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The Greatest Hits, Juvenile The Greatest Hits 2004, Compilation
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The Greatest Hits, Juvenile
The Greatest Hits
Release type: Compilation
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Duration: 78:16  
Size, Mb: 107,72  


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Intro (Big Tymers) Lyrics 02:13 192 3,04 0.10
Slow Motion (Feat Soulja Slim) Lyrics 04:09 192 5,69 0.10
Ha Lyrics
That's you with that bad ass Benz ha
That's you that can't keep yo' old lady
cause you keep fuckin her friends ha
You gotta go to court ha
You got served a subpeona for child support ha
That was that nerve ha
You ain't even much get a chance to say a word ha
I know i ain't trippin don't your brother got them birds ha
You ready to bust one of them niggaz head ha
You ain't scared ha
You know how to play it ha
I know you ain't just gonna let a nigga come and punk you ha
Stunt and front you ha
Straight up run you ha
You know who got that fire green ha
You know how to use a triple beam ha
Shit ain't hard as it seems ha
You keep your body clean ha
You got a lot of girbaud jeans ha
Some of your partners dope fiends ha
You really don't want to fuck with them niggaz ha
You come up with them niggaz ha
You stuck with them niggaz ha

[Chorus 2X]
You a paper chaser
You got your block on fire
Remaining a g until the moment you expire
You know what it is yo make nothing out of something
You handle your biz and don't be cryin and suffering

You can't do nothing but love fresh ha
You want to know what we gonna do next ha
You brought my tape with a check ha
You wearing a vest ha
You tryin to protect your chest ha
You spent 70 on your benz ha
That ain't yours that's for your friends ha
You wanna stop these niggaz from playing wit you ha
You wanna run the block ha
You wanna be the only nigga with rocks ha]
You keep your gun cocked ha
You count the money at the end of the night ha
You on a three day flight ha
You full of that diesel ha
You duckin them people ha
Your face was on the news last night ha
You the one that robbed them little dudes out they shoes last night ha
You don't go in the projects when it's dark ha
You claim you thug and you ain't got no heart ha
You came in the Nolia on new years eve ha
You got stuck in that bitch and couldn't leave ha
It was hard for youto breathe ha

[Chorus 2X]
You a paper chaser
You got you block on fire
Remaining a g until the moment you expire
You know what it is to make nothing out of something
You handle your biz and don't be cryin and suffering

You got a trespassing charge ha
That dick got hard ha
When you were looking at them little broads ha
You don't know when to quit ha
That's you with that shot calling shit ha
That's you with that balling shit ha
That's you that's taking them hits ha
That hoe don't know when to shut up her mouth ha
You gonna knock that hoe teeth out ha
You done switched from Nike to Reebok ha
You twinkle you golds everytime you leave your house ha
Them income tax checks ha
You bout to flip that ha
You bout to go score you a gram ha
You bout to go put the dope dick on one of these hoe ha
When you broke you drove ha
When you paid you got bookoo places to go ha
You on top ha
You rob somebody shop ha
You don't think you can be stopped ha
You ridin in the Benz on 20 inch rims ha

[Chorus 2X]
You a paper chaser
You got your block on fire
Remaining a g until the moment you expire
You know what it is to make nothing out of something
You handle you biz and don't be cryin and suffering
04:52 192 6,69 0.10
Back That Azz Up (Feat Mannie Lyrics 04:26 192 6,08 0.10
Set It Off Lyrics
Mannie Fresh: Era-era.. (scratching)
Juvenile: Kick ass!

MF: Mmm-hmm
J: C'mon!
MF: Uhh-hunh, Mmm-hmm...
J: Ya'll boys don't know nothin' bout me!
MF: Mmm-hmm, Uhh-hunh...
J: Whodi!
MF: Ladies and Gentlemen!!

I'ma T.C. solja, New Orleans stunna
If a bitch leave me, I'ma take every thing from her
Leave while ya can, or ya mom will pick ya rum up
I'ma find me some new pussy, and buy me a Four-Runner
I walk wit a limp, cuz my nuts heavy
And I like it from tha back so hold your butt steady
I know I got some big lips, but I ain't trippin
Lil Momma I love pussy, but I ain't lickin
Now prepare yourself for some new dick'n
You don't want it girl?, you don't know what u missin
I'm tha baddest boss nigga walkin
You ain't heard I got a team of head busters waitin to give me tha work
I gotta few in tha East Coast, a few in tha West
Down-South to Mid-W, wassup to tha rest
Can't forget about tha ghetto, where they strugglin in debt
No matter what I do dawg, I love my set

MF: Ladies and Gentlemen!!!

