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Tha Doggfather, Snoop Dogg
Tha Doggfather
Release type: Album
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Duration: 73:56  
Size, Mb: 77,43  


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Intro Lyrics
[Reporter #1]

He could be the most successful Rap star in America,
His first album sold 4 million copys,
But lately Snoop Doggy Dogg,
is spending more time in the Criminal Courts Building than in the studio.

[Reporter #2]

There has been no shortage of controversy for rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg,
His followers, called the Dogg Pound say they are trying to display a positive image in negative times.

[Reporter #3]

Meantime prosecuters say,
in so they are not planning to drop murder charges against rap music star Snoop Doggy Dogg.

[Reporter #2]

Prosecuters may have to drop murder charges against Snoop Doggy Dogg.


this is dedicated to niggas who said gangster rap was dead.

Fuck Y'all
00:46 64 0,31 0.10
Doggfather Lyrics 03:58 128 3,62 0.10
Ride 4 Me Lyrics
Hey, Hey
Wassup Little Homie,
Yo Big Homie whats goin' down,
Get in nigga,
Ride, this motha fucka fresh,
Ya ride with me, I need ya to hit a corner with me,
Lets do this,
Yeah nigga i know you like dis nigga, I gonna said you one day up,
Ya this be some gangsta shit right here,
Check this out though lil' Homie,
I got this move for ya man,
This sucka ass nigga over here,
W we gunna pull up on this nigga house right here,
Nigga, stay right here,
This nigga a bitch man,
Ya you know this nigga, hes from the hood,
Nigga aint kickin this shit,
He got major, major chips,
Check it out though,
I want you to slide up to the do',
When this nigga open up the do',
Dogg, i want you to go and lay him down,
This nigga aint gunna do shit, hes a bitch,
You da little homie,
He can't do nothin to you, no where,
Thats on everything,
Now go on in there and handle that shit,
I be waitin out here on ya.


Click Click

Oh Shit

01:01 128 0,94 0.10
Up Jump Tha Boogie Lyrics

Up jump tha boogie to the bang bang boogie
while you're bangin on ya baby OG's
That's why I flip the script to the boogie bang homey
If I'm hangin it's with DPG

Verse 1: Snoop Doggy Dogg

Some do the things that they do cos they dumb
and some do the things that they do for crumbs
I do mine for me ya see?
Not the big homey double O-G
Scared to do your own work, man that's fast
and that's the reason why I had to shoot you down
because you never should've tried to work my Dogg
and the lil homey wouldn't had no reason to bump
Y'all know the game ain't the same no mo'
Lil G's keep heat so big G's freeze, geez!
Johnny Rockafella went to jail-er
few many times too many and became a teller
They sell a nigga dreams if he want em
but they won't sell you the game to get up on em
Ya tryin ta find em cos you want em, they shook out
Get the book out and when the pitch come, nigga look out
it ain't hard to pump up the lil homies nigga
but it's hard for your bitch ass to get wit us
But it's steel, you put it in their head
that at 13 they better off dead (now they gone)


Verse 2: Kurupt

Aiyo Snoop, why would niggas get into the bracket
and make a loot, niggas want trip
Spittin like "you spoke beef from the hood
Show me love nigga or don't show me shit"
Feel the fever, million dollar male like Cole Severs
Made a non-believin man into a believer
Receive a cheque the next day, my homies say
"it's the way to get paid", DP's and pay
I don't know why you wanna get on my back? (why?)
Trippin cos you know the bomb's at where I'm at
Well if that's the case you shoulda roll
wit the PG instead of losing control (motherfucker)
This is how we do, Dogg Pound Gangstas in blue
Me, D-A-Z, N-A-T-E and Snoop
Niggas from Seth be tryin to set you cos you settin your ways
so ask DJ Pooh what pays


Verse 3: Snoop Dogg

Just what we need, bangin on wax another trip
What you gon' do nigga, jack the mothership?
You're like a actor wit another script
Predictable as Rambo wit another clip
How many niggas you gon' kill in your verse?
You need to sit down and learn to get down first
cos, uhh, real hoo-bangers are toast-slangers
not part-time FBI singers
Niggas havin bad intentions, sendin BG's on a mission
One move too many, nigga you missin
Listen you fuck wit the cyco-lic-no
loony ass nigga from your H-doubleO-D
Niggas got too flossy from all the sex they tossin
but guess what it cost em, they crossin me
But before I give a nigga a 9
I'd rather give a nigga a mic and write him a rhyme

Chorus x1 1/2
04:44 128 4,32 0.10
Freestyle Conversation Lyrics
There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware

I think it's time we stop, listen, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

There's battle lines being drawn
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong
Young people speaking their minds
Getting so much resistance from behind

I think it's time we stop, listen, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

What a field-day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, hooray for our side

Now you better stop, listen, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away

Now you better stop, listen, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
Stop, children, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going...
better Stop, now, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
04:17 128 3,93 0.10
When I Grow Up Lyrics
The Dogg Pound and the LBC, your baby is awaiting you,
Thats that damn Snoop Dogg again, he aint nothin but a fuckin pimp

Man snoop you got a bad curve, when i grow up i wanna be just like you

Look here little homeboy, let me tell you somethen,
Don't let me ever hear you say you wanna be like me,
You could be a doctor, a lawyer, a football player, a laker, anythen,
Just don't let me ever hear you say you want to be like me,
You hear me?

