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Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, Killarmy
Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
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Duration: 64:46  
Size, Mb: 89,19  


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Dress To Kill Lyrics
We are at war with the enemy we can't see
a brutal conspiracy of assassination
Kidnappings, bombings, highjackings and mass murders

(a woman)
Leave the Girl alone, leave alone!!!

There's a battle ragin' fueled by desperation, hatred and fear

Now the principal language spoken here is gunfire

it is a worldwar lead by holymen, madmen and millions of disciples
willing to die for their cause their strategy is worldwide terrorism

It's time to go to war niggas...
Get the bulletproof vests niggas...
word up!!

chorus: Grap yo' army suits 'n' yo' phat black boots
Military gear 'n' go up like troops (4x)

Yo, yo, yo, all rhymes is mad raw nigga, let the force pour from my jaws, lyric sause
got high with fly sounds bound the floors
it's war for all you rap acts who's wack, come back
I back gats 'n' block for filts, to be exact like that thing (Pow!)
Strikes in yo' nut, one shot, I bang slang to yo' brain
get you open on top for some What What! nigga take that
I'm in some shit is done, when it comes to track 'n' phat drums I am hung
lyrical tunes that boom, crush consume
brains leavin' yo' veins, puttin' pumps 'n' losin' the bock, blazin' hot glock
raisin' yo' nut, cock to kill son(Pow!) Spill it to bomb, backglot?
Yo, I'm test nigga, best be on Methstreet, I blast fast 'n' shout DA-DA-DAZ
just like flexin' glass, foo, last tool shiped with dime, homicide collide
with energize thoughts from dark side of Park, die
Split yo' vest from yo' test
My complex style be wild 'nuff tough like rough sex or roughnecks
I dedicate this track to the suspects (yeah!)
the real live niggas ain't afraid to bust sex

Seven soldiers, militant darkness for heavenly niggas in heaven
strap with the holy mack elevens, we turn to devils 'n' poison yo' ferrins'
razorblade stash is out the bible, stuck to the chuch of the madman on a vital

I conquer your honor 'n' the battle former, seven man control
dead maybe cause for this strategy
fight his bomber, my thoughts is elevated, arsenerated
so speak to some mamas, two places devil plated
I take off the heads of those who worship Adam 'n' Eve from the garden of Eden
follow the prince of thieves,
I ain't the guard, but you're a lyrical burgler
It's the price of killin' like Kaine did the first murder

chorus: Grap yo' army suits 'n' yo' phat black boots
Military gear 'n' go up like troops (4x)

Silent Weapons, instruments of combat used in quiet wars
when I attack MC's become B.O.W.'s missin' in action
Shogun the Assason strikes with rage,
when I engage with Street Wars,
when neighbourhood druglords let you tear yo' weapon'
too like razbows?, bows 'n' arrows it ain't that force
'n' penetrates trough the skin, but first through your clothes
My platoons uniform is timbows 'n' capholes
nice dark 'cause you being followed like dark shadows
commandoes with empty ammo
We are the men in war, refugees from Jeff county
Army of black knights, sinners 'til the death strikes

chorus: Grap yo' army suits 'n' yo' phat black boots
Military gear 'n' go up like troops (1x)

One with the killa 'n' the clan, I came with the scam
a foo-proof plan 'n' death to coloured men

Climin' uses race from the sun
Dom PaChino, Madman, Assassin tracks for Shogun...
03:37 192 4,98 0.10
Clash Of The Titans Lyrics
Take em to war son (Yeah)
Yo wassup dog?
Seven commandments, knahmean?
Yo son, with the seven commandments

Chorus: (6x)
Yo I'm about the army shit, the raw shit
The military war hits with gun clips

[Shogun Assasson]
Yo, my battleground's where I lounge
Fightin wars from dusk til dawn
In the trenches of hell
There's more blood spilled than Hamburger Hill
The planet Earth is the battlefield
Enemy troops can't come face to face with death
Black mission caught for cold steel
The last art drill when I open fire
Better aim to kill
As the destruction that I reveal like revelations
Drop Jews like parables that can't be seen with the eye like constellations
You're lost in the nation with no mental vision
Unseen strikes your vital like precision
I'm camouflged in the large with ammunition

[9th Prince]
I'm in deep meditation like the great Indian monk Dowmo
Lyrical desperados thrown like a torpedo from black masks like Zorro
I froze all the scriptures and literature of killers
Riddlers and Hitlers
Sick photographers who paint bloody pictures
Wu-Tang is the foundation, we movin populations
And you can not stand then control the minds of Asians
Candy cat raps gets your tongue cut off and run through his back
Sabotage savages got stabbed as I watched blood drip from their fabrics
Madman ran up in the church and stuck the reverend
Stabbed him with a cross, some say he was stuck by the seven
The seven commandments
Metric equivalents
Meaning many niggas died for pleasures

