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Beborn Beton

Tales From Another World , Beborn Beton Tales From Another World 2002, Album
Fake , Beborn Beton Fake 1999, Album
Tybalt, Beborn Beton Tybalt 1993, Album
Concreate Ground, Beborn Beton Concreate Ground 1998, Album
The Greatest Hits, Beborn Beton The Greatest Hits 2000, Compilation
She Cried (EP), Beborn Beton She Cried (EP) 2016, Single/EP
Poison , Beborn Beton Poison 1999, Single/EP
Tales From Another World (Promo), Beborn Beton Tales From Another World (Promo) 2002, Compilation
Tales From Another World [CD 1], Beborn Beton Tales From Another World [CD 1] 2002, Compilation
Truth, Beborn Beton Truth 1997, Album
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The Greatest Hits, Beborn Beton
The Greatest Hits
Release type: Compilation
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Duration: 73:24  
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Earth Lyrics
A giant cloud up in the sky
The things she saw she hardly could spell
Honey, don’t stay too long in the sun, said Mom
And Julia doesn’t feel well

Waters are dying but they’re still blue
Blue as they were when the grass hadn’t gone
Picking flowers is something I’ve never done
Because of radiation

On the day
The day the earth stood still
It’s getting dark
So move a little closer
The white powder fell
But the snow didn’t melt in the sun
And the summer has gone

A whole new world has gone astray
People seem never to learn
Mistakes that are made steer us into
A corporate grave - genetic alteration

Night after night I keep dreaming
Burned out children won’t play anymore
Blown away and the wind takes their ashes ashore
Their final destination
04:47 192 6,57 ˆ0.10
Life Is A Distance Lyrics
The higher you fly, the harder you fall
The way that it goes, so they say
No mountain's too high, no valley too low
No river too wide on the way
So you're gonna be a rock 'n' roll star
Gonna make it on your own
Write a song that everyone can sing along
So you want to take a trip to the stars
Can you find your way back home?
You'll get your break, but don't you wait too long

The harder you try, the lower you fall
The way that it seems, so they say
The mountain is high, the valley so low
You're losing your dreams on the way

So you're gonna be a rock 'n' roll star
Gonna make it on your own
Write a song that everyone can sing along
So you want to take a trip to the stars
Can you find your way back home?
You'll get your break, but don't you wait too long

Looking behind you
All the bad times that you've had
Looking before you
Only good times?

So you're gonna be a rock 'n' roll star
Gonna make it on your own
Write a song that everyone can sing along
So you want to take a trip to the stars
Can you find your way back home?
You'll get your break, but don't you wait too long
Now don't you wait too long
04:03 192 5,57 ˆ0.10
The Colour Of Love Lyrics
You take my nerves – you bring me sorrow
I reach out for a hatchet seeking entry
Your time is running out – there's no excuse

And after all you smile
You try in making fun of me
You’re simply irresistable
The colour of your hair is the colour of love

Make me believe that
It all lies in our hands
And when you close your eyes for me
I seem to understand

I must admit I miss your smile
But all that lingers on is in my head
All that's left of you – memories...

So I descend – le souterrain
And I tear down the wall that hides my love
You are still beautiful
The colour of your hair is the colour of love
03:45 192 5,16 ˆ0.10
Sleeping Beauty Lyrics
Give me a reason why I should give in
I've got nothing more to conceal
Call me ignoring or intolerant
It's just in the way that you see it

Then I recall days gone by
And images I left behind
No acting for purpose that has to be served
No smile on my face
When there's nothing but hate in my mind

For the tears in your eyes
I will no longer try
To hold on to the past
And there?s nowhere to hide
From that smile on your face
From the tears in your eyes

When I'm alone I keep asking myself
Am I right? – could it be that I'm wrong?
Far too much seen and too many things done
And too many hopes that have gone

So it may be true what they're telling me now
That the old times were simply the best
But there is nothing I have to regret
And I couldn't tell what I like more
When it comes to the test

Women surround me and neon-lights shine
I am trapped but I feel that I'm high
Beautiful lady is smiling at me
And she gives me a blink of an eye

Waking from dreams and reality brings
Me back home to a warm fire place
Where my beauty lies sleeping and I hold her tight
In my arms and the smile on her face
Is the smile of a bride
04:25 192 6,06 ˆ0.10
Time To Leave You Lyrics
The night’s enchanting - a locust speaks
Am I too demanding - you’re so neat
Gore on your garment - your pale face
No convulsion - just grace

"Tears on my pillow" is our song
Tunes from the past that we sang along
These times are over now I have to say
It’s time to leave you

I can see now, there’s no tomorrow
Leaving you now
So why should I surrender
I can see now, there’s no tomorrow
Leaving you now
It seems there is no coming back