Yah Huh

Now take these dollars and go give em to your brothers and sisters
and you run on to school

Thanks Snoop.
00:37 128 0,57 0.10
Snoop Bounce Lyrics
Intro/Chorus: Charlie Wilson

Ain't no funk, it's funky, it's Doggystyle (Ain't it funky nuff?)
(Death Row-ow, Death Rowwwww)
(*Everybody knows I got more bounce than an ounce*)

Verse 1: Snoop Doggy Dogg

Shucks, stompin in my big blue chucks
More bounce to the ounce while I'm ditchin you clutz
Bump-bump-bump-bump while you're bumpin your sounds
It's the zoo and the Pound we don't fuck around
Relax your mind and let your conscience be free
and get down, stompin grounds is the LBC
I slid up out the game and MC's get wacked
but now I'm back (Oh shit!), so go get your strap
Watch your head, I break wit
wit G's, Muslims, hardheads and dreds
Bounce, rock while rollerskatin
on them 20 inch tyres wit the platinum Daytons
I'm not that BG poppin all that junk
about "I'll fuck you up", he sound like a punk
I been there and done that, no inspiration
All day illustration beat conversation


Verse 2: Snoop Dogg

I keep niggas in the studio, word is bond
Been workin on ya new album for two years strong
and still can't come up with the right song
You know what they say:'Study long, study long'
All aboard the train so come along
cos we keep the glue stuff against the bone
It's alright ain't no room for wrong
Doggyland is the motherland, make yourself at home
I got money loads by the barrels
I even got a few fans that's crazy like DeNiro
I'm international money maker, player hater
shhok up off the sake of spendin dollars and I always holler
at a player though cos players know the real from the fake
You can put that on your toast, your coast and your state
I give you people what you like
What I look like in jail and can't get on the mic

Chorus x1 1/2

Verse 3: Snoop Dogg

Killin up crews, give em the real street blues
Have em slidin in their eelskins, groovin in their tennis shoes
Of course it don't stop bein a Westside ridah
Wit no tattoo that's how they got the clue
I lay conversation on wax and CD's
BG's and o-riginals, here come the mission
Makin biters ride the Pound for the rest of the season
Doggy DPG ya lil homey, uhh
I represent the LBC-ment
Windows tint, nigga that's the president
I hit you with a tune every blue moon
Collard on your plate so you can stuff it in your face
Nigga say your Grace before you touch your plate
It taste like it's laced but it ain't
This one puff uncut, no doubt
Everybody know I gotta ounce and a half

Chorus x1 1/2


(Oooh ooh ooohhh oooohhhh ooh, oooh oooh oooohhhh ooh)
(Death Rowwww, Death Rowwww)
04:03 128 3,72 0.10
Gold Rush Lyrics
(Snoop Dogg)

Josey Wales was known for robbin trains and things
layin everybody down for diamond rings and chains
It remains the same in the year you live in, see
Cos if I pull out some heat, nigga, you'll go kick in
And that's just the rules set by the fool from the ol' school
When it's time to duel, you get two men
Two heaters, one street, one clock
and when it strike twelve one of y'all gon' drop
If you're quick on the draw you're gon' see the morgue
but if you're too slow
I catch you on the downlow (Oh no)
Oh no, you mean The Kid, shit's real
I ain't no John Wayne, these niggas gangbang
The Four Horsemen, that's the click I'm wit
You mean the little bitty niggas with the itchy trigger fingers
Yeah, we're on a mission ta Kansas, slippin thru Texas
We stopped at Bonanza to get us some hot cakes
bacon and eggs, and then we slip in the whorehouse to get us some leg
Hop back on the horses, enforcers of courses
The niggas in black, the fearless Four Horsemen
Searchin for this location on the map
The gold rush, baby, got ta have it (I gots ta have it)
It feels just like it's 1865
and a trigger look-a-day is how I ride


On and on and on it's more strange
Time to heat, shootin range
Quick with the heat on their hip
Young Jesse James come to test your aim
I seen you at th e Wild Horny Corral
I hearda ya name
Tha forcify, nigga you ain't never lie
Besides I'm in the mood so at high noon we ride
From coast to coast, niggas mash on every stage coach
My disciples with rifles lethal in whole posts
The off-the-rocker roller coaster
On a six-shooter holster
with DPG on every Wanted poster
Let me think about which bank to gank
which fellow ta shoot and which teller to shank
I want all the shit you got in stacks
attached to this skirt in the corner
so I snatched the bitch in the back
The Dogg in me feels for the lust
but the hogg in me makes me wanna bust
Back to the drawin down board
Nowadays we drawn down more
To survive thru all the round wards
Battle up or saddle up and shake the scene
or get'cha pockets shaken, clean the slugs in ya spleen
I can't help it, I'm heartless, ya can't hack it
With my six-shooters on my hips and dusty jacket
Like that cock back
quick to pull my strap
Just to put the Horsemen on the map
(The gold rush)

