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Somewhere In South America: Live In Buenos Aires, Steve Hackett
Somewhere In South America: Live In Buenos Aires
Release type: Concert
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Release date:


Duration: 103:46  
Size, Mb: 119,03  


Price for album: 1.84 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
The Floating Seventh Lyrics 01:26 160 1,65 0.10
Mechanical Bride Lyrics 06:48 160 7,79 0.10
Medley Lyrics 05:14 160 5,98 0.10
Serpentine Song Lyrics 06:44 160 7,70 0.10
Watcher Of The Skies Lyrics 05:09 160 5,88 0.10
Hairless Heart Lyrics 02:55 160 3,35 0.10
Firth Of Fifth Lyrics 03:00 160 3,44 0.10
Riding The Colossus Lyrics 04:14 160 4,84 0.10
Pollution Lyrics 02:41 160 3,08 0.10
The Steppes Lyrics
Lyrics Franne Golde

There's no time to stop and wonder why
The sun, the moon, the biggest starry sky
And I don't propose to understand
What it's all about

I only know I can't forget the rain
And when the world's to much to take

I close my eyes
I hold my breath
I tell myself


It's comin again (and I can't wait)
It's comin again (the love we make)
It's comin again
The promise of a better day (yeah)
Just hold on
It's comin again (I can see it's comin)
Just hold on
It's comin' again
Comin' comin' comin' (2x)
Hey yeah yeah

Sometimes I sit and watch the world go by
Sometimes it almost makes me wanna cry
A thousand faces staring back at me
And you're all I see (Yeah)

I only know
I can't forget your touch
No, no, no...
And when I stumble into dark

I close my eyes
I hold my breath
I tell myself


We're gonna see the sun come rising
I'll hold you in my arms
Till then
And close my eyes
I'll hold my breath
I'll tell myself
I know
It's comin' again Oh............
It's comin' again
It's comin' again
The promise of a better day (Yeah)
Ooh and it's comin' comin' comin'
It's comin again (and I can't wait)
It's comin again (the love we make)
And I see it's comin
I know it's comin' again..
06:13 160 7,10 0.10
Gnossienne # 1 Lyrics 03:46 160 4,33 0.10
Walking Away From Rainbows Lyrics 04:03 160 4,65 0.10
Sierra Quemada Lyrics 06:24 160 7,32 0.10
The Wall Of Knives Lyrics 00:48 160 0,92 0.10
Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite Lyrics 06:41 160 7,64 0.10
A Tower Struck Down Lyrics 03:17 160 3,77 0.10
Lucridus Lyrics 01:50 160 2,12 0.10
Darktown Lyrics
Take a trip take a ride
Through Darktown don't be shy
Gather by the clocktower take your seats
Glad you're here it's for keeps
Festering wounds from years gone by
Toxic waste you buried inside
In Darktown

Take a turn step on down
Through an alleyway you'll find
By the backstreet trash resides
The underworld you tried to hide
And from a dark corner where walls loom high
You'll hear the sound of a small child's cry
In Darktown

Legions of hate schools of fear
Proudly accomplished their mission here
A hidden agenda behind the eyes
For the gifted ones they most despised
They couldn't do it in the X-rated world
But presided over the boys and girls
In Darktown

It's all on camera it's all on film
On the couch in the shower
The stains are there still
Drink to the ones who dished out the marks
Rabid animals right from the start
It's happy hour shut the beasts away
Come along children it's time to play
In Darktown
05:25 160 6,20 0.10
Camino Royale Lyrics 08:02 160 9,19 0.10
Intros Lyrics 00:43 160 0,84 0.10
In Memoriam Lyrics
For someone else the blues and greens
The dreaming spires the skin-tight jeans
The armchair armies on the march
The transfer unit tube and mask
Who needs all the endless lies
That serve to keep the world alive
To taste the sweetness of the grave
And not regret mistakes I've made

In memoriam

Goodbye to all the angry dawns
Committee meetings pistols drawn
You can keep the rave reviews
The priests, the guards, the prisons and zoos
Goodbye to all the nation's pride
Farewell to those all choosing a side
In hut number twelve they're issuing guns
But only for the chosen ones

In memoriam
08:45 160 10,02 0.10
Horizons Lyrics 02:05 160 2,38 0.10
Los Endos Lyrics 07:44 160 8,84 0.10