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Shut 'Em Down, Onyx
Shut 'Em Down
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Release date:


Duration: 70:48  
Size, Mb: 129,98  


Price for album: ą1.52 (discount 20%)  

Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
It Was Onyx Lyrics 00:48 256 1,47 ą0.10
Raze It Up Lyrics 04:00 256 7,34 ą0.10
Street Nigguz Lyrics 04:55 256 8,99 ą0.10
Shut ' Em Down Lyrics 03:59 256 7,29 ą0.10
Broke Willies Lyrics 03:50 256 7,01 ą0.10
For Nothin Lyrics 00:18 256 0,56 ą0.10
Rob & Vic Lyrics 04:55 256 8,99 ą0.10
Face Down Lyrics
Yo fuck that word up man! (word to mother yo)
Who you runnin wit? (afficial nast!)
Fuck that, who you runnin wit? (afficial nast!)

[fredro starr]
Iím goin straight for your head to leave you headless
Eyes of redness, I spray rap cats, to burn the lead tips
Point blank range, I take aim, blow your brain out the frame
Eight shotsíll touch ya, spit ya physical structure
Motherfucker this is lyrical destruction
Path of disaster face nast, comin at cha full blast
And capture grabs your last, breath like the asthma
Couldnít care less, you approachin near death
My hollow tips, rip into your vest politic, with the fearless
The devil himself, a rebel in himself
Trapped in america, assassinate your character, slaughter ya
Twenty more holes, in your nautica, fuck all of ya!
What? ! bringin mcís, yeah, callin ya
Livin like a nigga with six months to live
On the edge of life, wouldnít think twice, to make a sacrifice
Do a heist, ya niggaz ainít true to life, my whole crew is trife!
So bring your wildest nigga reppin for your team
Tear his ass to his spleen, this is suicide queens
Where gats bust, cutthroat, cross collateral
Gatíll shatter you, feel the pain, itís unimaginable
Self shit, straight from the hood, the dirty black shit
Rap shit, get your back ripped, plus the gat spit
Load it and cock it bag, on thirty-two tracks
Murder you in raps, let my wild dogs bust the cats!
Styles leave the best dead, I stay breast-fed
And when I die, be handcuffed, to my deathbed

{*scratched face down on the pavement -> ll cool j*}

[sticky fingaz]
Sticky fingaz sneak up, when you least expect it
I never fuck pussy thatís yeast infected
Fuck a brain fry, make me think irrational
If I even think you schemin, you know Iím blastin you
Iím too raw; what is you - out you gourd?
I cut through any challenger, top notch or amateur
Youíd rather be in the projects butt-ass with a hundred gís cash
And no gun, than to fuck with sticky, fredro ín son
You lookin at one desperate nigga, you shouldnít mess with
I had a doctor scared to remove a bullet from yoí intestine
ímember when I tested, this nigga manhood
To see if he was a true nigga, so I pulled out my gun
Gave some dramatic ass speech then, pulled the trigger
{*click*} ha hah! barrel empty, joke on you jack
He cold pissed his pants, blew his cover, he a new jack
You know where Iím comin from, most my niggaz pump ín jump
And when itís time to dump and run, I never jump the gun
Or get cold feet, I hold heat
Yía niggaz donít know me; in six hours I made up four years
Got high shit for your ears;
Sorry somethin that I never felt yo, fingertips made of velcro
You talkin shit like itís a little game
Thatís now how we get down - íbeefí is my middle name
So donít die over nonsense, I ainít got no conscience
Come out your face you gettin shot
Everything Iím spittin hot - I need fame without the bread
Like I need a hole in the head
Add insult to injury, you canít fuck with me
Guess thatís not your cup of tea - Iím every star I meet
If you are what you eat, fuck the rookies, rejects
Plainclothes and detectís
I had a hard life, grew up too quick
But kept it tight with my true click, startin a new flip
Fuck you frontin for? I seen your bag
With your tail between your leg
Afficial nast in the house that mean you dead!