(???? from LBC Crew)

Born is Doggystyle, individual, James got the hots
I got the six shots for all the plans and plots
I gots lots o' cash stashed in money bags
Worthy workers for all the Russian blabbermouths and gags
I got stacks so my stacks excell
Hop in the coach wit my twelve Clydesdales and bells
I'm on the move, smooth, to my decoy horse
A 30-30 on my side to shoot a nigga o' course
It ain't no stoppin young Josey
Box all the nosey
Headed to the saloon with my platoon where all the hos be
Left a dusty trail, bailed in swell
Gold spurs on the Gators, set back the clientele
Oh well, for the recop I drop my bet
Divide between my homies and ride the sunset

(Bad Azz from LBC Crew)

Two sacks o' money from the train heist
They ain't even counted it up
just mounted it up
Rode west toward the coaster, six-shooters in the holster
Pass thru a run-down town whose walls hold my poster
Closer I get ta death which is every second makes me sweat
so I gotta have what I can get
Heard word about the gold rush and headed West
on my white horsey with three straps in my napsack
Giddy up, the next town I rode thru
I had to threaten to blow their city up
Undebts with Chief Black, caught five miles west
sell us some beads and hail us some weed
He offered me a toke
he didn't have a 20 he had they beads-pipe smoke
I almost choked
Break him for the get, right, I'm off into the sunset
tryin ta reach my destiny fast
It's these two bags o' cash
44's cocked I ain't makin no mo' stops
till I hit the spot, I made it twelve on the dot
I slid off my boots, counted my loot
Five minutes after the strike of midnight
I counted 200 Gs, I cocked my strap and slept tight
(At the gold rush, at the gold rush
at the gold rush, at the gold rush
at the, at the, at the)
04:52 160 5,59 0.10
(Tear 'Em Off) Me & My Doggz Lyrics 03:31 128 3,23 0.10
You Thought Lyrics
I had this bitch locked on to me like she was way too clever
Man, Soopafly never ever ever
Fell for the do no and you know I'm
Too swift on my toes and the gifts of hoez
It's too much for me to be givin' to you
Uh, all I'm givin' is some dick in you
Now Sh????, I told the bitch to blaze the weed
Now she blazed it but that ain't all she blew
Hey, I got knocked off on the bar
And my room got knocked off in the car
Gave it to me until I reached my peak
Baby flip talkin' bout lovin' me in the week
I said that's too damn quick, and too damn fast
You've been givin' up too much damn cock and givin up too much ass
Nah nah nah you ain't gettin' me like that
Soopafly ain't even called the bitch back
Ever since she tripped, I went on one
Stepped in the club, Caught me a homerun
Baby was bad and all, she said gimme a call
I wanted to break that bitch like a law
Picked her up at the bus stop, she was soft and smooth
Talkin' bout what could pop out and hit the roof
Then she said somethin bout the cost
Man, that same bus stop is where
I dropped that bitch back the fuck off
You can't ride my bird
So I kicked that bitch to the curb
You best to believe
You ain't got no trick up your sleeve that can get with me

You thought you had my grip
But Soopafly never ever slips
You thought you had my cash
Till I turned around and whupped yo' ass a pimp and that's for real

--Snoop Dogg--
I came through in a zoot suit, pin stripe lookin' too cute
Tryin' to get my shoot on, so I'm a scoot on
Over to the next bitch, say her name is Texas
She fly but she wasn't the sexiest
She had a hoe with her named Bama, short for Alabama
A big bad mama-jamma, now look here
I like big bitches cause they large
And big bitches always take charge
Wanna grab a skinny nigga like Snoop Dogg
Cause you like it tall, go and work it baby doll
Now a great big girl got a hell of a grip to grab a hold of
Got alot of cash for a little love
All they wanna do is take you down to the mall
Floss a little dick and get a t-shirt that say miss Snoop Dogg
I don't see a god damn thang
That's stoppin you from buying me that god damn ring
It'd look nice on my finger, I'm a buy you a zinger
Cause you make me feel like a real hip-hop singer
Your homegirl, bring her cause I've been dying to meet her
You know I won't cheat her, don't mistreat her
She only get the dick, I'll never ever eat her
But I'll drop her ass cause you know I don't need her...
It was fun while it lasted
You know what they say, big things come in small packages, baby

You thought you had my grip
But Snoop Dogg never ever slips
You thought you had my cash
Until I turned around and whupped your ass
....trick beyotch beyotch