[Dom PaChino]
I wagin guerilla warfare, supply the yellow jackets
Each one containin a mini sovereign homing missile

Fittin your sides ragged
Puerto Rican terrorist from the Middle East refusin the mark of the beast
Increase your energy by one bar while I unleash
Thoughts that remain on your brain like scars for life
Made possible by the mic device
I slice wieldin a sharp instrument
Sharpened in the temple of pyramids
Used to drill a hole through the minds of the ignorant
It's my assignment burn up the climate usin rays from the sun
Dom PaChino madman assassinatin tracks with Shogun

[Street Life]
Yo bring it on, I deal with this like my first born
My brain form blow MCs away like Desert Storm
21st century crime for you being born
US currency got me itchin my palms
P.L.O. killer tactics like I support a fact
Dead back was the feedback, Park Hill's badass
I deal with this shit like it's my last
So to speak what you say son go have a blast
I'm livin for the city, I burn as the world turn
First degree poetry
Hold your headpiece, when I release I clear the streets
Killarmy passed the heat so I'ma dead the piece
P.L.O. is the Street Life out in the streets

[Beretta 9]
Mentally I be ready, pass the machette
My thoughts travel fast like Mario Andretti
Racin through this hellhole or ghetto through the poverty
It's all about survival so I can risk the robbery
Goin through the struggle, trials and execution
This is my solution to this revolution
Pay close attention, lyrical precision
My mind be my war guide, observe, learn and listen
Knowledge before your wisdom unleashed for the children
'96 be buildin the stat or be killed in
03:38 192 5,01 0.10
Burning Season Lyrics

Get the vests; get the vests

Word up, grab your nines

Crazy head get out there God
Blast that nigga hard

It's all real over here

Killa Sin, 9th Prince, what

We don't give a fuck

Yo, it's burning season
Y'all thugs is guiltly of high treason
Many of them bleeding
Some getting sent to the brain for no reason
On the streets niggas kill without a license, in Scarsville
It's all for real cause everything is real
Don't sleep on the average cat he's packing steel

Ayo nigga I'm on the cash rules
Wasted in my hand, half a hundred grand
Injure that pretender in the black land
Heard he be the crack man
Selling major jums (?) by the pager son
He the one sporting crazy tunes (?) lace 'em with your tongue
So here's the plan
Get the glock I got the doo-wop
Follow him for two blocks
And pop him if he do cock
Scat back better snap his nap back for that black
Pass the stacks to Fat Cat and find out where the crack's at
Rolling out make sure you keep your phone out
So I can reach your shit quick
Get his whip stripped and take my own route
For safety
Mistakes be for hasty
Many jakes who chase me
But never have the space to embrace me
A fool's game where all the rules change
I never move the same
But who's to blame
My nigga Buddha came with the ruger aim
Somebody screamed stop the violence
So this nigga had the silencer spitting black talons at any challenger
Yo, it was a ghetto Vietnam I tried to flee and harm
Me and Har my nigga Buddha caught about three in the arm
But one traveled to his abdomen
I grabbed him and embraced him
Had to see how bad this crab had laced him
Yo, rapidly bleeding started pleading for his life
Take care my seed and my wife
Make sure she's feeding him right
True indeed black I got your back
I hold it down on the real
May you rest in peace son
I see you on the ground

Many times I fought the urge to resort to crime

But I find my criminal mind complying with the villain kind
I'm feeling nines 'til they overflow
Going blow for blow with the rest
Cause them try and test the best
It's a slug fest
Round one sounds wrong I found one
Lurking in the back now clapped him with my pound son
The shells drop
Old ladies yell for the cops and shorty shot shit
Fell in the arms of his pops and didn't mean to
Why he had them running away
Should have taught him how to duck when he heard the fucking gun spray
I say a prayer for the kid, keep stepping
With my weapon cocked wetting up the block every section hot
The gats flash out by leaps and bounds
Now police and hounds making up grounds
Cause they chasing me down
I'm all alone in this war zone
My brain's under stress
Thinking I'm blessed if I can make it home
Scared to death kid
Catch my breath I bear left
Hit the weeds and then rest to calm my chest
But an undercover had discovered my plot and plan
I shot the man so I dropped my glock and ran

Get the fuck out the way, move, move
Get the fuck out the way, oh shit

Yo, I made a rally to a dark alley
Where I bumped heads with crackhead Fred and his bitch named Sally
She had a down low lab for me to go to
Where I could relax and count stacks like I'm supposed to
Keep my whereabouts on the hush hush
I had to provide some heroin high, sick grooves, and five bags of dust
I didn't wet up or let it slide because I was petrified
If homicide got me they gonna watch me die
Fuck that, I'm going all out
No half stepping
My last weapon is cocked to keep that ass jetting
I lay low for like five days or so
Put some troopers on the block round the clock to make me dough
Yo out of sight and out of mind be my motto
I promise myself I'm gonna make it to see tomorrow

