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The Definitive Collection, Dave Hollister
The Definitive Collection
Release type: Compilation
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Duration: 67:04  
Size, Mb: 92,33  


Price for album: 1.20 (discount 20%)  

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Before I Let You Go (With Blackstreet) Lyrics 05:02 192 6,94 0.10
Falling In Love Again (With Blackstreet) Lyrics 04:36 192 6,33 0.10
Baby Mama Drama Lyrics 03:56 192 5,42 0.10
My Favorite Girl Lyrics
I'd like to dedicate this right here
To my favorite girl
I know I haven't been the most perfect man
But I love you, God knows, I do

Oh yeah, why, why, um hmm
What's wrong wit' yo' shady ass
You wakin' me up early in the mo'ning still yawning
Don't you know a nigga half 'sleep
So why the hell you keep on paging me?

I told you once before
I'm gon' say it once again
Don't you call no more
My girl is lying next to me
Do you think this is a game
Why you testin' me
You keep on stressin' me

1 - You keep calling me
All night long just constantly interrupting
Can't you see
I'm with my favorite girl

What's that shit you on
Talkin' 'bout my baby's mom
She's here laying in my arms
She is my favorite girl

I saw you around my way
Riding by my crib just the other day
The order of protection was restraining me
I couldn't take the chance of someone naming me
You're trying to frame me, leave me alone
Callin' me and hangin' up cuz wifey's home
How'd you get my number in the first place
Cuz it ain't even listed under my name

2 - You call me and you tell me that you want me
And you need me cuz you're lonely and you can't see
How I could be with another B-I-T-C-H
And that she could never be my wifey
Why can't you see it wasn't meant for you to be with me

3 - You're crazy thinkin' I would ever leave
My baby, my lady, the only one who was there for me
Who cares for me, my destiny who knows the things
That's best for me, and about me
This ecstasy would always mean the world to me

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Huh, leave me alone
(I wanna) be alone
Leave me alone, you hadda go and...
Stop callin' me
Why don't you
I told you just leave me alone
I can't take no more
Baby I need a little help
Stevie J play for me

Repeat 1
Repeat 2
Repeat 3
05:34 192 7,67 0.10
I'm Sorry (My Favorite Girl Remix) Lyrics 03:56 192 5,42 0.10
Take Care Of Home Lyrics
Gotta take of home
Know what I'm saying
Cause if you don't take care of home
Somebody else will, ya feel me?
Y'all know what I'm talking 'bout
Check it

If she thinks you don't say it enough
Tell her you love her
Every time that your baby
Comes across your mind, heh yeah heh
And if you think your girl wants the world
Be the sunshine that brightens up her life
Don't let her get away, no

1 - Don't let her get away
If you really care enough
Love her everyday
Over and over and over

2 - If you take care of home
You don't have to worry your girl
Take care of home
Take care of home
Maybe if you keep her first
You don't have to worry your girl
Take care of home
Take care of home

Hold her hand when you walk through the mall
Cause you know she likes it
Do all the little things you used to do, hmm mmm
Day and night make sure you live to keep her happy
Make her realize how beautiful she is
She's so beautiful
Don't let her, no...

Repeat 1

Repeat 2 (2x)

You got a queen
So take care of her in every way
(You're so lucky yes you are, hmm)
You know that she adores you
So worship the ground she walks on

Repeat 2 till end
04:19 192 5,94 0.10
One Woman Man Lyrics
It's so funny runnin' into you
It has to be three years
Since we last seen each other
Many flashbacks come to mind
Of the wild and crazy times
We used to have with one another

We absolutely didn't care
We would do it anywhere
Eye contact, and it was over
But that's when I was wildin' out
I couldn't care less about
Someone gettin' hurt
I've done my share of dirt
But I done wised up

1 - Seein' you reminds me of
All the nights I used to beat it up
I would do it again, but I can't
Cuz everything is different now
I finally have settled down
And became a one woman man

There were many others after you
Quite a few one night stands
Some of their names I can't remember
Imagine wakin' up to someone new
You barely even knew
Time and time again

But there's someone for everyone
I've been blessed to find that one
Who makes me feel like no other
You are lookin' good as hell
But I can't go home with you
Because I'm goin' home to her

Repeat 1

Long gone, are the days
When I ran the streets
Tryin' to get laid
Ooh, and now
(See now that I found the love of my life)
(I don't have to trick no more)
Girl, it was nice seein' you
But I gotta go home to my baby

Repeat 1 to fade
04:34 192 6,29 0.10
Keep Lovin' You (Original Version) Lyrics 03:56 192 5,41 0.10
I'm Wrong Lyrics 05:04 192 6,97 0.10
Tell Me Why Lyrics 05:09 192 7,06 0.10
It's Okay Lyrics 03:46 192 5,18 0.10
Baby Do Those Things Lyrics 04:16 192 5,87 0.10
Real Talk Lyrics 04:36 192 6,33 0.10
Good Ole Ghetto Lyrics 04:03 192 5,58 0.10
Spirit (Does Anybody Care?)/Force One Network (Bonus Track) Lyrics 04:18 192 5,92 0.10