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The Best Of Snoop Dogg, Snoop Dogg
The Best Of Snoop Dogg
Release type: Compilation
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Duration: 78:21  
Size, Mb: 107,86  


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Beautiful (Featuring Pharrell & Uncle Charlie Wilson) Lyrics 04:58 192 6,82 0.10
Snoop Dogg (What's My Name Part 2) Lyrics 04:02 192 5,56 0.10
Woof! (Featuring Mystikal & Fiend) Lyrics 04:21 192 5,98 0.10
Lay Low (Featuring Master P, Nate Dogg, Butch Cassidy & Tha Eastsidaz) Lyrics 03:43 192 5,09 0.10
Down 4 My N's (Featuring C-Murder & Magic) Lyrics 03:45 192 5,16 0.10
From Tha Chuuuch To Da Pallace (Featuring Pharrell Williams) Lyrics 04:45 192 6,53 0.10
Bitch Please (Featuring Xzibit) Lyrics 03:54 192 5,37 0.10
Still A G Thang Lyrics
Yeah yeah yeah I'm fin up in the corner in my
lowrider dogg. Ya heard me?

*Top dollar with the gold flea collar
dippin' in my blue Impala [DPG]*
*Repeats throughout intro*

[Yeah it's still a G thang]
It's time for all the lowriders out there
yeah all the dippers you like to get ya dip on
hit a switch or two, bang a corna' sittin' on threes
yeah right trip...

It's like 4 & to the 5 & to the 6 & to the 7
I once was told that all doggs go to Heaven
Well how ya been where ya been & what it look like?
My game trump tight especially when it bump like
four DPG's gettin' crazy
& No Limit is the label that pays me!
Ridin' 'round town layin' game down like Goldie
& I remember what my momma showed me
told me game recognize game
& stay true to what ya do & don't be ashamed
I got all my game from her sometimes I have to wonder
how I keep from goin' under I'm a cold muthafucka
I fall to my knees & thank God before I do my thang
I don't know why, I love to gangbang
See life ain't nuthin' but a twist anyway bitch anyway
you can say what you wanna say
Just don't get in my way 'cause I'm a mean old
Fiend know C know & P know see loc
We make music for the thugs and the bangers
and the bitches. Fuck you R&B singers
She want a nigga with his khackies hangin' real low
in a black rag Sixty-four hmm
Rollin' down the street lookin' way clean
bangin' that real shit nigga like Al Green
I'm headed straight to the LB
forget it that's what they tell me
Sell me everythang except some bullshit
and when it's time for the gunfight nigga pull quick
Cause ain't nothin' butter but us
and nigga you'll get wet up for fuckin' with my cheddar
It's cold outside nigga grab ya sweater
and that bad bitch you fuckin' with
nigga she get ya set up
Boy you done put all ya trust in that hoe
didn't ya see what happened to the President niggaro
livin' in a tight house big as the White House
You fucked around & stuck ya dick
in that white bitch mouth
What you talkin' 'bout? Fool I'm dirty like the South
and to be real I feel that's how I'm comin' out
Back on the hoe stroll highway pimp patrol
put ya cuffs on ya girl nigga let her off parole
Man nigga way cold with his game
What's his muthafuckin' name? Who me?
I'm the capital S I don't fuck with stress
N double O-P D-O muthafuckin double G
Coldest entertainer gangbanger since Alphonz Capone
Count money like Basie police try to chase me
Niggas try to replace me but you can't
I'm ridin' in a tank I'm blowin' hella dank
So whether ridin' in ya lo-lo or smokin' on some doe doe
spread the word and take the fo' door
The Last Don done hooked up with the muthafuckin'
King of the coast with the most here's a toast
and Snoop Dogg is the representer
through the niggas & G's through the LBC's
and the Calio projects Brooklyn to Queens
Chi-town woe now the Dogg Pound in the house
everytime we touch down right next to my hometown
D-town [Detroit] Eastside St. Louie [St Louie]
Spokane get ya money man tic-tock
Little Rock right next to Houston, Texas
home of Rap-A-Lot we like to jack a lot
gimme what ya got let me get that up out ya nigga
I got ya somethin' for the summertime while it's hot
and got the bitches posted up in the parkin' lot
and guess what she want the
nigga with the biggest nuts [Who dat?]
A nigga who don't give a fuck
Ya see niggas like me all we see is
money, power moves, and a bitch a week
And last but not least my nigga *B-O-Z*
much love from the N.O. my nigga Feel me?
and my little cousin D-A-Z forever nigga
this DPGC and oh yeah Dr. D-R-E
you know where I'm at nigga holla at me
get at me holla at me nigga holla at a dogg that's real
y'all niggas know what's happenin'
It's still a [DPG] thang
It's still a G thang