Word up, Killarm '96
Killa Sin, word up
9th Prince
The saga continues
For real though gotta let these niggas know
To the rounds in the cut, all real niggas raise up
04:13 192 5,79 0.10
Blood For Blood Lyrics
chorus: Blood for Blood without rewards
a bullet hears my true love sign
in life's young dreams to all
Blood for blood
Blood for Blood without rewards

(Dom PaChino)
Deep in the hot sands of Savannah, stands a rhymin' highlander,
Mental expander with all the propaganda
You in a contest, on his conquest
lies a rap voyager, articla lyricist
Lyrics are Delhi like asbestis
You get cardiac arrested by the specialist
Commando with no encore, sore like a bald eagle
to this world full of evil
a shields of forcefield, transparent like Dear Parks spring water
tracks are trench slaughter like a chainsaw massacre
an ancient warrior trapped in Castlevania
One more way to explain is anger

(Shogun Assason)
To all my universal soldiers stay at attention
while I strategize an invasion, the mission be assasination
snipers hittin' car casins with semi-automatic shots heard around the world
My part is to control the globe and hold the world hostage
and my fingertips with tight grips like Atlas
See I got a warplan more deadlier than Hitler
It was all written down in ancient scriptures

Chorus: a bullet hears my true love sign
in life's young dreams to all
Blood for Blood
Blood for Blood without rewards
a bullet hears my true love sign
in life's young dreams to all
Blood for blood

(9th Prince)
Yo, a re-genesis, a speak lyricist, X-ray visionist
lyrical specialist under world terrorist
my razorblade custom sharpness
sharpin' the sword 'n' re-killed by the lord
the last platoon set up a camp fire on the moon
Be built of a will, illuminate soon

all my soldiers train with eagle claws
first to three of military laws
we create a massacre like Texas chainsaw
blood for blood keep the unity thick like mud
Killarmy attack 'n' pell of fighters
Deadly control of Lone Rangers, soap a sky blackness
Squadron ally bombers like Hitler and the battle of Britain
analyse my vision then join my collision
which is a war conviction, militant chamber that's headin'

Chorus: my true love sign
in life's young dreams to all
blood for blood
blood for blood

(Beretta 9)
Yo, check the convoy is parachutes diploid
a squadron of arment Killarms garment, it's sexist
surrender yo' shows 'n' yo' weapons
force the section pass the ammonition
shit is deep as I walk into danger
blowin' up spots with bad times 'n' anger
outlaws dipped to black for T-cap
with more force to loot
I bomb beyond the strike back
the Army, seven man deep, back to back
I pullin' out gats, lounchin' deadly attacks
I be goin' to war, unheard 'n' unseen
awakin' from yo' dreams, puck gunshots 'n' screams
don't got time for the snitchers, leave 'em count their stitches
make 'em take a fall in the bloody ditches
Beretta 9 givin' it raw, blood for blood
now we've gathered all at war

Chorus: why, blood for blood
blood for blood without rewards
a bullet hears my true love sign
in life's young dreams to all
blood for blood
blood for blood without rewards
a bullet hears my true love sign
in life's young dreams to all
blood for blood
blood for blood without rewards
03:52 192 5,29 0.10
Seems It Never Fails Lyrics
It seems it never fail (x3)
that the devils got niggaz domes locked in hell
so return to the darkside
snakes are the niggaz that stares you in the eyes
death is a penalty when you die

blood seaks out ya right eye
the war against the brain
the mad pain will be felt
watch da sun the rain expert through his own work
Islord choppin' his way up to Billboard
the top notch I got mc's gatherin' sold their life
similiar to Fort Knox
Lyrical shots and shot rap and fire style
Killarmy Profilin' mostly buck whilin'
at the click put it to ten max
to the up most niggaz is ghost's
on the first lyrical dose
that'll wreck ya brain like uncooked cocaine
str-8 from the crates of the cocoa click
niggaz chant Killarmy from Bronx Don Juan

It seems it never fail (x3)
that the devils got niggaz domes locked in hell
so return to the darkside
snakes are the niggaz that stares you in the eyes
death is a penalty when you die

[9th Prince]

