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Somewhere Else, Eva Avila
Somewhere Else
Release type: Album
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Duration: 46:54  
Size, Mb: 67,84  


Price for album: 1.04 (discount 20%)  

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I Owe It All To You Lyrics
Relentless heat of the desert sun
The weight of the city surrounding our home
So far away but not so long ago
The taste of their burden is still on my tongue
Sweetest of songs from across the ocean
Carried us here and remind us how to love

Can you feel it in the drums
Now look how far we've come

Don't you know I owe it all to you
I take it with me in everything I do
It's true I do it all for you
And with this love we could never lose

The road is long and there's bumps on the way
Don't be discouraged by adversity
Believe in yourself no matter what they say
Around the world if you're near or far
The fire's in you no matter who you are
Go as far as you can, don't forget that you're a star

La la la la la la la la la la la oh oh oh
La la la la la la la la la la la oh oh oh
02:52 224 4,54 0.10
Not So Different Lyrics
Somethin' bout you and me
Living life dangerously
I'm from here, you're from there
But I don't even really care
My friends say I'm crazy
I'm just not your type
But love is many colours
It's not black or white

We're not so different
I want you and you want me
That's something what we agree
No different
You got plans - I understand
I'm following my own dream
No different
I get you and you get me
And that means that everything
Who's to say we gotta change
Who's to say we're not the same
We're not so different
We're not so different

When you vibe next to me
I wanna live fearlessly
You know things that I don't know
Teach me how to let go
I'm not scared to find a-bout your everything
The more I care to see
The more I'm sure you're for me

I'm gonna improvise
03:01 224 4,55 0.10
Stop Cryin' Lyrics 03:08 208 4,42 0.10
Should I Fall Lyrics
It's 3 a.m.
And I've been thinking
What we're all about
I gotta tell you
I'm halfway
Between hope and doubt
Am I goin' overboard
Pushing just a little too hard
Don't want to give it all away
But hey

I admit to being afraid
Falling hard and being played
My heart is saying just let go
But I don't know

Should I fall
Open up and give it all
Should I fall
Should I fall
Don't know what I'll do
Should I fall for you

There's a part of me
Saying take a chance
Tell you everything
Then the other side
Says be cool
Hold back something
I'm not into playing games
I'm hoping that you feel the same
I'd like to get close tonight
But only if it's right
Won't somebody tell me how
I'm supposed to hold back now
Am I past the point of saying
Let's wait?

I've been holding back so long
what I feel can't be wrong
Once we start it'll be too late
And love will carry us away
Should I fall baby
And you know it's true
04:03 176 5,05 0.10
Got A Feelin' Lyrics 04:18 224 6,62 0.10
Weak In The Knees Lyrics
Feels like I'm back in fifth grade
Day dreaming 'bout when you ask me to come and play
But you never do, you sit so far away
You don't even notice the heart I drew around your name,
I know it's crazy, I feel like a fool
'Cause every time you walk into the room, I always miss my cue

I want to know if someone turns you on at night
I want to know if it could be me
I got to know how to make you see
That you've got me weak in the knees

Feels like I never learned to speak
Every time I think to ask how was your week-end
So I never do, I just hope to be seen
But I casually cross your path
While tripping over my feet
I know it's crazy, I ain't gonna lie
But every time that you give me a sign
I always miss my line

Oh you don't even know it
There's a table for two
For me and you
Though it's so hard to show it
When I give you no clue

Every day after day,
I been thinking of what I could say
To get through to you
Wish I could read your mind
So that I could find
If you're feelin' me too

I want to know if... oh baby
I want to know if... ooh oh
You got me
You got me
03:10 208 4,45 0.10
Old Love Song Lyrics
Wandering around in the city
Nothing like my sweet hometown
Everybody seems so pretty
Trying to keep my feet on the ground
And I just bought these brand new clothes
So why am I still feeling blue
Something's still missing
I just figured out

You'll take me home
Like an old love song
I could listen to that record all night long
You'll take me home
From these crazy days
When it feels like everything is going wrong
It gets easier when you play that old love song