--Too $hort--
I said beyyyotch, what are you smokin
A big fat dick comin' from east Oakland
There must be some kind of misunderstanding
Hit the parking lot, bitch I be standing by the Benz
You think a nigga rich, bitch
Gold diggin' tramps tryin' to get with this dick
For all the wrong reasons
Niggas ain't trippin' during pimp season
But you still jumped your fast ass in anyway
If any other nigga picked you up it'd be payday
I rolled to my house with the bitch
(What'd you do $hort) introduced her mouth to my dick
Glad to meet you, make yourself comfortable
You fuckin' with a dog, bitch you ain't fin' to come up, hoe
So you might as well enjoy the ride
And serve this nigga from the eastside
How much for the game that I'm sellin'
Ain't no tellin' like Jack told Helen
I know sex sells but I'm a tell you though
Couldn't spend on shit that ain't valuable
Fucked all night woke up the next mornin'
Told her I'm a pimp but the bitch kept on
Wantin' me to do somethin' for the time she spent
It's funny, cause now she can't find the rent money

You thought you had my grip
But Too $hort never ever slips
You thought you had my cash
Until I turned around and whupped your ass
....trick beyotch beyotch

...I got family members, homeboys...
Muthafuckaz I look out way before you.
04:44 128 4,35 0.10
Vapors Lyrics
Can you feel it, nothing can save ya
For this is the season of catching the vapors
Since I got time, what I'm gonna do
Tell ya how it's spreading throughout my crew
What you want on Nate Dogg
Who sings on my records, 'Never Leave Me Alone'
'Ain't No Fun', now check it
Back in the days before Nate Dogg would get it
He used to try to holler at this girl named Pam
The type of female wit fly Gucci gear
She wore a big turkish wole wit a weave in her hair
When they tried to kick it, she'd always fess
Talkin about baby please she wrought his service stress
Since he wasn't no type of big chronic dealer
The homie Nate Dogg didn't appeal to her
But now he wear boots that match with his suits
And push a Lexus Coupe that's extra cheap
And now she stop flautin and won't it speakin
Be comin round the Pound every single weekend
to get his beeper number she be beggin please
Dyin for the day to eat these

She caught the vapors
She caught the vapors

I got a little cousin that's kinda plain
He bring the heeb wit tha beep for the Dogg Pound gang
A mellow type of fellow best laid back
But back in the day he wasn't nuthin like that
I remember when he used to scrap every day
When my auntie would tell him he would never obey
He wore his khakis hangin down wit his starks untied
And a blue and grey cap that said the Eastside
Around my neighborhood tha people treated him bad
Said Daz was the worst thing his mom ever had
They said he grow up to be nuttin but a gangsta
Or be there in jail or some other shaker
But now he's grown up to be a surprise
D-A-Z got a hit record slangin world wide
Now the same people that didn't like him as a child
Bought the Dogg Food, Doggfather, and Doggystyle

They caught the vapors
They caught the vapors

I got another homie from tha L-B-C
Known ta yall as D.J. Warren G
He cut grass trasform wit finesse
......... and all that mess
I remember when we first started to rap
He tried to get this job at Calvin's record shop
He was in it to win it, but the boss front and said
Sorry Warren G but there's no help wanted
Now my homie Warren still tried
On and on and on til the like break of dawn
To work at tha V-I-P would be the link
But they looked right past him so my homie straight dip
Now for the year after Regulate
Warren G is havin papers so my homies write straight
He walked into the same record shop as before
And the boss be like Warren welcome to my store
Offerin him a job but nah he don't want it
Damn it feels good to see people love Warren
Cause I remember when at first they wasn't
Now guess what they call sessy bussin

the vapors
They caught vapors
I got to talk bout me now

Last subject of tha story is about Snoop Dogg
I had to work for mine to show I was a true hog
When I was a teenager I tried to be down
And since they wasn't tryin to hear me I made the Dogg Pound
I saw a crew on 2-1 street
and said, 'Can I be down champ?' They said
no, and treated me like a wet food stamp
after gettin rejected, I ain't runnin upset
I said, 'What's a Dogg do to?' Rhymes at rates
When I used to go to parties, they make me wait
What I have to get on the mic to set M-C straight
I ain't never love no hoe since I'm listenin to my music
They acted like I wanted to keep hangin with the juzi
But now things switched from West to East
Short Dogg do ya remember me from 21st street G?
'We used to see Daz, back in the day'
It happens all the time, so brother don't be amazed

You caught the vapors
You caught the vapors
You got the papers
04:21 128 3,99 0.10
Groupie Lyrics
Intro/Chorus: Charlie Wilson, Nate Dogg

She was just a groupie (She just a groupie)
She was just a groupie
She was just a groupie (All she wanted was Snoopy)
She was just a groupie (Just a groupie)
She was just a groupie
She was just a groupie (All she wanted just was Snoopy)
She was just a groupie (Yeah just a groupie)
She was just a groupie

Verse 1: Tha Dogg Pound (Dat Nigga Daz, Kurupt)