Let me survive after the fully moon
facin' changed said
lettin' oracles of oracle man
solid liquid and gas
I became an Ill fad and cryin' of shame
and heal the pain of less of my name
and taggin' on the wall
bited and blood stains
'til the whole world can see
the reality of a madess conspiracy
dark heavens slangin' in chemical smoke
and hold ya breath or death
if not ya choke and
speak that what preachers will say
I gash him to pieces when he comes my way
blood is worser to the storm
and the singers I jacked
who are going to die perhaps
I sang watchin' men through the valleys again
then I spin into a circle of wind
which is a tornado or I'm dangerous
like David Caress of Waco
to wake up the ammo
Killarmy dipped in green like deniro

It seems it never fail (x3)
that the devils got niggaz domes locked in hell
so return to the darkside
snakes are the niggaz that stares you in the eyes
death is a penalty when you die
02:28 192 3,39 0.10
Universal Soilders Lyrics 04:15 192 5,82 0.10
Love, Hell Or Right Lyrics
Word (Yo three joints youknowI'msayin?)
The God existed way before that (Word)
Not tonight man
Number one niggas put a lot of energy into this shit man (Yup)
Niggas put a lot of time into this shit man (Yeah)
And it's like, it's like when you put, when you invest time into somethin God
Then it pays off man, bottom line
(It's like you get, you get out of it what you put into it)
What you put into it youknowI'msayin
So you give a hundred and ten you gonna get a hundred and twenty back
RZA's only right
It's like we had to go though hell to come out right

That cipher, they got to make their own choice
We can't make they choice for em they made their own choice
It was up to us they probably would've been with us, knowI'msayin

But they made their own choice and they went their own way
And they fell off

That's why I'm glad it's like yo
I glad of this shit, because niggas gotta come up now

But see everything happen for a reason son, knahmean
And that's why them niggas got cut
The way they got cut when they got cut off, youknowI'mmean
It's like it happened for a reason God
It was meant to be, y'all can't see it no other way
(Niggas had to go) You know?
You can't see it no other way son
It's like we either gonna do with or without God

It seems like when niggas got cut our shit came stronger together
It's for the better...
01:11 192 1,62 0.10
Wake Up Lyrics
Wake the fuck up (12X)


Yo wake the fuck up or get broke the fuck up
The wisdom we apply Son soak this shit up
If it was sess Son niggaz would smoke this shit up
So wake the fuck up or get broke the fuck up

Verse One: Madman

Yo yo yo we are street soldiers of the dark side of the planet
I kill killing orders like a lieutenant
Hit the planet Earth then explode like a human cannon
The universal author, born to kill saga
Givin niggaz head trauma
Bulletproof shield is made of gold armor
Brain surgeon is aversions my purgin mind urban
Scientists found killed and wrapped up in curtains
Casualties, flashbacks, now simply that
I attack like a rat, serious as a heart attack
Professional assassinator professor
Assassinate your mindstate and broke the metal plate
Lyrical Nostradamus, psychotic mind of Sadaam
Ex-con, attack the Pentagon
with unorthodox firearm from Vietnam
I crucify em, like Muslims murdering jews from Jerusalem
Now who's the supreme lyricist? You can't seize this
When I die, my name'll be worshipped like Jesus
War visual individual incriminate the criminal
My culture nickel put holes in your face like dimples


Verse Two: Hell Razah

Brains get unfrozen when they oppose, as we unfold
Futuristic scrolls that was prophesized scriptures
Hitting an untold, I roll with my skull and bones
made of solid gold, skin is closing up
Approach your home, with a war, Armaggedeon in my home
Wisdom mind ruler mental intruder
From the tribe of Judah
Devils dissapear like they went through the
Bermuda, triangle, erupting on Ryzarector tracks
like volcanoes, so God swear to me
I appear two years sample revolution in the burning cup
Constitution, learned too much, came off must return
Observe the facts, delivered by, blacks
Soon as we unite the sky cracked
A group of UFO's formed a seven in the heavens
God celebrate devils death day signal
Jail let loose the criminals, bystanders died
Waiting for miracles we giving you

Chorus: 1/4

Verse Three: Killa Sin

Yo, I make your heart thump like tree stumps
be crackin concrete chumps released once
the Earth shifts, vocal points clips he wrote and missed
Killer vocalist, load his fist blessed with loaded gifts

Golden clips, shotty slipped like psychotic hits
in soldier flicks, who wrote the shit superior
Mines combine the modus click
Enterprise like German spies, keep my eyes on Soviets
Stay Russian my direction I'm wettin like a leaf bone
Freak poems, seek thrones, to call home where freaks bone
To each his own, chrome zones, be cloned like chromosomes
So the chrome, the golden toned champ whip rollin bones
fire's on, blazin hot trails at night, barren ville
Shotty still collaborating on tracks with Bobby Steels
Generate a mil, Killa Bee law, kill or be killed
Know the ledge, finally, our justice has revealed


