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Weltschmerz (Intro) Lyrics 01:28 176 1,74 0.10
Sink Fast Let Go Lyrics 03:23 176 4,15 0.10
Fatalist Lyrics
Though we later may walk
In a valley in a shadow of death
What should we logically fear?
Perhaps the complacent urge for a deity
To make us whole and guide us through
To fulfil an image that is cloudy at best

Where was the help previously
When appeals went unheard?
Huge effort expended in devotion
For nothing in return
Grimly clinging, predetermined
To prop up an image that is cloudy at best
Resigned rigid, predetermined
To covet a vision that is forced on the rest

Life becomes an exercise in cutting down your options
Existing becomes a joyless parade to the end

Life becomes a platform from which to attack free thought
Existing becomes a prison where self-discovery's forbidden

The fatalist

Any fool starting afresh would surely ditch this
After two-thousand years of schism
Only irreligious hearts can do the saving
02:52 192 3,71 0.10
Puritanical Punishment Beating Lyrics
Automatons strayed from their flock
Cast as the embodiment of ruination

Resounding words from God
And words are all they ever are
Astounding deeds from faith
That never quite astound

Moral yardstick beats us senseless
Observe some wills being broken
Blocked the clear sight

Better an outcast than a forced sycophant
Better a head free from religious checks

No protection - oh well, take a slow sexual death
No salvation through safe birth control (!)

Same sex, different habits - who gives a fucking shit
This won't make the species unfurl

Better an outcast than a forced sycophant
Better a head free from religious checks

Slavishly steered by redemption
Stricken by Biblical wrath
When solutions lie in compassionate logic
Not hearsay but the will of man
03:26 192 4,39 0.10
Well All Is Said And Done Lyrics 03:02 208 4,23 0.10
Freedom Is The Wage Of Sin Lyrics
Mandated since none of them knew
How to transcend moral codes that are presumed

Cower in a corner and keep the heresy stowed

Freedom is the wage of sin

No universal (theoretical) force of influence
Should dictate behaviour that we can't handle ourselves

Freedom is the wage of sin

Permission - the abdication of our self-determination

Think... think for a minute
Of centuries of perpetuating
Bloodshed, deception, oppression

Think... think for a minute
Of centuries of subjugating
Martyrs superstitions

The evidence is damning and conclusive -
That intervention
Is not advancing or easing hardships
Still we're strangely so duty-bound
03:09 176 3,80 0.10
In Deference Lyrics
Ethically aligned to the cause -
Or so I thought
A cause that decried the exploits
Where masses are coerced

Often, social justice is a cynical smokescreen
Only at their bidding

Close-circuit reach - don't overstep my boundaries
Such boundaries that crumble under order

Sincerely you serve your own ends -
Do as I do
I can't tell my left from my right -
Corruption blurs

Face the wrong direction
And we risk containment
Whilst they sanction murder

Close-circuit reach quickly erases all travesties
Such travesties waved away with feeble ease

It's adjudged to be uncivil
You should be at a lower reach
Bound over
Because open thinking is an act of complicity

Leaders are leading by example
'Rights' and 'wrongs' on a sliding scale
Sit atop the order of importance
You too can reap the power harvest

The 'deviant' young get in the way
We become suitably distraught
Whilst their judges take lives near and afar
And reap the power harvest
03:15 192 4,10 0.10
Short Lived Lyrics
In and out of boxes
And herded into packs
Get swept away on a current to mediocrity

Forcing pleasure visually, not offending their ears -
How tedious
Maximum restriction, Minimum enlightenment -
How tedious

Approval to be worthwhile
Toiling to make the grade
Don't relax on a wide view
Seek pardon toward the grave

In and out of boxes
And herded into packs
Get swept away on a current of inadequacy

Swallowing what's 'right' and 'wrong'
Grasping the unproven rule -
How tedious

Approval to be worthwhile
Toiling to make the grade
Don't relax on a wide view
Seek pardon toward the grave
Living to actually live
Mercy without faith's weight
I'll relax on a wide view
No apologies toward my grave

