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They Can't All Be Zingers, Primus They Can't All Be Zingers 2006, Album
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Sailing The Seas Of Cheese, Primus Sailing The Seas Of Cheese 1991, Album
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Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People, Primus Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People 2003, Album
Brown Album, Primus Brown Album 1997, Album
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Tales From The Punchbowl, Primus
Tales From The Punchbowl
Release type: Album
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Duration: 54:02  
Size, Mb: 74,34  


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Professor Nutbutter's House Of Treats Lyrics 07:14 192 9,93 0.10
Mrs. Blaileen Lyrics
Mrs. Blaileen.
She was a sixth grade teacher.
And she controlled the children,
by using humiliation.
The target always seemed to be Donny.
He was a bit slower than the others.
When he was quite young,
his mother died at the kitchen table,
while choking on some food.
The fashion of the day was bleach
and tied Levis.
Donny decided to make some,
but he didn't know to rinse them.
So he came to school a reekin.
Bleach stinch filled the classroom.
Mrs. Blaileen began to chastise,
she made him feel like an asshole.
Two feet small.

Oh, what a lonely boy.

Don and Ronald.
They always stuck together,
for they were a bit different than the others,
and they were as tight as brothers.
Then Ronald moved away.
Now Steven,
he was a year or two younger,
and he really thought he was something.
He liked to harrass other children,
or anyone he found outnumbered.

Alone Don walks from fishing.
Steven and a friend, they stop him.
They take his hat and they taunt him.
Pimp-slap him with a newspaper.
Don lunged foreward with his fish knife,
then ran all the way home weeping.
He gave the knife to gis father,
and said, "I think I hurt Steve."

Oh, what a lonely boy.
03:21 192 4,58 0.10
Wynonna's Big Brown Beaver Lyrics 04:25 192 6,05 0.10
Southbound Pachyderm Lyrics
Quite a surprise.
What an ingenious devise.
Boredom encompasses my time.
I don't know what I should do.

Indulging a moment of your time.
Seldom the breeder of lies.
But you won't believe that it's true.

They take to the sky.
Southbound Pachyderm.

Pinholes through cardboard at the sun.
Passing the bucks by one by one.
Leaving nothing in return.

Watching the majesty blow past.
Speculating which will be the last.
Savoring my piece of the pie.

And there is no reprise.
They're filling the sky.
Southbound Pachyderm.
06:22 192 8,75 0.10
Space Farm Lyrics 01:45 192 2,42 0.10
Year Of The Parrot Lyrics
In the year of our lord,
call it 1994,
a fine vintage of mimicry.

There are those that take their sound,
from someone else's toil.
Liking to parrots, you see.

I've seen the likes of Kate Bush
and Van Morrison,
teaching the parrot to sing.

Yake a Zeppelin riff,
and you alter it a bit,
you make lots of money.
It's called plagiarism.

You want some of that cheese,
just take a big ol' bite.
Careful not to choke on it, please.

Now here we go.
It's called plagiarism.
05:45 192 7,91 0.10
Hellbound 17 1/2 (Theme From) Lyrics
Questions deserve answers,
answers deserving action.
What am I, of the populi?
I am but a fraction.

Is there heaven, is there hell?
Is that tuna melt that I smell?
Come on.
02:59 192 4,11 0.10
Glass Sandwich Lyrics
He stood in linewith the rest,
and waited for his chance
to take his place behind the glass,
and watch the ladies dance.

It's the nature of things.

He stepped into the darkened space,
the air was thick and warm.
He drops the coins in one by one.
The scene unfolds before him.

He stands looking eye to thigh,
as she looks down from above,
only to be recognized
as his former love.

It's the nature of things.
04:05 192 5,61 0.10
Del Davis Tree Farm Lyrics
Del Davis sold a christmas tree,
stood up to 8 feet tall.
Season was looking mighty thin,
he hoped to sell 'em all.

Here he comes with a dollar in his hand,
represents the epitomized man.

The boy liked to rock 'n roll,
seemd that's the way he paid his way.
With the help of Deland them "doogs",
there's a bit more joy this holiday.
Here he comes....
03:23 192 4,66 0.10
De Anza Jig Lyrics
Oh I can still remember Jenny Hernando.
She was my little lovely one when I was seventen.
I remember the day that she gave me her virginity,
and then she gave it ti everyone in our vicinity.

Oh I can still remember Julie Tolentino,
the dancing filipino. We used to run around.
Her and Flouncin' Freddy were going hot and steady.
Now she rund a dyke bar, the biggest one in town.

I can still remember my old friend Todd Squelati.
I watched him snort a milkshake right up his nose.
He slurped it up the left side, blew it out the right side.
How he ever kept it down, I will never know.

Of course I still remember ol' Flouncin' Freddy.
We were pumping gas down at El Sobrante Shell
His mustang was his pride and joy, he liked to dance the cowboy.
Hanging out at Jack in the Box, but eat at Taco Bell.
02:26 192 3,35 0.10
On The Tweek Again Lyrics
Used to come around here,
to peddle his wares.
A lot more takers now.

The turkey "j",
you can taste tha air
around your face.

His name was Barrest Jeffries,
they picked him up twice
for cooking up Amphetamine.

Now he's on the tweek again,
drinking county prune.
He doesn't mind so much.

So we'd sit around the fire,
singing "Humbaya"
"Kumbaya" I said.
04:42 192 6,45 0.10
Over The Electric Grapevine Lyrics
als ik 's nachts weer eens door Veerle rijd
dan voel ik de mensen kijken en ik weet wie men benijdt
dat ben ik in de wagen met Veerle aan m'n zij
dat ben ik in de warmte terwijl ik door Veerle rijd

lange lange wegen om door Veerle heen te gaan
niets kan mij bewegen om hier sneller te gaan
nog tien minuten rijden het einde komt in zicht
mooie tien minuten oh wat een mooi gezicht...

soms zou ik willen vragen
waarom niet alle dagen?

het is al lang geleden dat ik Veerle vond
de kortste weg naar mijn geluk ik was blij dat zij bestond
nog tien minuten rijden het einde komt in zicht
mooie tien minuten oh wat een mooi gezicht...

soms zou ik willen vragen
waarom niet alle dagen?
06:25 192 8,81 0.10
Captain Shiner Lyrics 01:15 192 1,73 0.10