Verse Four: Prodigal Sun

The 43rd conviction, incarcerated in hell for eternity
But my mentality and chemistry made me celestial through the galaxy
Sparks friction, generating through evaporation
Slay through meditation, your body is now liquidation
Even your hemoglobin is swollen with corrosion
Amputated and rated physical zone disintegrated
That's what niggaz face when fuckin with the Sunz of Man
Go to the dungeon I could lead a hundred men, with a golden pen
Forced to intercept with the click from Shaolin
Killin devils, scatter they ashes over the sea of Mediterranean
That's my trademark, PS burned in my victims heart
I be the Star from afar illuminating through the dark
Another burning face of death
The intiation of the Mason, 186 my name's left in the Book of Revelation
Reminescing about the days, raising hell
Representative of a mind, able to lead a city what technicality of mankind
Mistake trying to keep me behind the closed doors of reality
All three eyes to the revolution can now escape the blind state of confusion
Trials and tribulations of the original nation
Leaves a headache, the only chance of elevation
Unite with the black coalition
Sunz of Man, population click, Wu-Tang Clan
First the Killarmy, eat your skeletons, buried in the Promised Land

You better wake the fuck up!
That's word life!
Don't sleep!
We don't be having that shit no more!
Word is bond this is as real as it's going to get
Wake the fuck up (4X)
Killarmy, Wu-Tang Clan
Word word, Shaolin
Wake the fuck up
Get the actual facts
Better fuckin resurrect

05:00 192 6,88 0.10
Fair,Love & War Lyrics 04:07 192 5,66 0.10
Wu-Renegades Lyrics
"For security reasons I am broadcasting tonight from an undisclosed
location; because the subject of tonight's American expose is terrorism."

(Killarmy in this motherfucker)


Yo, Killarmy, we the last armaggedeon
Prepare yourself now for the six man wettin
In the streets, or in the sand war is on
Now aside nigga here comes the pride

Verse One:

You can't persuade this brigade Killarmy renegade
on this crusade lyrical murder is sure to be my trade
Drill more heat than Black Suede, I'm the sun
beamin on your dome when the shade is nowhere to be found
All you hear is the unreknowned sound
that makes your eardrum pound, you can't avoid it
It been exploited in your district
The ballistics are statistics fuck the critics
They criticize while I revise my enterprise
Do the knowledge and you'll be surprised
?Generalize and currency alive?
while strong soldiers build with boulders
Forts and barriers, my brain pattern hold weight like a freight
Sharp like ice skates, blows this track like a cellmate
Then motivate, now I'm out of state, usin my Papermate
to penetrate, through open minds that take the time to listen to
The Crimson Tide that I provide, I dedicate
my life to my poetry, if it's meant to be then let it be
It's only right I'm out for the night, my life's a legacy

Verse Two:

Yo, it's like I remember slapboxin now we clap shots to catch props
From knockin rocks on the block ?to chop the fat priced and jock?
I see the Jakes and motivate cause half my team be holdin weight
We march across the Golden Gate Bridge
My mind is in the solider state
Forever real, troops'll never squeal, so my Beretta's peel
leisurely, and penetrate your mental shield, easily
I'm pleased to be, the man hundred grand, the tan Lands
Now my Clan's doin tours in Japan and San Fran-cisco
liver than disco packin nickel plated pistols
and keep my block hot like burnin Crisco
Wu-Renegades, deadly switchblades

Chorus 2X

Verse Three:

Check it out, yo, yo
Renegades are slayed in steel cage, that wave war blades
at United Snakes parade, the unforgiven law no mercy
Build controversy, then perform surgery
Killarmy, we meet at a ninety degree angle
Universal star angels, we form the tip of a triangle
like Egyptians did, I perform inside pyramids
Wu-Tang, a scientist, label me the last lyricist
for today's Genesis, surrender
Take you on an adventure like they had kidnapped seven ninjas
Supreme marine I move in submarines
Anti-murderer, stage burgaler
Rugged rhyme ?asserter-er, with the righteous crutches?
Lyrical ruckus, build to destruction, Destructicons
Best to kill or camouflage, Desert Storm
On the battle before I lost a arm
Held on to my sword took both hands like Voltron
Like the master who's imperial, king of the scenario
To all my universal soldiers, salute the general

Verse Four:

I come armed with explosive chemicals just dream me in physical
Killarmy individuals the concept of principles that are highly indispensible
My name is Born God Allah, King of North America
On a ship I was stripped of my knowledge and wits
Death to all enemies, by your own fuckin penalties
Off with your dome I roam through your war zone with a platoon
full of soldiers with dust bones
Ain't nuttin but the army shit, one minute til we all hit
Tie you up with your barracks
With heat-seeking lyrics and my ?royal friends from the tribe of Indians?
I break down your physical change it to a chemical
you cats are made of wickedness, the black man be original

