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Unsuccessfully Copying Lyrics 12:40 256 23,20 0.10
Der Untermensch Lyrics
You talk big with the lights out, sweetheart
Word's out, better get out while you can
We'll score with the lights on, darling
Let 'em hear you scream it out
If it's a game, then you're playing it all wrong
You work the room but you're leading them all on now
It gets better with the alcohol
You taste bitter when they scream for last call
You know, you're always looking for the next good time
You don't mind waking with headaches and scars
You know these girls make us put 'em down faster
We've watched you move, girl, you're such a disaster
You've got a knack for saying the wrong thing and heading for the bedroom
We're not too curious, no, we've seen everything you've got and this attention's got to stop, baby
You thrive on our attention, our words, and our affection
08:55 256 16,32 0.10
Xero Tolerance Lyrics
Obsessing me
Possessing me

Burning me
Turning me

Into someone I don't know

That's shaking me
That's making me

Into someone I don't know

I got a pickax in the trunk of my car
I'll put it on the grinder to get it real sharp
There's an ugly green monster in my head
Won't leave me alone
Until you're dead

I called your house but you couldn't be reached
So I took the D train to Brighton Beach
You're doing the thing with a brand new man
Checking out the stars
Screwing on the sand

Kill you
Kill you
Kill you

Took some steriods and adrenaline
Finlandia vodka and hallucinagens
Mixed it with blood and orange juice
Liquid protein and ice cubes

Staring down at your sweaty embraces
Put my tool right through your faces
Well buddyboy I hope you enjoyed her
'Cause I'm an equal opportunity destroyer

Kill you
Kill you
Kill you
07:45 256 14,22 0.10
Prelude To Agony Lyrics
[a. The Truth]

[b. God Love Fire Woman Death]

There is no pain like that of desire
Is there no difference between women and fire?
One burns the spirit
The other the flesh
Is sex worth the price of certain death?

I am whole
I am

Open her loins and into the hearth
Don't let her flames consume your heart
For the quest of holy copulation
The end result?
Self immoliation

I am whole
I am

Love is life
Life is love
Love is pain
Pain is death

[c. Jackhammerape]

Agony and ecstacy
Your cries of pain my pleasure
To know my machine internally
Your torment I treasure

Lifeblood combines with semen
Your screaming my laughter
The compressor is running smoothly
'Tis vengeance I am after

Begging becomes your lovesong
You're dying
I masturbate
For the crime of burning me
I give to thee

[d. Pain (is irrelevant)]


I hope you enjoy this

12:14 256 22,43 0.10
Glass Walls Of Limbo Lyrics 06:44 256 12,34 0.10
The Misinterpretation Of Silence Lyrics 01:04 256 1,96 0.10
Gravitational Constant Lyrics 09:14 256 16,92 0.10