(Chorus 2x)
J: WHHOOODDI! Whassup?
J: WHHOOODDI! Whassup?
MF: Uh-hunh...
J: WHHOOODDI! Whassup?
MF: Mm-Hmmm...
J: Set it off in this muthafucka!

J: WHHOOODDI! Whassup?
MF: Mm-Hmmm...
J: WHHOOODDI! Whassup?
MF: Uh-hunh...
J: WHHOOODDI! Whassup?
MF: Mm-Hmmm...
J: Set it off in this muthafucka!

The nigga-the-nigga-the 'Nile's in this bitch, get right!
Fuck what you heard on the street, it's CMR for life!
Still ridin' on dubs, drippin' brown and 'mike.
Jump stupid if you want, bitch we gon' clown tonight!
We got 25 choppers in the V-I-P!
Cristow, imported yak, and a pound of weed.
I know u wait'n for me to get drunk and follow me home.
Picture what I'ma give you though, a shot to ya dome.
Fuck it, if you want some be talkers. They gon' get hit too.
I'm really not givin' a fuck, don't guess I get you!
Jank, Fresh, Joe, Bubba, You gotta admit it, ha? Juvy a muthafucka!
I'ma general, executin tha plan
Got a vision of that 3rd Ward rule'n tha land
Comin up on hoes, tellin them to jump in the van
Mommy please come break off just me and my man

(Chorus 2x)

55% of these niggas is fake, the otha 45% be handlin' they weight.
55% of these women is ho's, the otha 45% be playin' they role.
Mr. Officer, Mr. Officer! Take these muthafuckin' cuffs off of us!
We ain't killed nobody and this car for us.
And ridin' on 20's is the law for us!
I ain't from France but excuse my French,
Fuck ya if ya hatin', nigga! Say that then!
I been dealin' with you bitches since way back when.
Plus I kept a fire duck off the lay back end.
They say my mama bling bling, and JD tight,
Cuz Juvy takin' care so everything alright.
Bitches see the Silver Seph' with the phat ass pipes.
Bein' followed by some niggas on some bad ass bikes.

(Chorus 2x)

(Softly in the background)
MF: Mmm-hmmm... Uhh-hunhh... Mmm-hmmm...
J: Now, bounce with me, bounce bounce bounce.
Now, bounce with me, bounce bounce bounce.
Set it off in this muthafucka!
MF: Mmm-hmmm... Uhh-hunhh... Mmm-hmmm...
J: Now, bounce with me, bounce bounce bounce.
Now, bounce with me, bounce bounce bounce.
Set it off in this muthafucka!
WHOODDDII! Set it off in this muthafucka!
MF: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
WHOODDDII! C'mon! Set it off in this muthafucka!
J: Playa? P-P-Playa?
MF: Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya heard'z me???
J: Playa? P-P-Playa? Whodi?
04:17 192 5,89 0.10
In My Life (Feat Mannie Fresh) Lyrics 05:45 192 7,90 0.10
Slow Motion (Remix) (Feat Wycl Lyrics 04:09 192 5,68 0.10
Back That Thing Up (Feat Manni Lyrics 04:33 192 6,27 0.10
Bounce Back (Feat Baby Aka The Lyrics 04:14 192 5,81 0.10
U Understand Lyrics 04:19 192 5,94 0.10
Mamma Got Ass Lyrics 04:28 192 6,12 0.10
400 Degreez Lyrics
[Robotic Voice] : 400 degreez

[Verse 1:]
Ya see me I eat sleep shit and talk rap
Ya seen that 98 mercedes on t.v. I bought that
I had some felony charges I fought that
Been sent to no return but still was bought back
Nigga threw some slangs at me woodie I caught that
I punished them lil bitches before they can car jack
Now I'm lookin for they family and pile up the war bat
If I aint a hotboy then what do you call that
Nigga disrespect me I'ma be in all black
Companied by some niggas bout killin' and all that
Me Cory and mercy gettin' dunked on
Ride top down so we let the trucks pause
In the jepp ridin' four deep
I booted up at these nigga claimin' they know me