Chorus 2X

Let it vibe, homicide, suicide
03:50 192 5,26 0.10
Full Moon Lyrics
When I came to you there on that cold
telephone pole horror of the night
and you came out to meet me
and then tell me things and sit down on the porch swings

Congratulations you coming home next month
Humble as a monk
We celebrate with Crystal and skunk
The family's large
It's hard being God
Still take charge come home to a massage
A line of credit cards with a Land Cruiser parked in the garage
And trying to make up for the times when you was gone
Being locked up while my heart was torn
You wrote me letters
Telling me when you come home things will be much better
I mailed you a pair of Tims for a Wu-Wear sweater
Up in the penal dipped (?) for the weather
In difficult times it's hard to maintain
I strive to live in the shelter that blocks out the rain
And that rain is pain
For stress on the brain will have a nigga insane
Forced to stay awake
Late nights it's hard to sleep
When I peek
Cause the kitchen's chopped up (?) they be trying to creep on me
Mental explosion when I meditate over by Taca Lake
Thoughts remain calm like the ocean
Puff a little war potion
Everything relates to emotion
When I stare at the stars surrounded by trees
Sometimes I feel like a fallen leaf

Blown away by wind realities
Strong breeze, but you're free
I took the block off the horn
So let knowledge be born
Blood brothers forever
Killa B's on the swarm

Dom P's (?) past, guns blast
I recollect on the past
On how we ran wild together
Chasing cash and ass
Small time thing
Managing stings for nugget rings
Went back far like acorn fights on modern swings
Kingpin style, juveniles raised with major flav
Tenth grade came went on our own and severed ways
Never realized Poppy would die or leave my side
Homicide never
I visualize better
You live forever in my heart son
Mentally dunn we roll together
No years past I still hear blasts as guns flashed
My nigga run fast he sumble to a lifeless crash
On the concrete my leg felt weak
I couldn't eat let alone sleep
This shit is way beyond bone deep
Now I sip beers
Shed a few tears with our peers
Play the rears
Do the knowledge through glares and cold stares
Yo it's hard kid
I swear to my unborn this war's going on
Veterans taking falls to young pawns
But I stay strong and try to move on
And live life to the fullest
Rest in peace to the God who took a bullet
03:31 192 4,85 0.10
Under Siege Lyrics
Tonight you pukes will sleep with your rifles.
You're married to this piece, this weapon of iron and wood.
And you will be faithful!

This is my rifle
There are many like it but this one is mine
My rifle is my best friend
It is my life
I must master it as I must master my life
Without me my rifle is useless
Without my rifle I am useless

[Shogun Assasson]
Listen to this black visionary, bringin war like a revolutionary
Cause drunk and deadly poetry over murderous melodies
So prepare for death be your penalty
Now you're a mere memory of bloody victory
Soldiers drivin mad by centuries of lies and trickery
Then go on a killin spree puttin devils out their misery
Hearin screams sounds of agony
Hostility takes over me
Mind adventurin through the cracks of insanity
Down the hallowed halls of hell
Walkin the dreaded years with no fears
Givin persons cold stares
Cause I know they fakes as snakes is stabbed in the back
With poisonous attacks whose wicked ass gets subtracted

My rifle and myself are defenders of my country
Me and my rifle are the defenders of my country
We are the masters of our enemies
We are the saviors of my life
So be it until there is no enemy
Find peace within

[Dom PaChino]
I wield the silent weapon for this quiet war that's instore
My physical's on a world tour, my brain is wagin war in the urban
Send the blocks stacked like castles
They call them project housin, arousin anger
Define who's being distributed, new faces prohibited
In this wild life I'm livin in is a new millenium
Got my adrenaline purrin like an engine
Camouflage ninjas avengin

My rifle and myself are defenders of my country
We are the masters of our enemies
We are the saviors of my life
So be it until there is no enemy
Find peace within

[Beretta 9]
My thoughts travel far beyond the galaxies
Praise hard to shootin stars
Deadly bombin for the cause wildcat
Razor close likes it in the innocent, the five percent
Attribute, roll God Allah, fuck the government
I design military warheads with infrared
Gotta be sled - oh shit here come the feds
Don't move or you're dead, niggas fled like fugitives
Considered non-dangerous the way niggas don't pertain to this
Killarmy breath of this bullshit ignorance
As I overtake the sun, multiply deaf and dumb
Victims of illusions, don't understand confusion
I let my thoughts be born of poetry show and proven
Do we be the chosen on the uprise, eighty fives
Don't realize to check for these bad guys with the snake eyes
The poisonous venom's cold wettin lives
Killarmy on the return like the Jedi