{*scratched face down on the pavement -> ll cool j*}

You takin a ride, in the ambulance, you catch mad damages
Cock the hammer shit, leave you los(t) like angeles
You ainít brick, or stucco, or paper machete
Whatever you got, get taken away, youíre bakin today
Trust that, itís time to crush cats, when I bust raps
I rush tracks, and oftí act, buckwild!
Army comin through here nigga, truck style!
Fuck you! fuck the judge! fuck trial!
Iím givin niggaz shattered egos, I keep foes
Or a pet bet they small threat, make íem eat those!
Deep goes my depth, sleep hoes get wet
If that ainít enough, we come through and hose your shit
Hit you with the fireworks, you see the stars bangin
I really bang you, and prepare you for godís angels
Itís not on humble, but some shit you canít come through
Nigga try to blow he gotta go, and now you know
Experience, from the furious, eeriest
Dead serious, hysterias, fillin ya, interior
With nervousness, for your services
We cuttin off your circulation and deaden ya purposes!
We them niggaz you canít fuck with, rain or shine
All mics I slain yoí kind, changed the mind
Of those thinkin of playin theyrself, next
Is etched, in stone, you motherfuckers gettin blown!

{*scratched face down on the pavement -> ll cool j*}
04:41 256 8,58 ą0.10
Cops Lyrics 00:51 256 1,57 ą0.10
Conspiracy Lyrics
[sticky] yo, yo but that shit ainít mine nigga
[copper] you know what? get on the floor alright
[sticky] yo man get the fuck off me
[copper] get down on the ground, and spread em out alright
[sticky] yo, aight aight man!
[copper] get the fuck down on the ground man!
[sticky] aight man!
[copper] now keep your ass on the floor..

[sticky] yo who the fuck can I trust man?
[devil] you can trust me man
[sticky] everywhere I turn thereís danger god!
[devil] ah-hahahaha
[sticky] yo I feel like the walls is closin in on me man!
[devil] ay, I am stress
[sticky] buggin man.. arrrrgh!
[devil] yeah, I got you where I want you
[sticky] word up man
[devil] hehehe
[sticky] ainít got nowhere to go son
[devil] no you donít


Chorus: onyx

These streets is tryin to kill me
My best friend, could be my worst enemy, this game is deadly
This ghetto might murder me, or lock me up
Twenty-five to life, throw the key


Verse one: x-1

Yo, yo
You know what happens in the actions of the inner city tale
When your thoughts fail and have you scared to death
Biting off your fingernails, not enough, numbers on the weight scale
Got, niggaz cuttin throat just to make sales
Even if it take the last of me iíma fill my pockets to capacity
Anything that takes cash, fuck job huntin
Put on a face mask kid, Iím out to rob sumíin
If you home or not, I put the chrome to your knot
One shot to the side of your face, let me up inside of your place
Gimme the funds up out of the safe
Hit the fire escape, high-divin gates
Flyin from jakes, Iím dyin for paint


Verse two: sonsee

Yo, Iím caught up, stuck in the tangled web
Where theyíd love to see me dead, mail my momís my head
So the tricolored silenced rugar stay off safe
To take off a face, just in case, a quiet lace
Plottin, for your knot-and, your spot-and, your block-and
Anything else, you got-ten, hopefully you snake and rotten
So eyes open, donít sleep
Cause once you do you goin deep, moí money moí heat
Police, wanna brutalize me to death
And my foes wanna see me lose all my breath
Maybe friends, come wanna merk me for my beans
And bitches that gave me skins, wanna watch my end
Cut open my chest, and see my heart
Pump the last ounce of life -- for livin, itís a price
Til then, when itís over, kamikaze
Strictly, Iím takin all you motherfuckers with me!


Verse three: clay the raider, sticky fingaz

When I die, I donít want none of my niggaz to cry
Just dress me in a black suit, and a black tie
Pass me by to the darkest cloud in the sky
No time to waste, we got the drugs in the briefcase
We stickin up the whorehouse, we takin everything
We want the pussies to the diamond rings
You want the sun to shine? we want the rain to pour
Official nastí to put your body on the floor
*blam blam* *blam*

Oh shit Iím hit! Iím hit! they just shot me in the stomach!
Unnngggggghhhhh! *blam blam blam* *blam blam* who want it who want it?
Niggaz trying to kill me, and they caught me by surprise
Thatís when I blacked out, my life flashed before my eyes *glass breaking*

[sticky changes to a narrator voice]
My whole life I ainít never give a shit
My mentality was *clip cocked into gun* get shot or gimme a gam
If the gun ainít jam, I woulda bust you
I donít trust my own mother, how the fuck iíma trust you?
I did some things that I sorta regret
But I canít bring them niggaz back kid they already wet
As a kid I went to jail cause I sold crack
Iím holdin trial in the streets cause I ainít tryin to go back

