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Surf On This Earth, Joe Satriani
Surf On This Earth
Release type: Album
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Release date:


Duration: 73:31  
Size, Mb: 84,26  


Price for album: 0.96 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Ice 9 Lyrics 04:20 160 4,97 0.10
Memories Lyrics 08:21 160 9,55 0.10
Midnight - Rubina Lyrics 07:33 160 8,66 0.10
Circles Lyrics 04:29 160 5,12 0.10
Drum Solo Lyrics 02:08 160 2,45 0.10
Lord Of Karma Lyrics 05:24 160 6,18 0.10
Bass Solo Lyrics 05:51 160 6,71 0.10
Echoe Lyrics 09:19 160 10,67 0.10
Hordes Of Locusts Lyrics 04:41 160 5,35 0.10
Crush Of Love Lyrics 05:55 160 6,75 0.10
Satch Boogie Lyrics 05:15 160 6,02 0.10
Surfing With The Alien Lyrics

They say my words is sinister, so they plotting my death/
Like nation of Islam ministers did to Malcolm X/

But I'm never stressed, I stay with the gat in a Riot/
Ready for beef like Chicago with my hat to the side/

Glock and the clip, Locked and load with the Body Armor/
Cold Blooded, I don't give a fuck about Karma/

Because if it never comes to those who benefit from Misery/
Ain't no mother fucking way that you can ever do shit to me/

There's nothing metaphysically deep, about getting shot/
Pissing in your pants and vomiting blood on the block/

Witness Protection, trying to stay alive on a humble/
Niggas will hunt you down like Dinosaurs Alive in the Jungle/

And don't mumble when you trying to disrespect my bars/
I throw a Chinese Nigga at you affected with SARS/

Get banana boat Niggas to murder you for a gee/
Give them a green card and get you chopped up for free/

But you Ain't even worth getting your body buried/
If you were locked up, you'll be lap dancing for Commissary/

Cut the Commentary, mother fucker nobodies cares/
You try to go to thugs mansion, but nobodies there/

Cause the Judgment day for you is a empty place/
And Ima send you first class with a hole in your face/

I'm taking your space Nigga, don't act like you know me/
Cause I'll fuck your girl whether she likes it or not, like I was Kobe/

I'm Immortal Technique Nigga, you don't want to fuck with that/
I'll beat the shit out of your bitch, and take her trucker hat/

I'm still angry and bitter/
Got Niggas laughing at you after you die, like John Ritter/
10:21 160 11,83 0.10