Beeyatch! (Beeyatch!)
I come thru with the humps, I thump tha shit out'cha block
I'm on alert for the cops, be on alert for the cop
Spot us some hos, tooted my horn at the bitch
??? ever skaty, my team ya's the shit
Fifteen's humpin, dropped the top, she moaned
countin my dough, purchased a 50 of some bomb indo floss
In South Central I'm on my way to the East Side
We high, blazin like crazy, we don't know why
feelin good as fuck on a hot ass day
and it's a pujam right around the way
Niggas got hos but ladies in the world
they wanna play wit their minds like little girls
I twirled my fingers in the air
rubbed my fingers thru my hair
Red bones to black bones
dark bows to red bows
Skinny girls come a dime-a-dozen
but I play hos like plenty-leany cos I get greedy
It's all about game cos when the game
is hard to maintain for so long, man
From Long Beach, California, from Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tonight *?warnin the award is?* from Mississippi, I know ya
hold the key to unlock the door
From long clothes she rolls with gold thangs we ridin for sure
So tell me how much money can one playa make? (make)
and how much o' ya ass can one nigga break?
You're just a gigolo (you know)
To the heart you're just gigolo (you know)

I was off in Vallejo
pullin hos like Idaho potatoes
What am I to do when life as a G
bein from where I be, DPG
It's manifico
ran into this pretty ass skirt, Mexican-Puerto Rico
mixed with a sprinkle of black
So I'ma approach her like dat
and let her know where I ride and reside at
My zone the place that I call home
is the Wall from Philadelphia, the room
Picture me ay
entrepenuer with my nigga D-A
Rockin tours and we still young boys
They got bitches, they got some bomb ass niggas
She used ta put em on his bomb ass dick
She always talked some bomb ass shit
She used to blow some bomb ass dick


Bridge: Nate Dogg

That's right
Someone's at my door, baby who could it be?
Someone wants to score and get laid by the D-O-double G
Hey girl, what's your name? Ya wanna go a couple rounds with me
I told her Nate Dogg is just the same but she kept screamin out Snoopy

Verse 2: Warren G, Snoop Dogg

What's up baby, my name is Warren
I'm down with the Pound
cos I get around
So let me scoop you, swoop you and take you
Gimme a chance and I'ma break you
down to the very last compound
with my homies from Tha Dogg Pound

Now you know and I know
Rule number one, you can't trust no ho
Now you can get caught up in the mix real fast
The ho gon' slip away and get away with all your cash
You got to stay upon your toes when it come to hos
I bust a brand new ho in every video
That's on the Pound and the Row when the wind blow
I pass a ho to my kinfolk
and then smoke
She say she was no groupie, coochie lookin juicy
She say she never ate a dick before but she gon' do me
Right before she do me, I blaze up a lupi
then turn on some Snoopy and, uhh, heat up jacuzzi
and later on I might just turn on a movie
so you can regroupie and redo me just for Snoopy

Chorus to fade

Outro: Warren G

There's roaches and shit in this motherfucker in here
I forgot about this
05:06 128 4,68 0.10
2001 Lyrics
All I wanna do is make the whole crowd bounce y'all...

It's structures to this game, it's instinct mixed with knowledge
I'm a player in the game and I know not from college
Eyes open, focus, scopin out the scene
Watch the gangsta haters close cos they worse than dope fiends
I hope things get better for you
cos I'ma make things get better for me
and keep the Doggystyle hottest thing out the LB
The L-L-G wit DPG by the sea
We ride at high tide, the East is my side
I'ma tell you 'long as my voice is recordable
That plan you got ain't gonna work you better audible
Oh yes I'm fresh and like spy from existence
Wit persistence I perceive
to supply you wit what you need, no room for greed
Better go around and when it come to you
don't bite off more than you can chew
Respect the game and the game will respect you back
Game is life, life is struggle
without the coastal juggle
So if you drop I test that, fragile as a crsytal
(Will you get mad and go pull out your pistol?)
or will you be a man and pick up all the pieces
and put it back together and remain tougher than leather
As for me I'm tryin to keep it real Dogg
All I wanna do is make the whole crowd bounce y'all


Just keep it real Dogg
All I wanna do is make the whole crowd bounce y'all
*repeat x2*

*?Teatlet?*, hold em, shake em, roll
Fly G boys and all you hoodrat girls
Pound puts it down all around the world
But let's pick up the litter, LB young nigga
I need solar on my Dogg nall, I bark when it get dark
Bitches in heat we tear the beat up, what?
On the microphone I bury the bone
Always, strays try to follow me home
Uhh, to get the pooper scooper, why? They droppin doo-doo
I'm steppin on shit, lift up the bottom of my shoe
See I'm smashin full-breaded wit no leash
When I mob, make marks across the street
See I'm vicious like hell, got em waggin they tail
for the bow-wow LBC style
Hit you like the Dogg bopper fever, I fetch paper
On the receiver, go get it like a retriever
I want em close enough so I can lock on em
wit the mizzic, see I let the Doggz loose on em
Check this out here man, I lick em, sick em
Man's bestfriend, I hit you for ten, uhh
Fleas can't seize my pack, what what's my name?
Major trick we're hittin licks like a doberman gang
Y'done trip and try to fuck me up ever since a young puppy
Run a cat up a tree, nigga it's DPG


All I wanna do is make the whole crowd bounce y'all
Just keep it real Dogg
*repeat x2*

