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None For All And All For One (ep), Pitchshifter None For All And All For One (ep) 2006, Single/EP
Submit, Pitchshifter Submit 1992, Album
Industrial, Pitchshifter Industrial 1991, Album
Desensitized, Pitchshifter Desensitized 1993, Album
Infotainment, Pitchshifter Infotainment 1996, Album
Genius (Maxi-Single), Pitchshifter Genius (Maxi-Single) 1998, Single/EP, Pitchshifter 1998, Album
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Submit, Pitchshifter
Release type: Album
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Duration: 56:59  
Size, Mb: 59,24  


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Gritter Lyrics
I'm not ashamed to let you know
I want this light in me to show
I'm not ashamed to speak the name
Of Jesus Christ

What are we sneakin' around for?
Who we tryin' to please?
Shruggin' off sin, apologizing
Like we're spreading some kind of disease

I'm saying "No way!"
No way


This one says it's a lost cause
Save your testimonies for church time
The other one's state, you better wait
Until you do a little market research

I'm saying "No way!"
No way



I'm not ashamed to speak the name
Of Jesus Christ

Chorus (x4)
04:04 256 7,10 0.10
Deconstruction Lyrics
I see this look, I see this sad look.
And all I do, and all I seem to do.
I just adopt the same face, the same face

Reaction floored (there's nothing there).
And it's always the same.

Torn apart, scratching down.
It's all there and it's all there.
And if I don't then It won't tell me how to feel.

Fleeting through, clenching down.
Blatant connection - connection.
And it's always the same.

My scars define you and I feel you pushing down.
It's all there and it's all there.

I will not be forced down, and I see past this rage.
Take this - you take this, and it's all the same
03:56 256 7,23 0.10
New Flesh P.S.I. Lyrics 05:18 256 9,60 0.10
Bastardiser Lyrics
Stagnant reason faceless pain it's in your desperate vein.
Borted fusion lifeless feelings in your borrowed hands.
Breath, let me - let me breath.

Muted waste within the scar thought kills the feeble mind.
Destroy the fear left short to start commence the breed.
Breath, let me - let me breath.

Leave me now you soul polluter, leave me free.
03:46 240 6,41 0.10
Dry Riser Inlet Lyrics
Tear my face control my skin, fevered walls give sweat and scape.
Pierce my scalp with brittle force, arch your lying white light moves.

Saturate breath all to crawl, seize my shaking hands bear down.
Swell of face infected taste stop this swollen pain I fear.

This dry feeling rising within me.

Germinate hate cover of face, grip my twisted, back inflamed.
Irrigate fear stayed block out dirt I taste your darkened lies.

Ache scatter smash irrigate, feel the liquid flows of force.
Arch your lying white light moves, I must endure.

This dry feeling rising within me.
04:19 224 6,70 0.10
Tendrill Lyrics
Spineless, mute, static - cease to move, drag me down.
Surging, burnt, diseased - feel my thoughts, smear stained force.
Starve me, crawling - there's no restain.
Endless, swarming there's no restain.
Frightened, drawn to - there's no restain.
Bow down, fall through - there's no restain.
35:36 96 22,20 0.10