Maybe I’m guilty - could be true
But say who was cheating - was that you
If he was the right one - who will know
You won’t believe me

Darkness surrounds you - brick by brick
Though you’re so delicate I admit
I really feel sorry, you’re on the decline
It’s time to leave you
03:59 192 5,48 ˆ0.10
Mindforce Lyrics
Nocturnal mission - stage one - sit down - relax
Is this reality - is this the place called Metroplex
This has affinity with none I’ve seen before
It is intentional - I don’t like to be bored
Bulk dump request sequence terminated now
Shut down the sentinel and you’ll be getting through
Somehow - somewhere - security alert
The system’s aware that I’m in - but too late
I have taken control of the master console
Checking up all of the human input devices

A beam of light went through my eyes
Through my mind
Read your genetic code
To start the mind’s destruction

Incoming data - the victim has been found
Age 26 - catholic - convincing bank account
Data restriction of subconscious kind
Virtual bombers attacking the mind
Overtaking routine in progress
That while deleting is force to deliver the rest
Of my new personality code
I am transforming - incoming warning
His brain repulses - a smile on my face
As I’m unjacking Brad H. to finally exit the game

Corrode me
My eyes they have seen
What I could’ve been
A raven cries
When a vigilante dies
04:29 192 6,15 ˆ0.10
Nowhere Lyrics
I saw your picture in the news
Knowing you’re somewhere
I haven’t seen the warning sign
Although you were my friend
I hear your voice
I can still remember
I see you falling down
Still feel the warmth of your hand

Nowhere to run - nowhere to hide
When there’s no place to flee from remorse
Repentance won’t alter the course
There’s no escape from myself

Whatever happened there’s no use
Knowing they’ll never find me
If only I could turn back time
To make a change ... but then
You had the choice we’ve
Always been contenders
Give me a reason why
I still feel the warmth of your hand
03:30 192 4,82 ˆ0.10
Another World Lyrics
There is no use in dying
When still I seem to be undone
There is no use in trying to find again
The love of someone

Where have I gone and come so far
Well, I've been headed nowhere
I have been walking quite a while along
Feeling lonesome

Don't you worry,
They won't find my body
I want you to know
I found peace in another world
Don't keep digging,
I want you to leave back
Away from the place
Where my ashes are buried

I still can hear you breathing
As if you'd never gone away
I still can feel your touch,
Your tenderness
As if you were still there

There is no sense in crying
Only liquid running from my eyes
And all the feelings I restrain
Are the Remainders that survived
04:25 192 6,05 ˆ0.10
Deeper Than The Usual Feeling Lyrics
I thought she was an angel
Beautiful and kind
I thought she was an angel
Till the day she ran away
And blew my mind

I tried to hold her
Keep her in my arms
She was so cold
And when she smiled I felt
My heart was torn apart

I thought we had a thing
Much deeper than the usual feeling
And after all I was too blind
To see our love deceasing

I thought she was my baby
Innocent but wise
I thought she was my baby
But I didn't see the sadness in her eyes

I couldn't stop her
Did I even try?
I'd send her letters if I had the chance
But there'll be no reply
04:42 192 6,44 ˆ0.10
Eisplanet Lyrics
Wieder mal ein Tag vor?ber,
Kalt und sinnentleert
Ich habe wieder nicht gelebt,
Den falschen Freunden zugeh?rt
Ich sp?re nichts von W?rme,
Die in Menschenherzen wohnt
Das einzig Warme, das mir bleibt,
Ist nur ein Traum,
Nur die Erinnerung
Du gehst an mir vorbei,
Ich schau in deine Augen
Deine Worte sind so leer
Es tut so weh zu h?ren,
Da? Du rein nichts begreifst
Ist hier denn niemand, Der versteht,
Was wirklich vor sich geht

Und das Leben geht weiter
Auch ohne mich
Wirst Du je wieder Leidenschaft erleben
Ohne mich

Und die Welt dreht sich weiter
Auch ohne mich
Ich will nie wieder Dunkelheit ertragen
Ohne Dich

Wieder so ein Tag
An dem's am Morgen mir schon graut
An dem die Sonne schon um sechs versinkt
Und niemand mehr dem anderen vertraut
Was ich sehe macht mich traurig,
Macht mich stumm
Und die Betroffenheit des Herzens
Raubt den Atem,
Bringt die Seele um
05:00 192 6,89 ˆ0.10
New Born King Lyrics
From far beneath our galaxy
The spacemen came and they talked to me
They told me all their names
And their major plan

Lights in the desert
The city lies asleep
Happily dreaming
And few men are awake
A silent night
I feel energy flow
The ship is descending
The instruments out of control
And million of heartbeats
In discord but in rhyme