This is my rifle
There are many like it but this one is mine
My rifle and myself are defenders of my country
We are the masters of our enemies
We are the saviors of my life
So be it until there is no enemy
Find peace within
This is my rifle
There are many like it but this one is mine
My rifle is my best friend
It is my life
I must master it as I must master my life
Without me my rifle is useless
Without my rifle I am useless
I must fire my rifle true
I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me
I must shoot him before he shoots me
I will
04:11 192 5,74 0.10
Shelter Lyrics
We gon do it like this, do it like this, word
Check it out yo, yo, yo

Chorus: (2x)
Through difficult times it's hard to maintain
Lookin for the shelter that blocks out the rain
Stress and pain could leave a mark on the brain
But one thing's for sure black God remains

[Beretta 9]
Through difficult times lots of unexpected
My pops disapproves cause I wanna make records
But check it, my home life for second, I feel neglected
I bounce the first chance I get, I stop to think a second
I wreck it, damn I'm gonna need a place to sleep
No major CREAM
I call up the God Supreme
I analyse, I'm plannin up a strategy
Fuck a fantasy I'm dealin with reality
Mentality that's wilder than the average cat
I snatch a CREAM and sell a nigga's candlewax
I hit the tracks, I hold cycle with my brothers
All is understood, peace lies amongst each other
But meanwhile, I maintain to keep the same
I smoke a bone every now and then to ease the pain
But through the struggle I know that only God remains

Chorus (2x)

[Shogun Assasson]
The streets is bugged
Seein young soldiers pedal drugs by the pound
The scheme is to catch CREAM at a fast rate
Start movin the product from state to state
Lay up and watch the profits inflate
Now you're a big time hustler, full time heavyweight contender
But you must remember
That your thoughts must be cold just like December
Stay low key so you won't catch a case
Throws comin in from the fiends who smoke base
Madman clientele, see your apartment start to swell
The last thing on your mind is a jail cell
You're blind, all you see is money
Lost in the illusion of luxury
It's a shame, you're in the game for the fame and the name
So spin the wheel of misfortune
I heard with the sling that escorts ya
Now your life is in jeopardy
Because you the brothers that's livin in the army

Chorus (2x)

Keep calm and don't expose and weak points
We'll all line up and fight together
I say, we must all stay together as a single unit
*continues on beginning of next track*
03:41 192 5,08 0.10
Camoflauge Ninjas Lyrics 04:48 192 6,61 0.10
Swinging Swords Lyrics
These rhythms can't deface me
Hot rhythms stimulate me
Can't help but swing it boy
Swing it brother swing
Don't stop the beat that's
slapped this foolish brat
Come on swing me boys
Swing it brother swing

Word up, let's take 'em to war, son
Show 'em how it should be done
It's real God
Yeah, Yeah
Stimulate the brain cells
Check it, Check it

Yo Killarmy bounty killers
Industry kid shivers
Shells up through your liver
Dead corp float the rivers
Murderous style is superior from Shaolin to Nigeria
Stalking through the monitor
With the wisdom for dynamical fessor (?)
Lyrical kid in processor
Nat Turner was my militant ancestor
I capture your mind put in isolation
Control the soul automation
Victims became mechanical slaves again
Read the East Coast historian
As you oppose this
Your walking dead soldiers can't get close to this
I be splitting shit like Moses
Then celebrate with Guns 'n Roses
I turn soundtracks into startracks
My tongue is symbolic to an axe
I used to be caught up in the world of Mad Max
Now come against the consequence of the 9th Prince
I sit upon my throne and chop off domes
Then send them home to your peoples
So they can sew 'em

Thoughts I generate like high forms of energy
My brain's energetic
Ultramagnetic synthetic
Burn like oil
High octane let it drain upon the Shaolin soil
You get trapped inside my rap coils
Like my phalanges rip the microphone
When I recite a war poem
It's writen in my soldier's log
It's a Killarmy espionage
Puerto Rican mobster in camouflage
Perform at the Mirage my entourage
Get the ticket through Telecharge as I massage lyrics get enlarged
Grenade particles rip through your fatigue articles
You flee for shelter
My tre pound rounds'll melt you
Like camouflage vinyl in the force of Delta

What, what, one time
Come on, swing it
Bring it, what
Killarm, yeah, swing it
The Gods gonna bring it
Real, what

Yo, yo
You either get down shut the fuck up or catch an uppercut
Rough enough to muffle up your jaw when we knuckle up
Knuckle what? Bacardi hit me harder than you
You crash dummies show respect when the Gods is coming through
Eyes swollen up the size of coconuts
Your body folding up
Allah the soldier struck and through the cut I walk and hold you up
Sit back hang from your hip like loose Kani's
Try to flip it on the strength of your wis' and let you slide
Savage eighty five trying to test sides
True we're living thirty two shots
We're sending a rocket to your prison
Caught you bubbling
Like a cold sore the money coming in
Juggling the church and street life you got me wonderng and catch 'em
I let Allah bless 'em
That's the question
You dealing with a madman's profession
So choose your weapon