They say once upon a time in the land of the loccs
where it's all about dope and pistol smoke
I packs me a heavy calibre .38 revolver
We'd out, Dp'd out, GC'd out
Oh, did you not know
Snoop wit the .44 knockin at'cha door
We the passion for smashin and mashin the masses
Knockin niggas llike cash is, Dogg Pound Gangsta assassin
It's like in a action
cos for the cash in my own zone we known for blastin
Bustin, no need for discussion
We don't discuss, we stay close as 10 inches then bust
close enough to touch then rush
Clean and radical and get clutch
The Dogg is the Don like killer Corleone
for the D-O-double G (with the solid gold rhyme)


Just keep it real Dogg
All I wanna do is make the whole crowd bounce y'all
*repeat x3*
03:32 128 3,24 0.10
Sixx Minutes Lyrics

Yeah yeah yeah, make some motherfuckin noise
Yo Doggy Dogg you're on, live on stage
Performin tonight, excuse me Doggy Dogg you're on
YOU KNOW! The one and only
Don Corleone, the big homey y'know me

Well if it's on I guess it's bout time
Let me slide into this OG rhyme
I do mine the way I do mine
and I takes my time when I'm droppin my lines
I look around, I spot MC's (and they)
all in the place (and they) all wannabe's
Tryin ta make their paper, tryin to do their thang
but to me they all tryin to say the same thang
How could you rap over *?be said what?*
You ain't reachin the crowd, you ain't makin your fact
You ain't droppin lines that hit the top
You can't make the party go hip-hop
abd you can't do your thing without usin mine
We get and steal, I see you're on the grind
but I'ma take my time to get my point across
and if you get caught up in the rap shit then got lost
and if you get tossed it's on your own, it's your own fault
See I gots ta get mine, I don't try no song
I just move on, groove on, try to prove on
then I do mines to do mines and I'ma keep on, keep on, keep on
to get'cha you in a...smooth type of atmosphere
Sit back and pay attention yeah
You ain't never heard it like that
Uhh, is that right? That's right black
but uhh,


Sixx minutes (sixx minutes), sixx minutes (sixx minutes)
Sixx minutes Doggy Dogg you're on
Uh uh on, uh uh on
Excuse me Doggy Dogg you're on

I gets my hair whipped on Friday, my day, why they
even trippin on me? Yeah the big homey
Gamey Gamey says "Snoop Corleone
listen to me man, stay away from them phoneys
It's niggas like that that get you caught up quick
You gots ta stay focussed Dogg, keep your eye on your grip
cos if you slip they gon' get'cha and they gon' get'cha fast
These niggas out for your money man, they tryin to get your cash"
I don't give a damn, you gots ta match
You can be from the East Coast and get love cos I ain't trippin on your ass
I don't smash on niggas who are smaller than me
I smash on niggas who big like the DPGC
Ooohwee, I get'cha crazy
You gots ta have a stomach for this shit, ba-by
And if ya don't you won't, you fake the funk
See Snoop is the G in the G-Funk
Now don't do nothin that you can't get out of me
Uh uh, you know I got big love for the real G's
We make mo' G's, I gots ta have it



I got the, I got the, I got the paper
I keep ya, I keep ya, I keep ya cryin
I thought ya, I thought ya knew my nigga
Ya better, ya better ask somebody (Better ask somebody)

Uh, it don't quit
Now let me take my time and just get into the shit
I'm just driftin, so swift and smooth
How many niggas make the whole party move like I do?
I can't name nobody
so sit back relax and let the Dogg rock the party
Ain't no party like a DP party
cos everybody in the DP party's naughty
They acts a fool, old school, new school
Everything is everything, everybody playin cool
Ain't no set trippin, everybody just dippin
Bitches gettin with niggas and niggas gettin bitches
It's all superb, word to my momma
Ain't no drama, no need for that
You can put your gat back in your pocket
unlock it cos Snoop Dogg is on the mic, I plan to rock it
Don't stop, (excuse me Doggy Dogg you're on)

04:41 320 10,70 0.10
(O.J.) Wake Up Lyrics 04:44 160 5,41 0.10
Snoop's Upside Your Head Lyrics 04:30 160 5,16 0.10
Blueberry Lyrics
Watch it!Watch it!
Daz is coming and there'll be no more waiting
Watch it!Watch it!
Kurupt is coming and there'll be no more waiting
Watch it!Watch it!
Doggystyle is coming and there'll be no more waiting
You might be shooting up close with the Itial ever lose respectin

Now follow me deep in the depths of my mind
Thinkin many plots blossoms how amny times?
I'm sedated my (?conscriptiated?) from beginning
Broke in the bombest weed smoke that will make a nigga choke
To my loccs way down in the Valley deep
To my homies in the Pound from L-ong Beach
To my bulls out in Philly coz all they smoke is phillies
Wit' these silly ass bitches out for a niggas riches
Now really really ever slip or trip
A big shout out to my niggas in ??
I spits the vocabulary to sinks MCs like ships
With my nocturnal rhymes and editorial clips
I gotta click that'll hit you like a thousand volts
The homies catchin cases,robberies and assaults
It ain't my fault that my shit might hit like that
Listen in,get elevated off the verbal contact

When a nigga gotta strive for his he can't stop
Gotta get somewhere
When a nigga gotta mash for his he can't stop
Gotta get somewhere