[sticky switches back to panicked voice]
Oh shit! what happened? ! wait, now I ímember!
And where my gun? ? ! I musta dropped it when I jumped out that window
*broken glass* ahh, my stomach, where them niggaz I donít see em
I gotta make it to the b-m, and try to stop this bleeding
I ainít trying to die, I got mad blood spilt
(aiyyo there that nigga go! kill him!) oh shit! *blam*

[sticky narrates as a ghost]
I left behind a widow and a bastard kid
The streets was tryin to kill me, and it did

Verse four/modified chorus: fredro starr

These streets is tryin to kill me
Thatís why I keep a mac-mil this shit is real to me
This shit is deadly, this ghetto might murder me
Or lock me up for twenty five to life throw the key, Iím low key
So niggaz donít notice me, a half a key is worth
More than a pound of weed, I die for my seed
Kill for my family, fuck this world
Cause this world donít understand me, Iím sick mentally
Iím drinkin hennessy, mixed with tennessee
Shit is stressing me, niggaz praying for the death of me
But til they bury me
When sixteen shots enter me
Remember me your worst enemy

04:31 256 8,30 ą0.10
Black Dust Lyrics
Word up
Somethin new for you

[? ]
Hear to make moves, get mines automatically
(? ) rhyme master, rapidly tragedies
Guns like butch cassidy, nasty like dick dastardly
As I be gradually (distorted) like (gunshot)
Glowin, blowin, flowin, goin, fast at it like jesse owens
Make you throw in, the towel, I will
Do all sorts of moves through all sports
Rhymes blew all thoughts, all crews to dust, itís us
Official, nastee, the aggy still ghastly
You triple s nigga, soft sexy and sassy
We crash, I break your cast, and yes, we get busy
Iíma do my show, get my dough, and lick titties
Iím shitty, I diarrehea on the globe
Fire flee up on your clothes
And like ísquito up on your hoe
In case you didnít know, I stay free flow
Officially, thisíll be your chance to see how ill this nigga
Be, go figure

For every nigga show me love, two niggas hate me
For every bitch that show me love, two bitches tryin to take me
For every nigga show me love, two niggas hate me

[? ]
Yo, black dust, miraculous
Head rush, hoes blush, itís only us
Shitís lush, shit we lust, is plush, lexus
My techs bust, your guns rust, to God trust
Walk the path righteous, priceless
Nigga you shine like ice crushed
You get your shit bust, no more to discuss
Niggaís jeal-e-ous, cuz bitches feel us
The wild, rebel-e-ous, hell yes
Niggas is whack, we pack dust
Official nas niggas back us, canít fuck with us

[? ]
Umm, my gunís wettin, like a open hydrant
Got you hidin, from shots firin
From hot iron
You gotta realize, your blockís dyin
Put skis on your knees and start sliding
My clockís timin, not tryin, to see us not shinin
Iím eye blindin, hearts, hearts like a lion
Youíre not lyin, superstar then a dine in
Your insides cryin, rip your outside in

[chorus] (repeats)

Schemin in the back
See Iím schemin in the back

[sticky fingaz]
Act like you donít know, I put you in the choke hold
Rampage the logos, nigga here is loco
I still get respect if I had no dough
Sport polo, always keep a low pro
If itís a promo, this nigga here no show
About my no low, I never drive slo-mo
Faster than go go, if it ainít me itís so so
Kick in your door, wavin the four four
All you hear is shots until there ainít no more
Hit you with the low blow, you canít go toe toe
I rub elbow, with niggas in cell bloí, and new york city
Still in they jail cloí
Old school niggas with kango, and shell toe
Mix hats with hydro, and cocoa
How you gonna fuck with my click if you canít fuck with me solo?
Checkmate, no go
03:54 256 7,15 ą0.10
One Nation Lyrics 00:37 256 1,15 ą0.10
React Lyrics
Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome aboard official nastee airlines, flight 188

Intro/chorus: onyx

Kill it in the club, baby show some love
My real thugs, where you at? baby throw ya gats
To all the ladies in the spot, show me what ya got
Big cats in the back, get rocked what, react
(repeat 2x)

Real thug shit unplugged
Ladies lust, angel dust, aim and bust
Bitches who nod, the bulletproof rideís coke in my eyes
And got me shootiní at a ghost cause it looks alive
To cloak, ? no leaks in gunsmoke
Here to get those, snakes get it the most
Gís overdose, we wreck toast to deaf notes
Tech blows, I only put a hole in your leg so..