Word up, Killarmy
Taking y'all to another war ground
Hold down the battlefield, word up
Shout outs to all my Universal Soldiers
Killarmy, word up
Deep Space 9, the Clan, word up
Sunz of Man
My nigga High Style, word up
To all the soldiers in all the fifty two planets
New York, Ohio
Philadelphia, word up
My Anna locked down Atlanta, for real
Little Rock, Miami
Pittsburgh, word up
Washington D.C., upstate for real
To all my juvenile niggas that's locked up in Tober Center
Word up, Ryker's Island
Peace to Big Queen (?) and Supreme
Word up the God and General Wise
General Wah
Word up to the last soldiers
My nigga Islord still locked down in the jungle, son
Word up keep your sword up son, Killarmy gonna represent this shit, son
Word up, peace
Get out of here
03:54 192 5,36 0.10
War Face Lyrics
"Why did you join my beloved core?"
"Sir, to kill sir!"
"So you're a killer?"
"Sir yes sir!"
"Let me see your war face."
"You got a war face? Aaaahhh! That's war face now let me see your war face."
"Bullshit, you didn't convince me. Let me see your real war face."
"You don't scare me, work on it!"

Where the fuck is your war face son?
(Burning season niggas)
(It's not safe no more nigga)

Chorus: (2x)
Yo I wanna see your war face
Soldier where's your war face?
Camouflaged inmates collapse war gates

[9th Prince]
Yo, yo yo yo
Check the Killarmy
We go to war like tomahawks and Indians
From the wilderness of our villages
Desert commander live on the gorgeous fortress like the sorceress
To build up my heritage
Shaolin surrounded by the cruel sea, crabs get stabbed
Chemistry lab is filled with motorous vocab
That drive niggas crazy like Arabs in Manhatten cabs
Lyrics heat up the airplay, give off shockwaves
That damage the earways for centuries and decades
I be a renegade through rainy days
I collect guns to blast off like shooting stars
Shot up the charts the soldiers from the dark
Stabbin and gatherin dead in the fuckin heart
A rhymin alcoholic, I'm bad for your liver
Unidentified corpse's thrown in the Ohio River
I'm psychotic in the tropic
Bullets spark through bulletproof shields of narcotics
Killarmy be runnin train on Bobby Steels' tracks
Lyrical poems cock back with sharp tacks laced with ajax


[Shogun Assasson]
Here's the pure and uncut war poems from ancient zones
The black Hitler, killer riddler breakin bones
Explosive, overdose the track coast to coast
My shockwaves to keep the thoughts bright like sunrays
My forte is of a higher rank like sensei
Militant, armed to killin and shake the settlement
Searchin crevaces for a wise man's testament

Roll hotly bludgeonin all those competitin
Against I but stimulate ya of life and matter
Cloak and dagger, first I gag ya then stab ya
The apprehender, plus I move like a ninja
No retreat and no surrender
My war agenda

[Cloud 9]
Live via satellite, soldiers with mics
Ancient warriors fight, barbarians swingin swords
Killarmy militant warlords
Military war slang who's to blame
Government officials, evil minds that govern this land gotta plan
For the blacks and the tans
Decrease the population of the rhythm nation
By one fourth, wicked niggas is the source
To the force I bring forth causes havocs, sparks bloody riots
Seven days and seven nights of blue street fights
Like boo took all the shells from automatics
Strategic tactics
Caught between rhymes, lines combine to blow up like landmines

[Beretta 9]
I strike on universal fish, I'm out the clear mist
Relentless, beat a nigga senseless
Niggas best to witness
At how I gets to business, soldier from the trenches
My offense be my defense with military sequence
Quick to apprehend ya, kid you best remember
Camouflage avenger, Killarmy nigga
Surrender your garments and your legal tender
Fatigued ninja with silent triggers

Chorus (2x)

[Killa Sin]
Yo, I crack chest cavities
Be shatterin knees while bladders bleed
Gat'll squeeze, it's a merciless form of my formalities
I locked down south with hip hop doses of death
Within my breath that I drop to make your heart stop
You can't cope with this vocal dope that'll corrode your throat
Yet alone make a local choke
I strip niggas of they manhood because I'm no damn good
And roll with a Killa Wu Clan in the hoods
Attack vitals, suicidals, leavin idols
Is a record through the land of the lost with the 4th Disciple
Stifle enemies, come test
Twenty one in your chest
Killa blessed em with a bloody vest

Chorus (2x)
04:30 192 6,16 0.10
5 Stars Lyrics 04:09 192 5,69 0.10