VERSE 2:(DAZ,BAD AZZ,*unknown*)
My mind-state these days make the average nigga afraid
Hurt em in the worst way,put it down for myself
Put em to rest,confess nevertheless
Snatch em a cap and destroy em at my best
For the simple fact that with contact we the block entourage
We drop bombs and we known to calm down the savage beast
And the rest of the jungle,while mistreat
Any MC tryin to fuck with D-A-Z
I represent it to the fullest,it could be a verbal massacre
In '96,with a diff'rent approach I'm shit
I got the flavour and I'm major,bust the ass
Niggas can't stop us and can't fade us
Shady ass niggas can't stand next to ya
When the Tek connects to ya,swift as a cheetah when I'm catchin ya
I bet'cha I won't let ya escape
Face-to-real on point-to-train-to kill beyond the violated area
When the smoke clears the area,rather we toast
So at home I blaze the zag or the bone
Once again another zone is gone
MCs try to step they get lit and blown

At the end the lights go out so before they do
I'm a L-B-C on through,stayin true
Demanding my respect,respect is what I've given
So respect is what I expect,the money got me driven
To the point of no return so the streets I roam
Don't catch chrome to the dome of this flack black
.45 calibre Glock,gat,gun or pistol
Whistle and watch all my homeboys come run
Or hear the click,damn that shit that you get hit with
When we bust I let loose,this is pre-meditated dick-up
To all the busters that jealous and hate it but can't fade it
With the every attempt they fail,oh well
Consequences get suffered,I put pressure on sucker motherfuckers
The bill is crisp,(the deal is )the deal is this-
I gotta plot em on a mash for my chips
Get in my way and get stepped on
I'm stompin,steppin with my projectile weapon

Wuz up (?Jex?)so's eject the hum
When I swarm through,who knew about the real deal I conceal?
But still can you feel the topic of the whole situation is trust
No ho is a must!If I bust
My brain constructs to form knowledge to the max
Defeatin and deletin elevation set backs
We wax tracks and smack up MCs who compose the violence
Bringin drama with no parental guidance
Eyes went deceived,somethin up my sleeve to intrigue
And these MCs will be Gs also D-P-Gs and L-B-Cs
When we do the do to you so go call your crew
And who wants to compete with technique
Conflict will be verbal so watch how you speak
And what you say when I display
Sleepless acts as (?bombin ya?),suffer from insomnia
And I'm a gonna be comin for you
So please be on the lookout for the Doggystyle Crew
(Watch out nigga!)

It's the sucker MC barbecue cookout!Cookout!
Watch out now!
Ha-ha yeah wit'cha bad self.Watch out!
04:15 128 3,90 0.10
Traffic Jam Lyrics
W-Balls ya'll 187.4 FM on the dial,
Reminding you to get the dick out your throat and go vote,
DJ Easssssssy Dick is still poppin like a pipe bomb,
and oh yah, Can you say farewell to well fare?
Caller number 4 gets to go to doggy land, thats right,
This next jam is dedicated to all the homies still rockin Jerry Curls,
Optimum Texturizers and gold teefas,
DJ Easy Dick will give you a Stone Cold Groove,
Lets all go to Doggy Land huh.
00:34 128 0,52 0.10
Doggyland Lyrics
Come and go with me to Doggylaaaaaaaaaaaaand!!
(Here ye, Here ye, Come one come all)
To a place that be, call it LBC
(I'm ridin' wit'cha baby)
Come and go with me to Doggylaaaaaaaaaaaaand!!
To a place that be, call it LBC

1st Verse:
Now if you tired of the hard work
tears and sweat
and you breakin' your neck
and you still up in debt.
Walkin' round town all strapped in,
niggas be havin' more bad times than Captain Rat did.
Two strikes none left, out of breath
Livin' in the city it's a jungle yo.
All this deception on top of stress,
you havin' more problems than a algebra test.
You can't seem to come up, wit yo' money for rent,
and now yo' baby momma trippin' she want fifty percent.
It's a thin line, between yours and mine
the difference is you gotta scratch to a get nickel and dime.
Now I know a place where
Ya' might wanna be and I can take you there
Pop goes the nine, We'll go right behind
You can slide off your shoes sit back and recline.


2nd Verse:
Oh your homies think you're funny?
Doin' stick ups for moneys
Just to impress the honeys (This is for the honeys)
Got yo' rocks, so you keep'em in the sack,
you got two strikes, but you right back up to bat.
You all about yo' money and got something to sell
but if you bail for a robber you'll be back in the jail cell.
You chillin' wit yo' feet up
Someone hated but baby without the homies and
that's when you got beat up.
Because you can't be out there doin' low
and then right gather up yo' crew and roll.
Ain't no rules when you out there doin' dirt,
somebody's always layin' in the cut to get ya' hurt.
But see, I know a place where
you might wanna be
and I can take you there
Pop goes the nine, We'll go right behind
You can slide off your shoes sit back and recline.


Bridge One:
Here ye, Here ye, come one, come all.
To a place that be, call it LBC.
(I'm ridin' wit' ya' baby)
Lemme holla to a little home boy real quick,
know what I'm sayin'?
Cuz he travelin' in the fast lane.

