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Devolution (Limited Edition) , De/Vision Devolution (Limited Edition) 2003, Album
Subkutan, De/Vision Subkutan 2006, Album
Two, De/Vision Two 2001, Album
Antiquity, De/Vision Antiquity 1995, Album
Fairyland, De/Vision Fairyland 1996, Album
Hear Me Calling (Single), De/Vision Hear Me Calling (Single) 1998, Single/EP
World without End, De/Vision World Without End 1993, Album
Strange Affection (Single), De/Vision Strange Affection (Single) 1998, Single/EP
Freedom (Single), De/Vision Freedom (Single) 2000, Single/EP
Digital Dream (EP), De/Vision Digital Dream (EP) 2003, Single/EP
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Subkutan, De/Vision
Release type: Album
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Duration: 65:28  
Size, Mb: 90,03  


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Subtronic Lyrics
Come on move it
When I'm on the mike
We gonna rock you
We gonna rock you right
05:25 192 7,43 0.10
The End Lyrics
I'm unimpressed
By everything you do
You make me sick
I never wanna be like you
Your hollow words
Opinions all cut-and-dried
I know it hurts
But sometimes reality bites

You are the end
You are the end
I'm the beginning
You are the end
You are the end
I'm the beginning
And you are the end

You make me puke
I can't stand your stupid face
Your sightless eyes
Your touch like death's cold embrace
05:19 192 7,31 0.10
Star-Crossed Lovers Lyrics
Don't lose your heart
We're made of sterner stuff
We like a bit of rough
Nothing in this world
Can keep me away from you
Lights up the night like you do

Life goes on
It holds no fear for us
Taking the smooth with the rough
Everything seems familiar
Weightless like a dream
Sometimes I can't even feel

Star-crossed lovers
Like no others no no no
04:51 192 6,68 0.10
Addict Lyrics
I'm addicted to everything you do
What else can I do
I'm addicted to all of you
Lead me up the garden path
Pretend that we will always last

I'm addicted to every part of you
What else I can do
I'm addicted to simply all about you
Drain my dry my head has a leak
Strong as I feel you make me weak

If I should lose my head
May I wreck your instead
Determine my fate don't hesitate
Take me to a natural high
I long to touch the sky
Determine my fate
Hurry don't be late
04:55 192 6,74 0.10
Obey Your Heart Lyrics
Obey the voice of your heart
Move to the sound
Of the underground
Focused on infinity
Infirm of purpose
Underneath the surface

Make the pace
Feel you blood surge through your veins
Sing out loud
Watch your dreams come floating out
Love's tender embrace
Sends you right out to space
Use your brain
Only you can ease you pain

Obey the voice of your heart
Move to the sound
Of the underground
You're free to do as you please
Your mind is going
Your body's flowing
04:44 192 6,51 0.10
No Tomorrow Lyrics
What if everything that you believe in isn't true
What if the face you see in the mirror isn't you

What if the blood we shed was wasted for a long lost cause
What if you found out you'd sold your soul at a great loss
What if you woke up from what you thought was an endless dream
What if the world we know was but a pale reflection of what's real

What would you do
What would you do
If there was no tomorrow
What would you do
What would you do
If there was no time to borrow
What would you do
What would you do
If there was no tomorrow
What would you do
What would you do
Would there still be a need to move on

Pack a whole life into a day
Only living is for free
Let's get lost where nothing matters
Where the sky meets the sea

Hold me up to the light
Show me things no-one else can see
Let's get lost where nothing matters
Where the sky meets the sea
06:26 192 8,83 0.10
Still Unknown Lyrics
I never move in time
One by one my senses learn to fly
Wave good bye
I'm always on the move
I'm at one with the world
I'm at one with everyone
Everything except myself

Call me names I don't mind
I shall pay you back in kind
My love for you is still unknown
Build it up
Tear it down
Don't be afraid to break new ground
My love for you is still unknown

My time is almost up
No amount of paint can hide the rust
There's a time and place for everything
05:00 192 6,88 0.10
In Dir Lyrics
Ist der Weg das Ziel
F?hrn'alle Wege dorthin
oder nur im Kreis
Bin ich der ich war
das was morgen geschah
war ich immer schon da
Wo gehst du hin wo kommst du her
Gibt es da vielleicht noch mehr
von deiner Art
Nichts ist wie es war
und langsam wir der klar
dass da was Grosses war
es war immer schon da

Es war immer hier tief in dir tief in dir
Die Antwort liegt in dir lebt in dir lebt in dir

Ist das Leben ein Traum
geborn aus Schall und Rauch
Tr?umst du immer noch
Ob die Welt sich ewig dreht
Gibt es was das dich bewegt
dir den Kopf verdreht
Bringt mir der Tod ewiges Leben
Sind unsre S?nden l?ngst vergeben
oder niemals mehr
Alles wie es war
und langsam wird dir klar
dass da was Grosses naht
gehst aus grosse Fahrt
05:48 192 7,97 0.10
E-Shock Lyrics
Electrify your mind
Let it come all over you
Electrify your mind
Dreaming in electric blue
05:56 192 8,13 0.10
My Own Worst Enemy Lyrics
If only I could move at the speed of light
If only I was born to a greater life
If only I was made in a raging sea of love
If only I was out from the stars above

There is not my true life
I am not the man that I should be
I'm called to higher things
High time to get my wings
I'm no fun to be with anymore
I'm flying on the wings of mediocrity
I'm my own worst enemy

If only I could just explode
Like a dying star
In a blaze of lights
05:58 192 8,19 0.10
Not Made Of Gold Lyrics
I wanna run like the wind
Where to? I don't know
I'm armed with love I'm ready to go
Where no-one goes
The bitch is in season her will be done
Know yourself and you'll know where you belong
When the mind is gone

Take a look inside my heart
I have known right from the start

I may not have a load of money
My future may be on hold
Yet I'm more than well rewarded
My fortune is not made of gold

Go and let your imagination run wild
Like back in the old days when you were a child
Expand your mind
Nobody can tell the shape of things to come
But you're able to tell right from wrong
Sing a happy song

Take a look inside my heart
I have known right from the start
05:32 192 7,62 0.10
Summer Sun Lyrics
Sun Summer Sun
I won't be long

Everything's in a permanent
State of flux
Enjoy yourself
To the full

We are obsessed
With transitory pictures
Out of sight
Out of mind

Mind the wind, my love
The path to
salvation is tough
05:39 192 7,74 0.10