Drudgery prevails on the checklist of faith
So little time given moral restraints
Cut loose the sinners who can barely be named
Drudgery prevails on the checklist of faith
03:07 176 3,89 0.10
Identity Crisis Lyrics
Fly their flags upside down,
Then watch the sky come falling in
And ranks will swell to quell

These separatists
And our identity crisis
This great identity crisis

Traitor to 'my people'
No, you're a traitor to yourself
Enslaved by hierarchy

Demanding dues
Through this identity crisis
This clear identity crisis

Going down on one knee
To bear the load of some inglorious burden
Acting accordingly hastens death to the individual

You roam in packs
Smash the fringes to remind the nation-led

Of us 'fifth columnists'
And our identity crisis
This clear identity crisis
02:44 192 3,54 0.10
Shattered Existence Lyrics 03:11 192 4,20 0.10
Eyes Right Out Lyrics
Don't look upon the spoils with accusing gaze
Don't insinuate that this stranglehold should really break
Don't jab conspiratorial fingers in that direction
Don't hold up to the light their dregs of purified poison

Gently you'll be dissuaded, brought around

Don't work out that the suffering mind knows when to die
Don't drink from jewelled chalices and wonder why
Don't steal back from exploiters that stripped you bare
Don't arrive back to thinking that he's got your share

Somehow you've been dissuaded and shut out

Objections raised all softened to a murmur
Wanton blasphemers shrink down in this vacuum

Loudest base pleasures stifled to a whimper
Colour and shade is so bland in this vacuum

Repentant - you've been muzzled in their open arms
03:13 176 3,95 0.10
Warped Beyond Logic Lyrics
Absorb this, relent
Approach this in a trance

Monoliths raised - oh aching faith
Monoliths blotting your landscape

They'll try to coax you in,
But they'll never snare your mind
They'll try to cast aspersions
On your failing, Godless life

Stare with indifference into the invisible eye
Who so died for many sins -
Those were theirs, not mine

They'll try to flail you
With a blast of righteous air
They'll try to break your stride
Until you really walk the path of the damned

The Pentecost, no Testament
Could complement my consciousness

They'll move to turn you
Against yourself and where you stand
They'll isolate you
To the point where non-compliance equals banishment

Theorise, marginalize, chastise
02:00 176 2,50 0.10
Rabid Wolves For Christ Lyrics
Believing is deceiving
The Earth is to be scorched
Doctrines crushed underfoot -
The very doctrines that perpetuate your cult

Archaic ways that would take the place
Are just an inverted spin on the regimented code
Divisive and regressive from the harmony of all

Must shoulder the fallen
The weak are not mere fodder
And that's what's called free-thinking -
Distanced from all Gods
01:24 176 1,67 0.10
Deaf And Dumbstruck Lyrics 02:46 176 3,47 0.10
Persona Non Grata Lyrics
Trodden down like shit underfoot
Be the downside to others upsides
Last one to the table - just starve

You'll get what you're given

This is set in stone from the ivory towers
Perception above all -
When you're face down in the dirt

Irreversibly persona non grata -
A figure off ill distinction
Persona non grata -
The place for blame diversion

No matter the plaudits I earn
The whoring and scoring for points
To strive to be superficial
I'll live by your status

This is knowing your place beneath the ivory towers
Not a going concern
But a lowly beast of burden
02:47 192 3,54 0.10
Smear Campaign Lyrics
Cheated the way from fringe to elite
Clique of stylists
Rounded illogic skipping a beat
To a dead cert

Dry-heaving charges and bursting the abscess
With a forked tongue
Bloated with courage
And spewing with cloying self-importance

Drop your targets
Aim sights lower
Leave unblemished those with real power

Smear Campaign

Stroke two faces
Nests to feather
Leave unblemished those with real power

A thousand cuts
Beat yourself proud
Leave unblemished those with real power
03:21 176 3,93 0.10