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Eighteen Visions

Until The Ink Runs Out, Eighteen Visions Until The Ink Runs Out 2000, Album
Vanity, Eighteen Visions Vanity 2002, Album
The Best of Eighteen Visions, Eighteen Visions The Best Of Eighteen Visions 2001, Compilation
XVIII, Eighteen Visions XVIII 2017, Album
Eighteen Visions, Eighteen Visions Eighteen Visions 2006, Album
Obsession, Eighteen Visions Obsession 2004, Album
Until The Ink Runs Out, Eighteen Visions Until The Ink Runs Out 2000, Album
Lifeless (EP), Eighteen Visions Lifeless (EP) 1997, Single/EP
The Best Of, Eighteen Visions The Best Of 2001, Compilation
Vanity, Eighteen Visions Vanity 2002, Album
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The Best of Eighteen Visions, Eighteen Visions
The Best Of Eighteen Visions
Release type: Compilation
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Duration: 43:02  
Size, Mb: 65,91  


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Motionless And White Lyrics 05:16 240 8,53 0.10
Russian Roulette With A Trigger Happy Manic Depressive Lyrics
worn down to the slate. i want to taste lead on my lips. flooded with abscent actions of seductive thoughts. can you stare at me and tell me these ideas are not profound? the valves are starting to shut down. loaded. put it to my head baby. loaded. put it to my head baby. understand. i have a strange killing desire building up within this crush. watch the rounds spin. pull the trigger. its so complex. and i can taste the lead on my lips.
03:14 208 4,79 0.10
The Psychotic Thought Lyrics
death to your king in his glorified horror. killing time. bathing in his own beautiful sin. kill your maker and the shadows will unleash a forgotten soul. releasing the evil within. the human nature of a bloodbath. born by the night. let them take praise to this extinction. who wears the horns now? the psychotic thought that you gave us..."kill each other or i will kill you." he has spoken with a forked tongue. the prophecies begin to unfold. you sold your soul to the devil for a day and now your kingdom has fallen to his reign. don't you know? you're the devils advocate...satans' psychotic thought. and in this dying hour of life, the prophetic one leads the non-believers into war. you had it all planned out. and i saw at winters solace that you tried to freeze hell over. laugh at me while i burn in ecstasy. laugh at me while i burn. one true armageddon. god is his own antichrist.
04:17 240 6,98 0.10
And Old Wyoming Song Lyrics 03:50 208 5,68 0.10
Slipping Through The Hands Of God Lyrics
burned. bow down. this ugly scar will mend itself again, but when will its figure die?
pierced through the heart. i watch the red elixir spill from the center of its life. i
depict eighteen visions for its demise. not even water can bring back two thousand years
of life i've watched die. rise to your glory on the third day. you are not my christ.
rise. utopia. damned to hell. i rest this figure of ideal perfection. there will be no
funeral for this profane existence. always on the left hand path.
03:17 240 5,32 0.10
Diana Gone Wrong Lyrics
flying high through midnite sky on your way back down. induced. drunk and suicidal. diana's gone. watch the figures fall and crumble. watch that fucker snap. there goes the end of your rope. that fucker just snapped. it fucking snapped. is that where your heart stops? ride the horse. you're dead in your car. get off the horse. beloved victim's faces cold. you can't see them. the dreams and lives that lay within. saturated. beloved victim's stories told. you'll just read them. execution at its best. a dynasty lost again and the world shuts down at the sight of a car crash. and where does the chase end? everyone is watching you. this is where your life takes a turn for the worst. it just took a turn for the worst. shed your tears and live your lives through theirs. its all a part of the game. is there someone inside of me who really cares? or do i even give a good god damn? political figures rise in their passing hour to break your system with mass poluted minds and television. now let the boddies be burried and with them...pieces of you.
03:56 224 6,30 0.10
Raping. Laughing. Tasting. Temptation Lyrics 04:33 240 7,37 0.10
Five O Six A.M. Three/Fifteen Lyrics 04:51 240 7,86 0.10
Life's Blood Lyrics 02:55 128 2,68 0.10
Isola In The Rain Lyrics
she held my hand on a rainy day in hollywood listening to isola talk. and she let go on a rainy day in hollywood listening to isola talk. she said to me, "kiss me you son of a bitch." if you're not gonna ride the rocket...then get the fuck off.
01:33 128 1,42 0.10
Dead Rose Lyrics
smell the rose. sweet inspiration. does it make you want to fuck? then go fuck yourself. you're scarred with imperfection, but aren't we all? harder. does it feel good? oh how we love the pain. consume. buy yourself love. love doesn't want you. it hurts, but i was born into this. love hurts. makes me hate you. make me fuck them. corrupt minds, thoughts and feelings beauty. fuck it hard. harder. fuck me. i have. our love is dead. pain orchestrates this art. sometimes i feel, but i cant feel. unwanted by my virgin. and ill slice my throat on a thorn of the dead rose you left me with. and on our last kiss...she leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. dead rose.
05:24 240 8,98 0.10