Ladies and gentlemen

Itís going on right now
Official nastí donít be playin around, we lay it down
Dead you, for the whole win, leave you frozen
Crime scene reporter snap shots like you posin
You got in the way, sorry to say
You shoulda known, shinin on sonseeís not in the day
All the niggaz in my zone, my close affiliates
Be rippin it illin it adrenaline spendin and killin shit


[fredro starr]
Yo, yo
Iím on some other shit, run up on your mother shit
Hockey mask, black tape, tapin up your baby brother shit
Two guns, one in your face, one in my waist
Empty the safe, hit em with the glock he caught a stray shot
Fucked his girl and made him watch, made a death wish
I cut his throat now wear that like a necklace, respect this
Twenty-two shots bodily harm, goodbye to your legs
Goodbye to arms goodbye to your moms

[50 cent]
The shitíll happen so fast, the gat blast left his brains on the glass
In a dash I snatched the cash and fled off in a flash
The only thing I ever lost I couldnít find was time
Son some crackers locked me up thatís how I lost my mind
Hit him from behind four times and toss the nine, fuck him
He didnít listen told him give me the shine
The sick shit is when the police, came around to get me
The killers who was with me, snitchin sayin it was 50


Fuck the rap skit, x and the drug complex
When convictsíll start conflicts, kill they own accomplice
Life in the drain niggaz moneyís got my gold chain thicker
Whole brain sicker, hall of fame nigga
From coast to coast I keep the toast
My weekly gross, leave you deeply froze
Half dead close to ghost, yo you heartless
Your heart pump piss, regardless if you a thug or rap artist

[sticky fingaz]
Ahhhhhhhh I seen death, almost died twice tonight
Sell my own mother out if the price is right
I hate life, gimme the glock
About to join biggie and ípac and you comin like it or not
Get off me! let me go, donít hold me back
Where my real thugs at? baby throw ya gat!
Sticky fingaz, from out your darkest fears
I make you meet your maker, make you meet the man upstairs


Killin it (2x)


Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome aboard official nastee airlines, flight 188

[? ]
Word up yo, official nastí
Gettin cream, onyx, we move with the many crews
We let you know right now, we shuttin shit down
Nine-eight, word up get your shit straight
You think your shit hot? stick your shit up
What? bring yoí shit to the club
Bring yoí heat to the street
Official nastí, shuttin shit down -- what? !

Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome aboard official nastee airlines, flight 188
04:10 256 7,63 ą0.10
Veronica Lyrics
[fredro starr (sticky fingaz) {sonsee}]
(yo whatís up baby? )
Ay yo stick man, shit is fucked up!
(who the fuck this? )
Itís fuckin fredro man!
(yo yo yo, turn the muthafuckin music down god.)
Itís my fuckin word, sticky, man!
(yo whatís up nigga? )
Muthafuckas wetted everything out there.
(what the fuck you talkin about? )
Muthafuckas is dead, son!
(yo yo, calm down nigga, calm down!)
Word to fuckin mother man!
(just tell me what happened, god.)
It had to be about eight oíclock (uh huh, uh huh)
When niggas sprayed the block, itís mad hot
Yo half the spot got locked
(what? who got shot? )
My little nigga bill from down the hill
We had a one through five
I heard he might not survive (aw, damn)
He caught one in his leg
Two shots hit him in his upper (what? )
Part of his chest, two inches above his vest
Heard you next (Iím next? )
Thatís the word in the projects
(what? them niggas ainít no threat
Theyíll whole setíll get wet
Yo go get the ak, and my two nines with the silencers
And at seven thirty, yíall niggaz meet me at veronicaís)
Aight, no doubt, yo be safe, yo nigga Iím out
{let me talk to him, let me talk to him}
Yo yo stick hold up, yo yo yo stick, talk to son
(aight, aight) donít even wet that done, yo Iím bringin mad guns
{ay yo stick, thatís my word
It might be them niggas from riverside
Cuz I heard they knew somethin
About how my little nigga died}
(who who, little dave with the red car? )
{yeah, he had beef up there
With the same ones we seen at the strip arcade
With the scar by his head}
(aight aight, get the big shit, no bullshit, itís time to flip
And Iíll see yíall niggas later, be safe)
{no doubt, aight kid}

Then they jumped in the expo
Aiyyo son slow down, we got mad techs yo
Fuck that Iím vexed yo!
Yeah I know, I know but chill, let alone and chill
We meet the gods so we can bill on these niggas for real

