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Supporting Radical Habits II, Various Artists
Supporting Radical Habits II
Release type: Album
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On The Western Front
Lyrics 02:14 224 3,55 ˆ0.10
Runnin' Things Lyrics 03:35 208 5,11 ˆ0.10
Riot Maker Lyrics
[Tech N9ne]
This song is dedicated to Brian B'zl Dennis
and all of the 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians
Real Riot Makers.

This one right here's for the Riot Makers!
The moshers! The stompers! The jail breakers!
We gon start this shit off right!
We got KCMO in the house tonight!
We gon start this shit off right! (Off right!)
We got Tecca Nina in the house tonight! (Come on!)

This is the moment for riders and thugs
Strippers and body bag, zippers and violence and drugs
Poverty, a bunch of minorities die in the clubs
They say my music's making 'em lose it, I write it in blood
This is my music for all my people missing my music
Keep listening to it, ain’t like I said get a pistol and use it
Satan shot my homie Maintain with a missile and blew it
for the industry, cause he was one of the truest..

I don't know why they keep pumping it's something
Maybe in the music when it be pumping
it's crunk and it's hella haterific
Throw your set up in the air is all the DJs really wanna play
when it’s over it’s looking bloody and Satanistic
Killas from everywhere listen to me when I be bussin shit
I’m turbulent, some get nervous when I wreck arenas
Concert promoters in Honolulu don't wanna see me
cause they say that Somoans will riot on Tecca Nina cause I'm a..

RIOT MAKER! That's if you don't know... I'm a..
RIOT MAKER! They mosh at my shows... I'm a..
RIOT MAKER! And I come out bustin... I'm a..
RIOT MAKER! RIOT MAKER! I don't give a damn about nothing!
Slide faker... I'm a skyscraper..
Riot maker

Hop in a mosh pit fa sho!
You push, you shove, you get elbowed!

Back on cause this for Fat Tone and Mac Dre
all of the soldiers who got gone on that day
All my people's thats sitting in prison
this is for you so wont you listen to the shit that I'm spitting?
Fuck the law and the government they'll hem yo ass up
They'll do everything in their power to get a fast buck
No right or wrongs, just killer bees out for your honeycomb
Bet you find out, when you bind out, when you bond out you can be free if you money long
Ever been to one of my shows? Yeah, it might be crazy
In Ohio, a chick got a little too hyphy, baby
Stage diving and crowd surfing couldn't hold back
But they dropped her, now she's unconscious with her skull cracked
Now when this happened, it wasn't even during my set
They wanted me to give a signed poster to the hospital
Bet when Travis told me we got papers, I thought he was playing..
This bitch is suin Tecca Nina for a hundred grand! Cause I'm a..

RIOT MAKER! That's if you don't know... I'm a..
RIOT MAKER! They mosh at my shows... I'm a..
RIOT MAKER! And I come out bustin... I'm a..
RIOT MAKER! RIOT MAKER! I don't give a damn about nothing!
Slide faker... I'm a skyscraper..
Riot maker

Stand back if you frightened!
Yeah! Get back cause we fighting!

I'm a skyscraper..
That's why everybody in my past is trynna to get a little piece of my paper
Man I swear, the Nina will never love them, plug them
when I'm rolling with Skatterman and Snug Brim!

It's Skatterman, cat, Strange Music's black sheep. (Why?)
Cause I'm still counting money off the back streets
Every city, every show, I got to pack heat
This ain't no fucking rap song, check my rap sheet
I'm one of a kind, turn one into nine
Blow your head of your shoulders, dog, it's nothing but time
And I never raise my voice. You a bum, why should I holler on you?
With a whisper I can drop a couple dollars on you
Sss..sss... sick them rottweilers on you
Killers busting out the windows of Impalas on you
A made man in the streets, I made grands
Wrote lyrics about my life, dropped an album, and made fans
Now I'm chilling on tour with the redhead wonder
Did 57 shows in a three month summer
On the deuce bitch ass nigga fucking with Tech
gonna be found in Swope Park with his nuts in his neck

