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The Black Waltz, Kalmah
The Black Waltz
Release type: Album
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Defeat Lyrics
Wasting feeling breeding inside me / A shadow of something crawling behind me / And I?m pretending there?s nothing in there / But hearing those whispers makes me to believe /Here -I lay in my bed tasting bitter sweet / Smell -In my breathe reminding smell of death / Dreams -In my head slowly fade away / The end -Is nearby me and I want it to be / The king - Inside my head seducing me to betray / You -The only one making myself me / The loss -In my life great it will be / The game -Is taking me and the prize is defeat / Chorus: / Defeat / Inevitable, my destiny / Best friend I?ve ever met / Hands stretching up to reach the sky / Grobing for a lifehold a place to stay / Fingers are slipping and I?m falling down / Into the world I know the world of sadness / Room -In my heart empty as a well / Still -Waiting for the victory to take / In vain -I?ve lost this game before I?ve even born / Defeat -My destiny all I ever get
05:32 192 7,60 0.10
Bitter Metallic Side Lyrics
And life goes on with harmony
Day after day those same routines
And lifetime filled with happiness
The most greatest joy

So great is the sea so small your boat
But you don?t know if you don?t row
And so great is the sky above your blue eyes
But you can?t see behind the lies

In the smallest crack of your life?s track
Is a chance for me to attack
Now the time is right for you to say
Your last goodbyes

Face yourself, your own dreams
I am your real demon hidden in your mind
I?ll show you my own world, I?ll take you down to the
Bitter metallic side

You?re lying next to me and you?re too good to me
And I think you know I can?t let you go

But don?t throw away your last coin
I have to do this all my own
I only want you to know
I?m buried deep down in your soul
04:28 192 6,13 0.10
Time Takes Us All Lyrics
In every revolution there?s a man with a vision / He agitates and incites to follow his vocation / He speaks the golden words turns us against the system / Into the stand we rise him and make a low bow / Chorus: / Time takes us all -makes me wonder thatwho ?ll need his call / Time takes us all -makes me wonder that- who?ll need his words / We all have to hail the man behind the pain /Soon he will take all the control becomes a mindless dictator / And we just can?t believe he was the One / Under the protection of his faithful indoctination / He dominates and rules and distorts the truth / Chorus: / We all have to hail the man behind the pain
04:22 192 6,01 0.10
To The Gallows Lyrics
Waken by the scream of a buzzard / Sending cold shivers down his back / Now across the barren desert gallops a horse / The only thing alive maintaining hope / soon the steps will slow and horse ends up dead / The rider?s hope now gone too tired to resist / The bonfires behind his back / The chasers wait for their last attack /?The long arm of law has reached him /This time he cannot fight back / Now walking in procession hands around his back / Surrounded by the people who only want him dead / In his eyes the look reminds he?s not ready to tap / Yesterday a hero now a victim of combat / In Judge?s eyes the look - you?re mine / Chorus: / To the gallows / Says the voice through the white hood / To the rope / Shouts the crowd around the dark hill / Now climbing the stairs with distress / Cannot feel hunger or fear of death / Defiance in his face he is standing / In front of the law he resisted
04:41 192 6,42 0.10
Svieri Doroga Lyrics 01:08 192 1,57 0.10
The Black Waltz Lyrics
And she walks her way so treatled / Leads away from the bless she?s earned / Gone away the meaning / Before the day against the morning / Down the path of the blind souls she walks / Through the dreams of mystery / Tryin? to reach the touch of human / Finds the way to the secret lands / Calling is guiding / Dazzling her instincts / Hymn of temptation keeps calling Makes her to believe the dream / She wants to lay to rest / And to take away her veil / Soon will feel the touch of the Taker And will see the eyes of the Caller / Can?t resist the feeling / Hand in hand they will fall into sleep / Chorus: / Dancing with me / Forever the black waltz
04:37 192 6,34 0.10
With Terminal Intensity Lyrics 04:57 192 6,79 0.10
Man Of The King Lyrics
Life -Black and white / Without the red in my eyes / Smile -toothless grin / Before the king is inside me / I want to believe to the power higher than we know / But the scene is getting darker in everything I own / So I will dive into dreamworld and clear everything / And the things getting brighter 'cause I am the man of the King / Life -Black and white / Without the red in my eyes / Smile -toothless grin / Before the king is inside me / You might say I?m nothing cause I get nothing done / But do not deny me I have the strength within / The people around you also follow the dream / Take a look I am not the only one of the King / Hey, now I?m saved / From the world today / I?ve found my way / To get away / End -it is nothing / Cause I have sworn my oath / Like the others / I believe to the powered dream / Chorus: / I don?t give a damn because I am the man of the King The hell with the rest I am the man of the King / Right, Yeah, I am the man of the King / Simply the man of the King
04:02 192 5,54 0.10
The Groan Of Wind Lyrics
The groan of wind a hiding deadly disease / A killer that hides in the wind / And cannot be seen / A powerful enemy a threat that truly exists / By a hair hung our lives / We see that but we?re blind / Ever-transforming, reproductive, worldwide pandemic / Our time is running out / The clock is striking on / And in spite of our drugs / We?ll stay powerless / Chorus: / The groan of wind / A silent killing machine / There?s no place we can breathe / Deep down in our lungs symptom breeds / H5N1 Lethal time bomb / Maybe we have earned our urns / We cannot endlessly breed / Our scientific achievements / Nature simply will beat / The groan of wind a hiding deadly disease
05:02 192 6,92 0.10
Mindrust Lyrics
In the eyes of the Watcher the gleam of flames / Reflecting pictures of the years gone by / Time makes no difference the sleep won?t come / And tomorrows daylight is hiding around / This lonely mind, eyes still awake / Taking a swig now and then / Poking the fire with the rod / Seeking the truth behind the blaze / Where lost all the glory days? / Vanity just remains in his own wishing well / Pre-chorus: / Has learned to fear the fire of life / Has burned his hands so many times / In the shelter of smoke he is feeling home / Chorus: / Mindrust -watching the embers / Time passes his eyes in flow / Grand failure, betrayal, denial / The pain to swallow / Tarred waiting to burn / The glow stays until it fades / Dying weeping and slow / Before the rain comes falling / So the fire does not forever burn / And before the rain he has to learn / Pre-chorus: / The lesson of life we all have to die / Ashes only stays under our names / If believed Kingdom come before all is gone / Is the chance to reborn who?ll need the fire? / Chorus: / Gives him protection from the outside world
04:06 192 5,64 0.10
One From The Stands Lyrics
A condemned man in a prison cell charged with a crime he has done / He draws a picture on the wall a symbol of victory / He clothed peoples thoughts in words declared peace and liberty / The iron fist clenching his throat depriving humanity / A political prisoner a propagandistic weapon / Of the proletarian dictature against the other world / After he has been released / Got his name on the paper / A part of a macabre tradition / Released as a gift / And we?re all staring at the news / Nodding our heads in approval / We think that the the world is better now / Although he is already dead / A condemned man in a prison cell charged with a crime he has done / He draw a picture on the wall a symbol of victory / He clothed peoples thoughts in words declared peace and liberty / The iron fist clenching his throat depriving humanity / A political prisoner a propagandistic weapon / Of the proletarian dictature against the other world / Chorus: / We don?t give a damn / He is not one of us just one from the stands / And afterwards we have cleared ourselves / Justice has done / Soon another one will come declares peace and liberty / Speaks the words want to be heard words of alteration / But he will be arrested he will be condemned / But never mind there are more in the stands
04:32 192 6,23 0.10