[Chorus] [Robotic Voice]
You don't want to fuck wit me
Hot, Hot, Hot Boyz
Hot, Hot, Hot Boyz [repeat 2x]

[Verse 2]

Bitch what I'll bust yo ass up
Don't even go there woodie cuz I'm ready to mas up
I heard about the money thats some nice change
For the right price I'll bust the right frame
Why must a nigga try I can't do the right thing
Only God knows what the future might bring
Nigga might be shot, nigga might be triffling
Nigga might survive if he bout that right flame
Whats up that'll stop a nigga from playin'
Sumin like a chopper or a grenade in his hand
Boy look nigga don't play no games no mo
Nigga'll bust ya head if you bang his hoe
Attitude adjustments we all need
Don't call the enforcements nigga call me
I bet cha I'll get them niggas off yo block
I bet cha I'll show them niggas this boy hot


Alright stop it cuz I done had enough
When it comes to my partners I'm ready to bust
Baby let me get the keys to the roover truck
Man let me get this beef shit over bro
Aint no bit this year I'm from the 'nolia bro
Whats yo beef plan cuz it was told to us
How I'ma be runnin' with these killas and backin' down
How I'ma look in front of my people, like a clown
The G code what we live by and we die by
The book is what we will never abide by
Niggas drive by, gettin loose
Keep'em with each other like a checker board in use
Come in compton or the watts nigga
Up in New York ya keep'em open watch nigga
Foe ya played by a hit or retalion
All fine young black females stallions
Give me the keys to ya car and ya medallion
You far away from ya home yous a alien

04:10 192 5,71 0.10
I Got That Fire (Feat Mannie F Lyrics 04:29 192 6,15 0.10
Juvenile On Fire Lyrics 04:58 192 6,81 0.10
Rich Niggaz (Feat Turk Lil' Wa Lyrics 05:03 192 6,95 0.10
Never Had Shit (Feat Big Tymer Lyrics 04:14 192 5,81 0.10
Lil' Boyz (Feat Big Tymers And Lyrics 04:13 192 5,78 0.10
Follow Me Now Lyrics
I want me a mill
To see just how it feel
No worries bout no bills, negotiating deals
Buy me some shit
Stuntin' in this bitch
20s be on hit
Everything legit
I don't want no war
But I can take it far
Put bullets in your car, whoever that you are
Woodie get in line
Make sure you aint gone shine
We be slangin iron
Everyday and everytime
Just because I'ma bad
I rammy after jags
When I get a sack
To niggas I'ma threat
Keep on gettin' blowed
Aint worried bout these hoes
Boy you know thats cold
The way I got'em drove
Shinin' like white diamonds
Nothin' but big tymin
My situation climbing
But simply cuz I'm rhymin'
The shit done hit the fan
They callin' me the man
Ya'll boys don't understand
This shit's going as planned

Now follow me now if you want it on
Salute at ease, then you carry on
Nigga drop and gimme 50 if you do it wrong
I'm into weapons I control the dome

Give me all my chesse
With no static please
Go off with these reeds
In between your knees
You playin' you gone learn
Yo partners aint gone turn
Right after you get burned
We gone get them some churn
I'ma tell you once
I'm bout pullin' stunts
Got golds on my fronts
Stay full of them blunts
I don't want be broke
I gotta feed my folks
Cuttin' niggas throats
Then runnin' by these hoes
Open up yo chase
Let me get a taste
A lot of niggas fake
Can't let it go to waste
I wont let it be
Give that there to me
All of ya'll gone see
Me in luxury
Look me in my eyes
Don't tell me no lies
You wanna take my life
You tryin' to get some trife
None of you I fear
I'm runnin' this right chea
Aint gone shed no tears
When you disappear


I try to leave that lone
But you did that wrong
You call me on the phone
And told me it was on
Now I'm in them streets
Bringin' all that heat
Straight to where you sleep
Won't even let you eat
Somebody gonna snitch
And go out like a bitch
But I'ma get'em quick
And hit'em with my shit
Them laws gonna try to bust
But I don't give a fuck
He would of shot me up
If he'd of got me stuck
I'ma take my charge
Aint cryin' like no broad
And holla at them boys
On the boulevard
Woodie I'm in jail
Get all off my mail
See about my bail
Get me out this hell
So I can see the block
And open up my shop
I hope that bitch aint hot
Nobody got my spot
03:55 192 5,40 0.10