It was a half an hour drive ífore they finally arrive
Veronica came to the door, she smiled and said

Hi, hi! step inside, get out the rain get dry
Stickyís in the back playing pool by the sauna

[fredro starr (sticky fingaz) {sonsee} *veronica*]
We stepped in the back all I smelled was marijuana
(yo whatís up? ) yo nigga whatís up
(you know I donít give a fuck
Them niggas timeís up
You got them two nines or what? )
No doubt, I bought it all out
{kid Iím ready to go to war!}
(ay yo yo yo, chill letís play it smart
And catch em by surprise
Weíll do it on the ninjas
In the mornin before the sunrise
Ay yo veronica, *yes? * yo gimme some beers
And cook me some food, Iím starvin)
*ok, alright darlin*
Yo stick, whatís up with this bitch?
(Iím startin to like this chick)
Yo she a bad bitch
{yeah, plus her dad is rich}
(yo fuck it, rack it up
Címon lemme bust your ass
Nine ball)
Yeah aight, put your money where your mouth is
Winner take all
{ay yo, I got next, pass me a beckís and a philly
Cuz this l we bout to puff is for my nigga billy}

A hour passed

*dinnerís ready* whatís to eat?
*i made spaghetti in clam sauce*
(see? she know Iím the damn boss)
*iíma go upstairs and lay down
You guys enjoy your meal*
{yo how many rooms this spot got? this crib is ill}
Ay yo this food is slammin, god
She cook like she black
(yeah, and after this iíma go upstairs and tear out her back)

*itís me, veronica. yeah theyíre all here right now
Ok, alright*
(veronica? *huh? * who was that? )
*oh, oh just my dad*
(címere my little freak dog, why you lookin so sad?
You want daddy to cheer you up?
You know you like when I spank you
So bend over by the bedpost and grab your ankles)

(after three nut, then fell the fuck out
Cuz in the mornin gotta take care of this b-i
No doubt)

Wake up motherfuckers!

[fredro starr]
Oh shit! what did I see?
Five niggas pointin guns at me (.? .) and sonsee
*fuck that! shut the fuck up!
Nigga get the fuck on the floor!*
Hit me dead in the jaw
With the chrome four four

[sticky fingaz]
Woke up the next mornin, couldnít hardly sleep last night
Oh shit my two nines is missin, wait somethin ainít right
Where the fuck that bitch go? damn that hoe!
Wait, I know, that bitch in the kitchen praly makin me something to eat
But still wearin my heat
Fuck it iíma wake these niggas up so we can go hit the street
I went downstairs, couldnít believe my eyes
I seen veronica with three guys twice my size
They all had guns but I was gatless
Last thing I saw was the kid with the scar
And then I seen blackness
Remember thinkin, how the fuck they know?
Oh, veronica

Oh, veronica, veronica
[repeat 6x]
04:30 256 8,25 ą0.10
Fuck Dat Lyrics
[fredro starr]

Yo! turn that shit up, word up!
Afficial nasty niggas...fuck dat!
Ya niggas is dead-ass!
Know what Iím sayiní?
Weíre payiní my niggaz í all city ín shit!
Word up! yo mega, fuck dat!
Rip that brooklyn shit nigga!

[j. mega, (fredro starr)]

What? what? what? what? what? what?
My fleet goals, by da creep cold
We blaze, yíall wonít see those, you just feel íem
We raise the states in this game, like helium
The new millenium, got me in moí for killiní íem
Green backs, I want a mil (of) íem!
But donít minimum, strictly max out, the olís put the black out
Niggaz be frontiní, we take the back rob
Now stay with that style, original, wanna act wild?
City puttiní cartracks out, as we stack now
Weíre nuthiní to match out, formula
See it clearly through my corner-ya
This goes out to niggas on the corner, megaís on ya
Rap performer, no diploma, Iím sippiní on corona, keep my carpet coma
The east new york soldier, what?
(fuck dat! thatís the all city shit!
Yo greg valentine!)