[Snug Brim]
Like you ain't know, we put it down like this
Snug Brim, Kansas City, Missouri, uzi,groupies,doobies, fifths
You Suzie Q's ain't no excuse for the sick
So watch your tongue, if you’re whooping
I’ll get to shootin’ over you and your bitch
You just assume you tried the shoes, and they fit
You never knew that I lose you off in the section with your dude in the ditch
Whether it's rapping dog, or moving them bricks
I keep it gutter little homie, look my records, see I'm doing it thick
As you can tell I ain't no regular nigga... I'm filled with star quality
Blow indo with bitches thats naked... and watch your broad swallow me
It’s only so long you can fake it.. so don't try ta follow me
And still can't get back up on your feet... found right back where you ought to be
I see you frowning cause Strange Music got it locked boy
Invest yo stock boy, Kansas City hot boy
It's really fuck a hata, some some weed, get your paper
You can see me now or later, motherfucking Riot Maker.

Cause I'm a...

[Tech N9ne]
RIOT MAKER! That's if you don't know... I'm a..
RIOT MAKER! They mosh at my shows... I'm a..
RIOT MAKER! And I come out bustin... I'm a..
RIOT MAKER! RIOT MAKER! I don't give a damn about nothing!
Slide faker... I'm a skyscraper..
Riot maker

We will... shut this muthafucka down
We will... tear up your motherfucking town!

Since 1985... Six, six, triple eight, forty six, ninety nine, three..
Welcome... to Everready..
05:19 192 6,82 ˆ0.10
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Real Recognizes Real Lyrics
[Freddy Madball]
We are the realest, we live what we say
Our beliefs are absolute, we carry on the legacy
Bona fide, respected, our names speak for themselves
Our beliefs are our strengths in heaven and hell

[Jamey Jasta]
Don't say that we're jaded or part of the elite
And don't ever consider us part of your scene
Cuz we've outlived trends and never conformed
To you or your standards, we're claiming what's ours

[Pete Morcey]
The weak are the ones who need to proclaim
All this shit they would never say to our faces
They judge us like cowards having never known
Who and what we've stood for, for many years strong

[Paul Bearer]
We've paved this path for so many to follow
Carrying on this tradition with honor
This life was chosen, our words comes from the heart
Long live this brotherhood until death due us part
Fuck those who oppose

[Jamey Jasta & Ice T]
Motherfuckers show respect
You got to give it to get it

[Al Barr]
Our impact is forever felt, blood bound friendship
As heaven's witness
Respect all those who came before us
Our place in time engraved in the world

[Al Barr and Roger Miret]
Still we fight, to salvage and remain
Fuck those who oppose
This is our lives
This is more to us
More than you'll ever know
So show your respect, prove your allegiance
Fuck those who oppose

[Lord Ezec (AKA Danny Diablo)]
We are the ones who bled for the scene
Hardcore 4 life, straight from the streets
The good the bad the ugly and proud
Creating sonic chaos, playing it loud
This code of brotherhood, stands strong
This code of brotherhood, in memory of those who are gone
Real recognizes real, let the haters hate
Cuz it's survival of the fittest and there's no escape

[Ice T (AKA Iceberg)]
Icepick punk bitch, blood in the mosh pit
Dump with a full clip, masters of this hard shit
Roll with the ill click, blast ya with the four fifth
Straight out explode your dome and go home, POW!
03:58 176 4,69 ˆ0.10
All I Ever Lyrics 03:30 176 4,19 ˆ0.10
At The Top Lyrics 04:16 176 5,22 ˆ0.10
No Regrets Lyrics
I've lived through tragedies
Fuck up most every year
Another dead end
And another chance just to turn it around
Watching the rise and fall
Most each and every day
Any chance it's getting old
There's no way
No regrets
I know this is the way it had to go
No regrets
We go once again into the unknown
These scars tell a story
The calm right after the storm
That change of pace that's left you
Wondering what it was all for
Tearing you down again
The puzzle piece that broke
But through it all it seems
You've only grown strong
No regrets
I know this is the way it had to go
No regrets
We go once again into the unknown
(It shows me a new place in the end)
02:28 224 3,82 ˆ0.10