Lyrics 04:07 192 5,66 0.10
If Wishes Were Changes Lyrics 03:47 192 5,21 0.10
The Wing And The Wheel Lyrics 03:14 192 4,44 0.10
Late Night Grande Hotel Lyrics 03:32 192 4,87 0.10
It's Just Another Morning Here Lyrics 04:22 192 6,02 0.10
Drive-In Movies And Dashboard Lights Lyrics 03:15 192 4,45 0.10
There's A Light Beyond These Woods Lyrics 04:25 192 6,05 0.10
Outbound Plane Lyrics 02:39 192 3,64 0.10
It's A Hard Life Wherever You Go Lyrics 04:00 192 5,50 0.10