[greg valentine, (fredro starr), {sticky fingaz}]

Yo, the bees be rushiní like petrees(? )
You better had that bulletproof vest under ya fleece
Then a clever sceam up ya slees, we has to say delease
Between the thugs and the police, shitíll never be peace
Cause holiday, raise ya weights ya hourly rate
We poly for higher states, buyiní fire escapes
See this, criminal life is like a íroll it in diceí
Niggaz holdiní they ice, wild bust on a slice
Yo itís too often too hot, in this ghetto meldiní pot
Put out these fagat ass niggas try to steel what I got
As if, that ainít enough, for jakes is ratiní the spot
Where we eat at, but tonight thatís where they bleed at
That belone her with the flame, throwiní their rain, itís over
Prayed to jehova, jiggaz up, the gameís over
(all city what, all city what? ! fuck dat!
Yo sticky) {wassup nigga? }( come here nigga, fuck dat!
Let these muthafuckaz know nigga!!!) {i want some new shit!}
(afficial nast! what? !!)

[sticky fingaz, (fredro starr)]

Oh ooh, here the thug come, from out the dungeon
Say goodbye to ya love one, you canít heard from, the dumb dumb
Kickiní wack shit! I cut out ya tongue son! Iím in this rap shit for the lovesong!
Who can stage as soon as the bluntís out? you donít want none!
But regardless, readiní wildest, you get da mildest!
I muthafuckiní, muthafuckiní murder, want charges!
You off getargets, kill any rap artist!
Still hate ya guts!, and hope that ya die!
If youíre not allah, then yoí ass gotta frie!
Soon as life is for a life, without no remorse
You fucked up big time, you shouldíve finished me off nigga!
(what? ! fuck dat! fuck dat!
Afficial nast what up? !
Yo lefty, I got a new nigga for ya niggaz!
Yo fuck dat! step up and shit....)

[bubba smith, (fredro starr), {x-1}]

I roll with gat-swingers, that bay arms like tanktops
A bunch of problem bringers, that an ass bet ya wanna make your bank stop
Guaranteed to make ya block hot, we runniní the spots
Weíre tired of jizzle ín rocks, we straight up fuckiní in villains or jachts
Got the big apple on smash like mobbs, weíre liviní hell really? !
So we just vanish ín rob, paper telliní me we all dyiní from a leg docs(? )
So fuck it, itís even get it get-got, so what? !
Bring it, Iím closiní now shut, I donít give a fuck about gettiní popped
Them thugs probably heard, left these two guns is al lot!
Itís my time to go, playa, Iím tryiní to go spittiní you
For the dolies, niggaz just press g-o
While shoot outs, reachiní for the glocks, on my way to gettiní drugs
Still spittiní ya, 3-60 pill, I was drugged up, in a sixth still shittiní ya
Call it murder, besides anybody try to here missiní
(fuck dat! yo x -1 nigga!) {what nigga? }
(ya betta fuckiní do this shit nigga!) {what what, what, what? !}
(fuck dat! afficial nasty niggas!
Fuckiní takiní this streets! that niggas is dead!)

[x - 1, (fredro starr)]

All you crack niggaz, I donít even like your style
If it wasnít for love, you be dead right now
Speak upon the gun nor, x is layiní it down
Dirty two rounds, sprayiní ya town
Takiní dirt back under the ground, be a man, take ya laws
Die with the sacred course, sixís beiní deep on the basic floors
(they hate that shit nigga! what? !
Kick the our fuckiní shit! fuck dat!)
Be a hard rock and see where you end up íbout
Before my hart stops, kid Iím tryiní to see some jacks
You better get dropped dog, just read the facts
Dig a gunshot, at least about bringiní you back
I run in cold spots, or walk that for liquid cats
X critical source, with criminal thoughts, under the physical laws
Your visual lost, x-million now, nigga tripple the course
I cripple your boss, what? !!

[fredro & sticky fingaz]

Fuck dat! afficial nast nigga!
Fuck dat! afficial nast nigga!
Fuck dat! fuck dat! afficial nast nigga!
Fuck dat! afficial nast nigga!
Word up! fuckiní all city!
Muthafuckiní onyx!
Muthafuckiní fredro starr talkiní to you nigga!
Fuckiní sonsee nigga! what da fuck is up? !
Yo sticky, wassup nigga? ! gangreen in this muthafucka!
Bubba smith ín shit! back da fuck up, everybody up!!
My nigga too dirty up in this muthafucka! (know what Iím sayin? !)
Dj ls, afficial nast nigga! fuck any dj,yo fuck dat! (any dj nigga! afficial nast!)
Word up, fuck dat! niggaz donít know! my muthafuckiní broher is sayiní, fuck dat!
Big chris, fuck dat! niggaz ainít seeiní shit! afficial nast! yo eat íem up!
Get da fuck up outta here! (*car rushiní away*)
04:59 256 9,13 ą0.10
Ghetto Starz Lyrics
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
Iím a rapper turned rock star
Word up, what I wanna know
Yo, Iím a rapper turned rock star
What, what, what, what
Iím a rapper turned rock star
Yo, yo, yo

