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The Face of Love, Sanctus Real
The Face Of Love
Release type: Album
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Duration: 41:29  
Size, Mb: 47,59  


Price for album: 0.88 (discount 20%)  

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I'm Not Alright Lyrics 04:07 160 4,73 0.10
Eloquent Lyrics
I'm as eloquent as an elephant
I'm as headstrong as the Mighty King Kong
On a rampage throwing airplanes
I can't believe you haven't gone away

I am difficult, argumentative
I'm as thick skulled as the dinosaur bones
On a display in a glass case
I can't believe you haven't run away

It must be different through your eyes
Because you look at me like it's the first time
That you've ever seen my face

I'm preoccupied with a crowded mind
I get off track like a train rolling back to the future
Never too sure who'll be here when I come
back around
But I'm finding out
03:25 160 3,93 0.10
Fly Lyrics
When last place is where I've been
It's hard to find the strength to start again
Sometimes it seems like I can never win

I'm held back by the weight of a crowd
Can't move to find my way out
You give me faith to get my feet off the ground
'Cause it's not easy...

Trying to fly against the wind
When I keep falling back to where I've been
Start over again

I'm overwhelmed when there's too much
Hiding the view to all that you've done
I step back to see how far we've come
And you're always with me (when I'm)

Trying to fly against the wind
But I keep falling back to where I've beeen
Trying to fly against the wind
Start over again

When last place is where I've been
You give me what I need to start again

Trying to fly against the wind
But I keep on falling back to where I've been
Trying to fly against the wind
And you keep on coming abck for me agian... over and over again
03:37 160 4,16 0.10
Face Of Love Lyrics 03:56 160 4,51 0.10
Don't Give Up Lyrics 04:16 160 4,89 0.10
We're Trying Lyrics 03:00 160 3,45 0.10
Thank You Lyrics
There are horizons with colors that I've never seen
The sky is filled with graces, since you have carried me
I felt so far beyond your reach, but you gave everything for me
I was lost but you rescued my life

Why in the world did you come after me?
Thank you
Words aren't enough, but for now I can say
Thank you

There is hope rising 'cause you have strength I've never seen
And your eyes are shining, 'cause you shed tears for me
I was miles from dry land, but you gave everything you had
I can't understand a love of this kind

I could find other lines that you haven't heard spoken over and over again
I've tried every way, but I keep landing on that simple phrase
so I'll keep singing, "thank you"
03:25 160 3,92 0.10
Magnetic Lyrics
How do we explain the source of life
That runs within these veins and keeps my heart in time?
You are the music and I'm drawn in
Caught in the movement, I'm letting go, I can't resist

You're magnetic
I can't help it... I'm stuck on you
There's something magic in the way that you love me
I'm stuck on you.

I know I have the freedom to decide
You don't make me love you
I just can't deny the force of gravity
And you are the ground that keeps me standing here with you

You're magnetic... I can't help it
I'm letting go of all control
Can't deny it, I won't fight it
No matter what I do I'm drawn to you
04:25 160 5,05 0.10
Possibilities Lyrics
03:30 160 4,01 0.10
Where We Belong Lyrics
Are we afraid of what people say, what they think about us?
This is the way of cynical hearts learning to trust
Everyone is scared of feeling out of place

Breakaway the walls
Carry us to where we belong
Make a way for us to follow grace so we can love everyone the same

Can I learn to drop my guard and show someone my heart?
Break the vice of stereotypes that keep us apart
I'm no stranger to the feelings of being insecure and out of place
03:35 160 4,09 0.10
Benjamin Lyrics
Rain falls outside
I think the sky must know what's happening tonight
Children born while fathers die
It's that circle of life that we all live in time

We've been friends for a long, long time
So if you can't talk, just cry
And know that we will talk on the other side

It's bitter cold outside
But the sun still shines 'cause we can feel it
Benjamin, you mark the life that was left behind
We see him in your eyes

And we will be friends for a long time
So until you can talk, just cry
And know that we'll be friends for the rest of our lives

He gives and he takes, and it makes us stronger
04:15 160 4,85 0.10