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Iced Earth

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The Dark Saga, Iced Earth
The Dark Saga
Release type: Album
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Duration: 43:40  
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Dark Saga Lyrics
The deal was rigged
There's darkness in my soul
I want to die again

An empty soul shrouded in darkness
Alone and confused what am I?
Images flash memories jaded
He took my life God damn his lies

Fight son of the damned, bring down the heavens
Smash in the gates, burn 'em down
You must accept the fate that you've chosen
You will obey your destiny

I cheated myself for love
Love unconditional
Now just to see her face
I've lost it all

I know there's goodness in me
Though I'm not the same
I will defy the master
I will refuse to be his slave

No, I was betrayed I can't accept this
My future's unclear, it's a lie
I'll follow my heart stand and be counted
The curse will lift I will survive

Repeat Chorus
03:43 192 5,08 0.10
I Died For You Lyrics
I can't belive this now
This isn't what I planned
I lived and died and now
I just can't understand
With all the love I feel
I could never leave her
No matter what the cost
My soulds the price to see her

Oh how I love you
The pain won't go away
Oh when I need you
You're always so far away
I cry for you
Leaving myself to blame
I died for you
I gave up everything

The pain was just to much
When I finally saw her
She's happy and in love
In love with my best friend
What makes it hurt so bad
Is that I love them both
And they will never know
For love I sold my soul

Repeat Chorus
03:47 192 5,22 0.10
Violate Lyrics
Enter now the fiendish one
Twisted little man
Vile wretch disgusting mess
Perverted little man
Born of hell and in disease
Hate festers in his veins
Demonic clown and shapeshifter
Little man gone insane

Enter now
Enter now
And violate

AI'll beat you with your spinal cord
Split your skull in two
I'll feast on your intestines
There's nothing I can't do
I'll rip your heart out of your chest
Watch it beat as you cry
I revel in your agony
I violate and make you die

Enter now
Enter now
And violate
03:37 192 4,99 0.10
The Hunter Lyrics
A force of light an angel
Sent through time to destroy
Avenging the dark ones
Descending angelic force

Heaven sent the hunter
Her mission to crucify
Slay the hellborn
His offspring demonic force

Descending from heaven
The angel sworn to bring him down
The hunter the thunder
The wrath of heavens comin' down

She swore an oath, an allegiance
Armageddon is in sight
To be the thorn in the devils back
To make him weak, the final fight

Repeat Chorus
03:53 192 5,35 0.10
The Last Laugh Lyrics
My personal quest is to make your life hell
Yes dear friend listen up well
The power I've given I can take as well

I am your father destroyer of the light
I've taken your soul and have given you life
You are the damned condemned by my hand
My son creature of the night

Extending, now you rise
Tormented, soul of fire
Deception in my eyes
Your life, your life is mine

My new born son burn now with anger
I command and you must follow
Fly now and do battle
The heavens fall, mankinds disaster

In your hour of darkness
You warm my soul
God won't save you
Your souls been sold


Repeat chorus
03:46 192 5,18 0.10
Depths Of Hell Lyrics
Angels coming from above
Take the essence of his love
Challengers call him from all around
Demons coming from the ground

Battles won and nothing gained
Feel the pain
Feel the shock
From the depths of hell

Darkness dwelling in his soul
True damnation no control
Shattered pieces of his past
Broken dreams among the dead

When the smoke clears he will arise
Feel the pain
Feel the shock
From the depths of hell
03:00 192 4,13 0.10
Vengeance Is Mine Lyrics
Hear now this story of the man that should not be
A ghoul of blackened torment, sullen atrocity
A kindred soul to the devils own, malignance personified
Cast from his fire he molests the purest light

Profane to humanity menaced by flesh and bone
Screams of the unknown youth to him the sweetest tone
Undying in his will to kill his blood lust is profound
For the blood of the lamb I've got to bring him down

For all the young lives you have slain
Fear now you shall obtain
Vengeance is mine
For every young one that has died
Your psychopathic genocide
Vengeance is mine

I shall do what the law won't do, I can make the sacrifice
In the names of these bodies which held such precious life
Mine is not to ask forgiveness this deed I've proudly done
Without god without the devil this time I have won
04:22 192 6,00 0.10
The Suffering-Scarred Lyrics 05:54 192 8,09 0.10
The Suffering-Slave To The Dark Lyrics 04:03 192 5,57 0.10
The Suffering-A Question Of Heaven Lyrics 07:37 192 10,48 0.10