[fredro starr]
Iím a rapper turned rock star, in a hot car
What yíall? the black prop with the crowbar
No plates off the lot it costs a lot
You forced to watch hands take they hand off the glock
Money donít stop long as I stay hot
Cook it up, chop it up, put it on the block
Bust a bullet on the chart till we hit the top
Nigga not too thick, the fold, Iím dipped in gold
You half a gram niggas, can never slam niggas
What part you donít understand? Iím the man nigga

Chorus: mr. cheeks (repeat 2x)

Why not? makin moves and gettin money with my team
We them ghetto starz, this here is far from a dream
Official nas, here to get up in that ass
Word up, pour some liquor in my cup and pass

[? ]
Yo, word up kid, thereís mad money in this
Grab the mic, handle your business
This here is for official niggas only, no beginners
About my heavy metal, run the ghetto, where my sinners?
You feel me in my crazy world, I only deal with sinners
Hearin local reports from out the vocal laws up in the game
You violate nigga, I swear I tear you out the frame
Yíall niggas know the name, we represent the burrough queens
With the same routines run with yíall gats to smithereens

[? ]
Official nas, and l-b fam
Bringin you the jam from the queen-shy to get green-shy
Rob with us, shorty itís all live, peep the vibe
As we keep you wired, so up the stakes, cut the cake
Regulate, we delegate and dead they take
Thatís a rapper that itís official, track for track
I back slap you, with my other platinum plaques
You whack rap hopefulls, have you noddin like the dope do
Any member of my crewíll roze you
Number one spot, took that
Onyx show, book that
Got a bet, better know where to put that

[chorus] x 2

I smoke weed in cars that cost more than your house
I got a fly chick with gats, hold coke in her blouse
Iím talkin about a hundred gís, show sold out
So you see that, you better shut your mouth
I used to scheme on niggas that had more than me
Now Iím that nigga and niggas scheme on me
I got a ghetto mentality
If a nigga front, Iím gattin íem
I never had nothin, now my rolex is platinum
I be the same man, rich or poor
Wildin out at the club, time to hit the floor
Outside I got the infa, in the ferrari cockpit
Fuck partyin with yíall, we already got shit
You rockless, nina you ainít got no props
Let me see you at the awards this years, I blow your spot
Even at a rich event, you can still get shot
Fuck that, as of now onyx back in the mack
We guaranteed to start fights everytime we rap
Yo, who got next? who got first?
Iím God son, the illest nigga on this earth, what?

[chorus] x 4
03:35 256 6,56 ą0.10
Take That Lyrics
[sticky fingaz]
Seem like the only thoughts would be negative
But shit, Iíd never give, I need a sedative
Iímma forever live, the one and only, murderer
Defeat, I never heard of that
Push ya head, throw the back, gettin that, word to gat
The most coatable, a number two of niggas when thereís a show to do
You know the true official nast niggas, I blow a hole in you
Iím sellin tracks not cracks, you buyin or what?
Cuz I be in your crib right now, tyin you up
Corams jack ya house, put the gat to your spouse mouth
And clean the place, kill the kids, do they see my face?
Itís the cream I taste, he thinkin my way, be the race
We the mischief who raise the most hell
Onyx in the bible, genesis 2, verse 12
And thatís the life, that I lead
Niggas walk around town like they canít bleed
So take that, where your heart is at
So take that, yeah, what
Take that and that and that and that and that
01:27 256 2,66 ą0.10
The Worst Lyrics
Wu-tang, wu-tang, onyx, onyx (x3)

Eh, yo
Staircases to stage now, major waves tanktop
Nautica, flippin your daughter 30 ways
Yeah, who want mine, bent outta shape one time
Play em all starin at your beautiful sunshine
Watch my shit shit, niggaz in the back, wigs lit
You know the stats god, niggaz in the back, backs lit
War drug raps, thug hats and mobb hats
Spit on that cat, this yellow love, nigga fuckin with a rich cat
My shit now 5 feet 6, with a crisp hat
Plus this throwin now on 30 bricks, niggaz is with that
Yo, fedrados rock my man, yo
300 thousand dollars in a bottle, bitch mad as hollow
My techinique, roller in the road, gold league
You know the code read, suitcase money, stole heat
Rock madbyís stole 100 dollar bags, though
That nigga grabbed me, gamin himself like milton bradley