Never knew how much I could miss you
Never thought I'd feel this way
Took a thousand miles and a plane ride
Now I think about you night and day
I would leave these brand new clothes
Just so I could let you know
It was you that was missing
I just figured it out

I've been busy chasing dreams
Left behind the most beautiful thing
And all I know is I just wish you'd come back here and

When you play that old love song
Take me home
Like and old love song
I could listen to that record all night long
You'll take me away
From all these crazy days
When it feels like everything is going wrong
It gets easier so much easier
It gets easier when you play that old love song
03:30 224 5,41 0.10
Some Kind Of Beautiful Lyrics
Baby what you done to me,
I can't get you off my mind, babe I'm hypnotized
Didn't know I could feel this way
Was starting to believe love had given up on me
Thought I'd had my chance and missed it
Suddenly I can see it's all just beginning
No ifs and no buts and there's no in-between
Loving you happened so naturally

Some kind of beautiful has taken control of me
Some kind of beautiful philosophy
A new kind of wonderful is turning my world around
Some kind of beautiful love I found

Never thought I would ever find
Stuck in the middle and always just a step behind
Every day always was the same
Living in the eye of a hurricane yeah
Used to think I'd been forsaken
Finally you can see my smile I ain't fakin'
No ifs and no buts and there's no in-between
The tracks of my tears are nowhere to be seen

Never knew love like this existed
Thought that I had my chance and missed it
Never knew you could have it all
Spending my life just make-believing
Hoping that I would find that feeling
Of some kind of beautiful
03:32 224 5,65 0.10
I Don't Wanna Cry Lyrics 03:43 208 5,20 0.10
This Kind Of Love Lyrics
Woke up to find myself
Standing in another day
Filled with anxiety, and praying for a different way
I give it all I have, till I have no more to give
I used to think I'd die for love
Now I'd rather live
If everywhere you look you'd find some misery
The view from there can make you feel
Just a little crazy

This kind of love ain't right
Won'ttake us through the night
Some think love equals pain but
This kind of love's not true
Not good for me or you
I think we got to get out of this rain

Sleep walking through life
Waiting for the other shoe to fall
Dreams cut like a knife
When you think you shouldn't dream at all
I saw a dark cloud
Looks like it follows us around
And it doesn't take that much you know
To make it tumble down
How did we ever go from being so happy
To suffer along and be strong
Just so we can keep on keepin' on

If everywhere you look you'll find some misery
The view from there can make you feel
Just a little crazy
04:11 192 5,54 0.10
Bittersweet Lyrics
The nightingale sings a song for free
Sounds like my own symphony
I'm almost hypnotized by the sound
I wake up and you're not around
Here things are moving very slow
Especially when it comes to letting go

Never thought the situation would reach this place
Never thought I'd see a stranger when I see your face
Can't believe I feel alright 'bout walking away
But I feel okay
Even in defeat
It's bittersweet

One by one the walls came down it's true
And god knows that we built a few
There's only one left around and that's you
But it's left me with quite a view
Of the world that I've only seen
Somewhere in a magazine

Every time that we come close to finding a solution
You seem to find it impossible to say
I'll meet you halfway
I just pray you'll be happy someday
03:38 208 5,09 0.10
Meant To Fly Lyrics
Yeah... let's ride
Looks like the sun won't come out today
But the weatherman said there's no chance of rain
Every once in a while you need to get away
It feels like voodoo dolls and prank calls everyday... yeah

But I believe that we're meant to fly
Come with me - baby don't hide
All your hopes and all your fears
Are safe out here tonight
Cuz I believe that we're meant to fly
So come on let's ride

Sounds like the birds have stopped singing
The cold winds must've come and taken them
When all you want is to sing along and bring them back again
It's all detours, red lights and dead ends

I'll take you to a place that no one's ever been before
Hanging on too long - the time has come to let go
You gotta let go - yeah...

Oh yeah... come on...

... come on... let's ride...
03:26 208 5,07 0.10
Fallin' For You Lyrics 04:25 208 6,25 0.10