*Top dollar with the gold flea collar
dippin' in my blue Impala [DPG]*
*Repeats 'til end with adlibs*
04:18 192 5,93 0.10
Just Dippin' (Featuring Dr. Dre & Jewell) Lyrics 04:02 192 5,55 0.10
Wrong Idea (Featuring Bad Azz, KoKane & Lil HD) Lyrics 04:15 192 5,82 0.10
Stoplight Lyrics
[Intro - Unknown speaker]
How else could you capture the world
if you don't attack from the back
To the million march... hehehehe
(Yo, Snoopa Donna, what??)
When I pull up to the stoplight
I gotta have a paper right
If you come back right then we can boog it (echoes)
When I pull up to the stoplight
I gotta have a paper right
If you come back right then we can boog it (echoes)
[Snoop Dogg]
Boggy, boggy, boogy...
I'm goin 65, 75, 80
Mashin down the boulevard downtown movin' like crazy
In the fastlane, I've been shinin
Tryna keep the timin on the track
With the diamond in the back
Move roof wide open, scopin, lockin
The bitches relieve, the hoes keep hopin
They can get it, fit in, back seat, just sit in
Four hoes on a black tryna put their bid in
Girl, put it to work, you gon' do the damn thing
Happen, the rest of y'all, eat dirt
I'm rollin' in the "Mackmobile", I'm back for real
One hundred percent, pimp-motion, that's the deal
Back wheel-spinnin, number one, I'm winnin
Hoes lookin' inside, and they just to grinnin
Waitin' to choose, while the rest wait to pay y'all dues
Don't trip I keep my hoes in two
Yeah, this is radio station 187.4 FM on your dial
In your car up inside the four o'clok traffic jam
We gon be takin request right now at 87752-Snoop
Call station namin ya game...
Aw, yeah, hello, aw yeah, this Soopafly here
Man I wanna get a piece of that Stoplight shit
Man that motherfuckin baggin church
[Snoop Dogg]
You see them pretty buttons on my stereo? (don't touch 'em)
Don't touch 'em hoe!
You see Snoop Dogg on the floor mac
Pimpin ain't (yeahhh) now sit the fuck back
I'm the man in charge, +Boss+, my backhand is horse
Simple slim, man I'm large
Mashin so big like a fo' by fo'
Show my do', and if not it's hoe by go
Ain't a hoe after I can slow my flow
My wheels cause a fortune, bitch I'm scorchin
Seen some niggaz who love to talk shit
Reach for my thang and my tough compartment
Dipnap the use it, flashed in my music
Kids in the streets askin' Doggy how I dooze it
First place in the race and don't wanna lose it
Niggas better watch out and bitches better move it
[Interlude 2]
Yeah baby, you gots ta move your groove
To prove that you supposed to groove in the moon
as I recite naughty nothings in yo' eardrums
If you cruisin' up the boulevard in your car
Put it in park and let the dogg spark, yeah baby
[Chorus] - repeat 2X
[Interlude 3]
Ohhhhhhh, noooooooooo
Tot that track you phone
I am Sam Dussel, DPG Buck
And I hate Stoplight
I always make to the next ?McMany?
I told you right I wouldn't C-Walk
Light me out, hahahaha!
[Snoop Dogg]
Half past late and I'm still rollin
Real hoein, make a nigga pocket still swollin
Still goin, black and white tip-toein'
Flash in my playa's car (why you play so hard?) cuz I'ma Don
Sippin Moet, smokin Chron'
Doggy wanna see that dress my locks are on
Pimpin black-red, who let bag to blunt
Can't tell the sunset from the crack of dawn
Half tank of gas
Rollin' down the window, reach out to extinct that ass
Get hot, turn down the heat, burn down the street
My hoes love to earn my keep
It's only five miles left, so I whipped it
Skipped it, lifted it and ovedrive
Straight onto five, pimp nigga on the rise
85, 95, 100 and good night and fuck that stoplight
04:20 192 5,96 0.10
Snoopafella Lyrics
Once upon a time, in the L.B.C.
On the Eastside, off of 2-1 Street
There lived a young man, Cinderfella's his name
To make it interesting it's me, peep game
I lived in a house with my cruel step-dad
And two step-brothers who treated me bad
I cooked, I cleaned, I scrubbed the floors
And I was like an errand boy runnin to the stores
My brothers, they used to boast and brag:
"We've got Fubu, and you've got rags!"
And even worse than that, to make me feel low
They gave me a skateboard, while they had low-lows
Girls used to say, "Snoop, you're so cute
But you gets no rap with that to' up khaki suit"
Welllll, one day, up the Avenue
There was a man, surrounded by the Dogg Pound crew
He said ah, "Hear ye! Hear ye! Come one, come all!
The princess is having a royal ball
If you can rap, also dress fresh
You might win a date with the sweet princess"
Well I, um, ran home when I heard the newsflash
I bust through the door, straight to my step-dad
I said, "Step-dad, may I?"
And before I could finish, "Hell no!", he replied (Cinderfella!)
My brothers were goin, they were gettin down
Even Pops was goin for a piece of the crown (Cinderfella!)
They flaunted, they haunted, they knew what I wanted
"We can and you can't," is what they taunted (nana-nana-nah-nah)
They all stood there, laughin in my face
And as they walked out they said, "Clean up this place!"

(Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!)
And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love
(Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!)
And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love
(Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!)
And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love
(Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!)
And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love

Well I shrugged, I hissed, they all tried to diss
And I'd get them back if I had one wish
Before I could make my thought a phrase
There appeared a man from a puff of haze
He said, "What's up, Dogg? My name is Herb
I'm your fairy Doggfather, you know it, word!
Now I've came here with the main purpose
Of granting you your fondest wish"
I said, "Herb, my man, just make me fresh
And I'm sure that I can handle, all the rest"
With a snap of his fingers sparks began to shoot
And I was jumpin in my body: a slick silk suit
On my feet was some white tube socks
And a fresh pair of Chucks from the Foot-lock
I showed him my sack, and don't you know
With a snap, the sack became some doe-doe
Once again his hands began to flow
Then he changed my skateboard into a six-fo' (damn!)
He checked me over, passed me the keys
And said, "One more thing before you leave...
You must return before the stroke of twelve
Or you'll turn back into your old self"

(Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!)
And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love
(Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!)
And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love

I jumped in the low-low and went on my way
I got to the party 'bout ten, I'd say
It was after eleven when I rocked the mic
And by the time I left the stage, the people were hyped (well alright!)
The princess was starin, while holdin a drank
Reflected from her eyes was gold tank
She waved her hands like, "Hello! Hi!"
Then gave another gesture like, "Come here, guy!"
I left the stage, girls came in flocks
The bitch was swingin from the hard knocks
I heard a sound, not a tick nor tock
Gong! First bell before twelve o'clock
No time to waste, I broke out in haste
The princess followed in a futile chase
A quick steady pace is what I kept
Lost one of my Chucks on one of those steps
For the six-fo' I continued my stride
About this time I heard gong five
I was down the block when I heard gong eight
And the princess screamed out, "Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!"

(Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!)
And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love
(Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!)
And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love

I was almost home when my luck ran out
And there went my suit, my doe sack and clout
My fresh low-low, also went too
And there was no denyin that my night was through
The one All-Star, the freshest thing I sported
Jumped on my board, for home I skateboarded
Made it to my pad, no time at all
Went to my room, or better yet the far wall
Hid the shoe away, still feelin pleased
Then jumped in my cot to catch some Z's
Early the next mornin, when I awoke
I threw on me old slippers with me old housecoat
Slid into the front, my family stared at me
Sayin, "Wasn't that you? Nah, it couldn't be"
They kept askin me if I did my chores
My butt was saved by a knock at the door
"Who is it?", that's what my brothers barked
"The princess," this sweet voice remarked
She said she was lookin for a certain man
Who could bring her the shoe like the one in her hand
The family ran around with their heads in the air
Bringin her shoes from everywhere
She just shook her head, a nod of relief
And said, "No, that's not the one that I'm lookin' for, Chief"
I ran in the room and got my shoe
And said, "Is this the one you're referring to?"
Well she said, "Yes, and you're so cute
But where's your doe-doe and slick silk suit?"
I put on the shoe, then there came a flash of light
And I was wearin shit, from just last night
Looked out the window, saw the six-fo'
Yelled to my family, "I've GOT to go!"
We drove up the Avenue, the princess and I
And in back of me, I heard my family cry...

(Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!)
And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love
(Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!)
And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love
(Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!)
05:22 192 7,38 0.10
The One And Only Lyrics
Aw yeah, coming to you live and direct from the LBC
We have the one and only, Snoop D-O double G
Yeah, yeah, drop it
It's the one and only D-O double G
Big Snoop Dogg, it's the one and only
The one and only, D-O double-double-double G
[Snoop Dogg]
Big Snoop Dogg
You in the presence of a motherfucking rap star
I push up laid back in a black car
Though I bossed up, it ain't hard to tell that
I came up hard as hell, check it out
I stayed sharp and played my part
All I had was a mic, a dream and some heart
Me and my moms wasn't getting along at this time
And since pops was gone, I'm out grinding
Catch a nigga praying, swearing I ain't going back to jail
Judge about tired of a playa, I don't know about this bidness shit
But I'm good with this rapping, can I get a witness what's happening
That's about the time I put down the rocks
And got to working in the studio around the clock
For a small profit, but a whole lot of game
Man I'm famous, now it ain't the same
It's the one and only D-O double G
Do you want some of this
Top Dogg bite em all, yeah I'm burning it up
Aw naw, Big Snoop Dogg
You tuned in to the number one
Buck one, buck two, buck three, buck four
So get real fool, fool
[Snoop Dogg]
Local boy made good over night shit
Not only am I getting righteous but wise see
I paid the price, with consecutive platinum hits
I up my status, aint no more Calvin Broadus
World on my shoulder, but I can handle it
Now that I'm older, I'm sharper and colder
Can you remember when I slid in Deep Cover
And made niggas in the Beach love eachother
A street hustler, but I'm all set for the come up
Best kept secret so I'm want up
I've been acquitted up for 1-8-7
Yes I'm blessed thank God in Heaven
Now all I need is a push in the right direction
Weed and a mic now I'm writing checks
And now the game ain't stopping
And can't nobody say my name ain't popping
Started off young as a little-bitty buck
Now I'm ready for the world, and I got to give it up
[Snoop Dogg]
You in the presence of a motherfucking millionaire
Stop, look, listen, feel, yeah I ain't tripping on shit
I worked hard as a motherfucker
Fuck Cuzz, and him too cause all y'all suckas
Now with the savvy of a business man
I gave, new niggas a chance, to see what they was saying
And kept a spot on hot, West Coast on lock
Big Dizzel knocking down your block
Never looking back uh uh, a steady process
And leaving that way, cause see I'm blessed
It's like I'm happy now, cause I'm a family man
I fell in love with my kids and my wife again
And these here are the files of a classic
It's my throne till I choose to pass it
Worldwide and the sun shine so bright
That's why I wear my yellow C's at night nigga
03:50 192 5,25 0.10
Loosen' Control (Featuring Butch Cassidy) Lyrics 04:09 192 5,70 0.10
Gin & Juice II Lyrics 03:36 192 4,95 0.10
Stacey Adams (Featuring KoKane) Lyrics 04:35 192 6,30 0.10
Ride On/Caught Up! (Featuring Kurupt) Lyrics 04:42 192 6,44 0.10
G Bedtime Stories Lyrics
(Uncle Snoop Dogg.)
Yo' whassup, whassup.
(Could you read us a bedtime story?)
Alright, alright.
Ya'll get my ash tray, get my lighter.
I'm a read ya'll a gangsta bedtime story.
Come here, sit on my lap.
Check it out.

Great scotts, it's hot today
He ran up out of bullets so I shot him in his chest
He fell to the floor with his hands in the air
His vision gettin blurry but you know I didn't care
Peck, peck, he tried to stay on deck
So I ran up on this nigga and I shot him in his neck
Shooting like a muthafuckin vietnam vet
Riding on this nigga disrepectin my set
No stranger to danger ain't no warning shots
On the hood gettin hot, anybody can drop
You better have a spot up in town my nigga
Cause please believe it, it can go down my nigga
Caught up in some traffic behind some hood rat
Grease strikes you out with no get back
Wishing for a steak eatin on a Kit Kat
And your bitch ain't shit the little homie hit that
Sit back and go see, take a trip up with me
Let's go get a stick nigga dip with me
We can ride on some niggas for nuthin at all
Even if we cool with 'em, fuck 'em let's go get 'em
LBC in this muthafucka cuz
I had to show these niggas what time it was
We got thugs, cons, drugs and guns
We claiming everything nigga, even dimes and doves
Have you ever slapped a bitch to mack your grip
Or better yet, strapped a clip
To a muthafuckin' nine millimeter for heater
And put the ride down out of G two seater
You need a nigga like me to get your game like that
Young nigga, you could get a smack for that
I'm that nigga who brought the afro back
And pat your back and then I turn around and snatch your sack
Before I came out niggas was wearing slack
I brought the curl back and the golf hat
The black poker sack and this skandelous raps
The one eight seven kidnaps and jacks
I brought snaps to the game nigga
Raps to the game nigga, I'm that big rap name nigga
S-N double O-P fa sho
I do my thang way cut throat on the downlow
Oh once upon a time in the LBC
There lived a OG from the DPG
And all the little kids looked up to him
All the women stayed true to him, police tried to do him
But couldn't do nothing to him cause he's like stainless steel
And all they hated on him because he was way to real
I don't know why but he's just so fly
But I gotta end this story by saying goodnight
02:15 192 3,08 0.10
Hell Yeah [Stone Cold Steve Austin Theme] (Featuring W.C.) Lyrics 03:37 192 4,99 0.10