[fredro starr, (x-1)]
Yo, this semi-automatic, glock this and lock this
Heat spots can knock it, itís so hot chicks is topless
Rims are spotless, chrome rims spin obnoxtious
You knock this, bust a shot
Donít miss, you better knock this
(x-1 while out and watch this
Til your eyes turn red with blotches
Eatin scraps out the garbage
Unload a cartridge and bust a cap
X could never trust a cat, onyx is as hot as it gets
Bitches fuckin for free, is outta the quest
Blow blood outta your flesh, your body outta your vest)
I cross the heat from across the street
Fly you up off your feet, you die leaving short but sweet
Street crime, time is money, nigga donít waist mine
Dispose my 9, throwin your shine, your froze in time
Lookin to death, holdin your breath, laided out
On the dance floor, blood and moet, Iím blowin your set
Trick 20 gís, donít sweat, your goin to death
Iím goin for broke, Iím blowin out smoke, your catchin strokes
(wu-tang and bald head, swis foreheads, leavin you all red
X million, fully be on illest, your realest form, bringin the storm
For seein you gone, nothin keepin my calm, but heat in my palm
Sleepin Iím gone, you see what Iím on
Keepin outta the dark, scatter your parts
From here to battery parts)

Chorus: [odb {sampled from protect ya neck}]
First things first man, your fuckin with the worst (x3)
You canít slam, so let me get fooled on a man

Still master graph, after cash graphed, get staffed
Splash your class, mash your staff
What, nigga get smacked, you ainít worth a punch
Hurt your bunch, get mercked your front
In the wrong certain punk, mack clever niggaz
Def wrecker, catch on a delo with mecca and etcha-sketcha
Shakin, erase, vacatin your space, breakin your face
Twist you, and wonít miss you, official master killer bee
Full blast, get off, smash, pull fast
For your stash, long as the war last, put up in your ass
Tryin to count more math, bringin the hardcore rap

[killa sin]
We be the mainstream, supreme rhyme, top of the line
Cuisine feens, #1 love for thugs queens sceamin on cream
My whole team love e-cup bras and mobb cars
Killa sin known for makin niggaz reach for the stars
This terrorist, lyricist in the mist of the abyss
Canibus, evangelist, I impulse with metal fists
Wu build like construction and bang like precusion
On the planet battery, backs combustin, malfunction, what

Chorus x2

[method man, (sticky fingaz)]
(holy shit, who the fuck is that)
Itís john, john (sticky fingaz, kid, you got my back)
I got your back cousin (I got the mac cousin)
And when them niggaz start jumpin, bust back cousin
(because itís the new year, time for some new shit
Nowadays rappers dyin over music)
Dead on arrival, we raised in the ghetto singin songs
For survival, duckin homicidal, you rival
(yeah, onyx, wu-tang on tracks we gang bang, chiti bang bang)
Chiti chiti bang bang, hot nicks spit flame
Lava pump through my vains, caught in the zone
Home on the range
(eh, yo you ready for the ferocious, atrocious
We go that supercalfragilisticexbealli...) dose shit
(8-ball in the corner pocket)
We snatch wallets off the white college
The big apple forever rotten
Now when it comes to hard target hot nicks
(so what the bullet clot)
Pop shit, we due to knowledge, to sharp niggas, once bitten
Major swingers, heavy hittin, poly your kitten, throw up your mitten
Stop bitchin, no slippin, no pot to piss in
Them meltin pots boilin hot now in melís kitchen
(yo, sticky fingaz, one of the illest mother fuckers
My moms donít raise no suckers, I slap rappers
Turn em in to singers, touch something of mine and youíll have 9 fingers)
Enough said, letís make whole fuckin town read
(and rip their whole crew to a shread
I got cold blood) hold your club (I hold blood) show no love
(so bug) shoot your whole club (and shoot up the whole club)
We throw slugs (you ainít no thug
I earn every God damn penny that I got
Son, I roll with a shotgun in the convertible
I wish a nigga with wood, would try to fuckin
Jack me, Iíll murder you)


Wu-tang, wu-tang, onyx, onyx (x2)
10:42 256 19,57 ą0.10
Shut ' Em Down Remix Lyrics 04:15 256 7,78 ą0.10