Sickening faces
And eyes that cannot see
Cause you're too blind
Your research is a million miles behind
But that's alright
You will make me a king
And it's passion that I bring
You will be mine
Cause killing is a waste of
Energy and time

Two thousand years ago
My brother came,
But you did him no good
Was it too plain to be the truth?
In fact you never understood
I'm all fed up with human needs
I got the answers that you seek
I am your new born king
My realm is everlasting
03:59 192 5,48 ˆ0.10
Game Of Fools Lyrics
I feel you, I see you
Your eyes in tears but that's a lie
You told me not to give a damn
There's something you want
Like being washed away and sometime
You feel like never felt before

Now you are standing there
And something's telling me
That you prefer some extraordinary fun
You came to me out of the web
And now it's me who's spinning
Guess it was you who made the rules

You like to play the game of fools
I'd rather fall apart
Cause someone broke the rules
And that was you

You're lying there but you don't move
There is no use in running
The time is up to face the truth
How does it feel I give you paint
Around your eyes a shade of blue
That's what you have been waiting for

I'll make you go down on your knees
The party's just beginning
I'll lead you to a better world
Don't tell me that you didn't know,
'cause it was you who showed me how
So be prepared a last good bye

You're tied and death confronted
That's what you always wanted
04:32 192 6,23 ˆ0.10
Myers Flat Lyrics 04:11 192 5,74 ˆ0.10
Twisted Lyrics
Well I shed my tears and I wonder why
It is getting me so hard this time
And so I'm thinking of my friends
They're having problems with their relatives

And then I compare them to me
And I take into account
The emotional flavour of these days
It is aching deep inside to see them lonely
Now I'm sitting here by the open fire
And it is not only the fire that burns
Deep inside my heart flames are rising high
And the warmth of your touch makes me feel so happy

So I have been thinking for some time
Until my little Cous' showed up
Listening to some tiny bells
He turned to me and raised his voice
Ohh, let me cry weep and die of this pain
This pain within my heart
I know these things so well
And it feels like hell to be lost
To be lost in this world
03:23 192 4,66 ˆ0.10
Ameriqua Lyrics
I feel some strange, when I think of America...

What a look,
The sea is so violently strange
So many fish swimming on it
The green sun
Is rising in front of it
Makes me feel like the last man on earth
Step aside
And take a look at what is left behind
Only fear, sorrow and pain
The green sun
Is bursting the athmosphere
Burning men scraeming prayers for rain
I turn back
'cos my oxygene`s low
I run home just following the stairs
And I see, yes I see
That it`s really impossible
To get hold of the banister

... in America
04:44 192 6,49 ˆ0.10
Chameleon Lyrics
Silently I am walking on hollowed ground
Am I walking?
I seem to fly
Birds all around mewhispering, gazing
Suddenly a voice or two
I turn aroundand hardly can believe
In what I hear, in what I see
The Nightingale talks to stone,
To a beast turning
Red and green and blue
"I`m alive" says the bird,
"I`m alive in here", The Chameleon smiles
It`s fate is it`s youth,
Never loved before, never shared a tear
Darkness fills the air and I realize
I do not fly anymore
No Chameleon, no Nightingale,
No voice over there,
The riverside, a bridge
On the other side
I see flowers
Everynow and then
A flower on the way
Slowly getting pale,
Slowly recovering
Beasts crawling, sneaking
Silently weeping
But I don`t seem to notice
Blue as I used to be,
Till I found you
It`s the Chameleon never responding
Silently nodding,
But never spending a tune
Never let someone in,
As deeply as you did with me
It`s the Chameleon never responding
Silently nodding,
But never spending a tune

Is it worth a try or will I drown?
What better way to die
in search of life?
As I step on,
a CrushI drown,
I die
Happy though ...
Happy not to have
Let a thing in life untried
A last view to The Chameleon
Never responding silently nodding
04:43 192 6,46 ˆ0.10
That Deadly Kiss Lyrics
I am a solitary lover
All alone within my heart
There is no certain kind of nothing
Solitude just helps me missing
My everything
That is so far away ,
That is so far away
A smile explodes in an offtaking fireball

I am a solitary lover
All alone within my heart
There is no certain kind of nothing
Solitude just helps me missing
My everything
That is so far away,
That is so far away
So far away
A thousant miles
Miles in my dreams, I feel you near me
Miles in my dreams, feel the warmth of your embrace
Allthough there is no pariculary living
Living you, just visions
A smile on your face, a smile on your face
A smile explodes in an offtaking fireball

Missing everything that I own
Or everything I've give
Remembering the days that have gone
The days that have still to come

Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Deadly
Ohh kiss me, kiss me, give me that deadly kiss
04:54 192 6,73 ˆ0.10