Stop the life it seem that we are on,
Time to slow your roll,
Let Doggyland be your new home,
Stop the life it seem that we are on,
time to slow your roll,
Let Doggyland be your new home.

Verse three:
Doggyland is the town where it's goin' diz-owne
(It's goin' down)
Everything is free,
and ain't no HIV. (What?)
And niggas don't kill one another
(Oh really why is that?)
Because a brother is a brother.
(And what about the mothers?)
They queens,
heaven must be like this,
green aroma like the grass in the summertime.
Ain't no peneteneries and ain't nobody doin' time.
And oh yeah, I'm the big O-K'er,
I'm smarter than the senator,
Bigger than the mayor.
Heaven on Earth
it's like a prayer.
And you can't get in without yo' gold card you got
to be a player.
Now you know a place where
You gots to be and I took you there,
Pop goes the nine, we'll go right behind
You can slide off your shoes sit back and recline.

04:40 128 4,27 0.10
Downtown Assassins Lyrics
INTRO:(*mobster Corleone talking*)

Vision 88 kilos of cocaine smack-dead in your face
The street value of that is what you dream to make
Run an illegal business,racketeerin
Smugglin,doin things from handin a gun,is what they fearin
Bodyguards and hitmen like some Al Capone shit
Heavy artillery got the cops on my dick
Different locations,spots where it takes place
If you show them my money,your ass is gettin f-laid
There's four major games that run the city of G's
The violators,the Gambinos and the Corleones and me
The violators and Gambinos they run uptown
Me and my cousin Corleone we run downtown
Murder's an everyday thang in the city
Where you gotta plot chips,jag robberies and do in its
Tanadian Nay,the charge of the weapons
Hit from verandahs and do a thing unexpected
So we plan a plot with an Uzi and 10 shot
Buck em till they all drop,circle round the block
Let em have it as soon as they come out
Unload on their ass,commence to takin them out!

Throughout the streets of Long Beach
The streets was infected with drugs,dope pealers and addicts
Gangs have taken over 75% of our town as the young
youth behaviour is outrageous with crime
They feel no remorse whatsoever, as the law enforcements
have tried to stop the trafficking of drugs
from coming into our country, but they can't
The murders have increased more than 95% and the drug amount
of which they make is more than 700 million dollars
Now wanted by the IRS and we will convict them of tax evasion

I had no choice or remorse for time for puttin it down
Niggas know the scoop is stupid if they come from my town
I been around since the Jumpstreet makin it pop
Young crook keepin hook,nigga,shakin the spot
Had to be a standout not to get ran out
Look for help,you help yourself cos there's no handout
Since the city Long Beach is only G's and hos
You hold on ya heat but them fiendish foes
Trust,bust,be aware and I ain't ya curse
Cos the niggas that I dared to (?agank?) the first
Think I might be deceased 'fore I reach my calling
As long as I'm haulin my heat I'm stallin
I bring it to ya hard from the streets of life
Where niggas get rewarded to grief for strikes
Don't speak on the creep,mo' fools is listenin
And war story glory ain't worth the riskin
Real niggas still get a mob like respect
If you represent ya set,till ya bite the deck
Who I be?I'm the Dee,nigga check the file
Under G you will see not to sweat my style
I'm takin em out!

INTERLUDE:(Corleone talking some more)

I come through blastin,me as a Downtown Assassin
Mashin,may they rest in peace in they caskets
Shoot em down in front of Hassans
Should've known from the gate,who's the baddest?
In my zone,Don Corleone wanted
For the murder of forty men
Ordered to hit and watch him kill again and again
From the U-S-C,I shift ki's,a 120 plane rides
Multiplied by G's,87.3 million in a matter o'months
Big business and big dollars is all that I want
I blaze up to celebrate,new empire to make
Toast till we all die,till we burst and break
From knives to guns,from the rich to the slums
We ran outta dope,I don't think so son
While I be gunned by a mark from the enemy park
From daylight to reach dark and all the clucks a'spark
From when I pick em off like darts
Stab em in they hearts
Make an example,what I said,ya end up dead
Spayed the wall with graffiti like hogs for all my lost Doggs
Never reach until I see the blue sky till I die
All I ever want is to be left alone
Me myself,me my dope,me and my chrome
Got paid by cops and judges,I budge when I buzz
I got the City of Long Beach goin crazy for drugs

OUTRO:(Corleone capping it off)
04:22 128 4,01 0.10
Outro Lyrics
It aint nothin but a Gangsta,
It aint nothin but a Gangsta,
It aint nothin but a Gangsta,

Where my nigga 2Pac,
Whats up nigga,

It aint nothin but a Gangsta,
It aint nothin but a Gangsta,
It aint nothin but a Gangsta,
It aint nothin but a Gangsta,

It aint nothin but a Gangsta,

It aint nothin but a Gangsta,

This aint nothin but a Gangsta,

It aint nothin but a Gangsta,

It aint nothin but a Gangsta,
00:42 192 0,97 0.10