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Tad Morose

Paradigma, Tad Morose Paradigma 1995, Album
A Mended Rhyme, Tad Morose A Mended Rhyme 1996, Album
Sender Of Thoughts, Tad Morose Sender Of Thoughts 1994, Album
Undead, Tad Morose Undead 2000, Album
Reflections, Tad Morose Reflections 2000, Album
Modus Vivendi, Tad Morose Modus Vivendi 2003, Album
Revenant, Tad Morose Revenant 2013, Album
St. Demonius, Tad Morose St. Demonius 2015, Album
Modus Vivendi, Tad Morose Modus Vivendi 2003, Album
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Sender Of Thoughts, Tad Morose
Sender Of Thoughts
Release type: Album
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Duration: 64:36  
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Fading Pictures Lyrics
I see myself standing beside my bed bad thoughts are going through my head
over and over I think of the past one good memory came to me at last

Every breath feels like a long long time fading pictures are crossing my
mind I want to live my life again maybe I will do much better then

I can't feel the pain I think I'm going insane
Heaven... is tomorrow lost to me forever trapped within the hour glass
rising... falling in and out in time slowly
drowning in the sand

I am all alone in this endless dream everyone is different so it has to be
I feel a cold wind blowing through my soul heaven is calling so I have to

I have to free my mind from thoughts that I believed were right it's very
hard to understand that this is apart of human life
06:39 256 12,02 0.10
Sender Of Thoughts Lyrics
Souls are lost down in the valley of shadows Come meet me where the crimson
sky is bending and we'll try to reach the new horizon

Give me your soul and I'll give you life fortune and pleasure Ask me no
questions and I'll tell you no lies
Keep your eyes upon the sky and you'll see my vision At the final steps of

I sender of thoughts bringer of life I sender of thoughts give you more
than you know
Now take my hand and come with me Don't fear the evil you feel inside it's
there forever Believe me I'm the devil in disguise
06:21 272 12,05 0.10
Morning Sun Lyrics
See the morning sun open up the sky and shine it's light around The light
is casting shadows and everything seems so real

In the early morning so many people cry They cannot stand the pain The ones
who may believe are the ones who cannot feel

And here it comes so why can't you see
The clouds are moving faster making room for the morning sun So spread your
wings and fly into the morning sun
The sun is changing colours and we open up our eyes A new day is growing
It's only here for us so why can't we fly away

We are growing stronger and with time on our side we are heading for
tomorrow The light is casting shadows and everything is for real
07:55 240 13,58 0.10
Lost In Time Lyrics
Waking up the dream I had seemed so real It took me back in time so far
away I saw a place unknown to me Empty spaces with harmony Enchanting me
with shades of light I can see it shine so bright

To reach the sun the moon, the stars That is the way to find my dreams
Shadows of memories fades away so I can see the reason why I live today The
answer is not far away Where is the moon I will be leaving soon

I have to wake up before I believe I'm trapped within The dream that I had
is for real and of course I lived before
This world is nothing new to me I've walked these streets before Feels just
like I am lost in time with no return
Waking up the dream I had seemed so real It took me back in time so far
away I saw a place unknown to me Empty spaces with harmony Enchanting me
with shades of light I can see it shine so bright The reason why I live
today The answer is not far away
06:39 240 11,34 0.10
Different Eyes Lyrics 06:05 240 10,25 0.10
Time Of Silence Lyrics
Looking out in nowhere I see a distant gleam of light Faces I've never seen
searching in a dream Candles burning down and the light is fading out It's
the time of silence that makes me do things right

I am living in a dream or is it just what it seams Looking within myself
reaching for my sunset sky Running in endless circles heading for that
fading light Haunting shadows all around with grewsome hate in mind

They lie, they try they will never bring me down I try, I will break this
Voices turned to silence but echoes speak of memories Lying awake and
listening wondering who's there for me Standing naked and alone is this for
real or dreams within dreams

Time of silence has come it's up to me to make things right
Trying to break these chains but then I realise it is inside my mind I am
dealing with my fears but if it's only in my head So why am I having this
constant fear

Looking into the future I see my life before me The circle is broken
searching for my dream of hope The starlight from above hasing shadows away
Putting memories behind me I'm the one who makes things right
06:41 240 11,18 0.10
Forever Gone Lyrics
Minute by minute I'm undergoing something that I've got in mind Memories
that will be there forever are coming back right before my eyes

Everything that's inside me are feelings that I feel
I can't trust, I can't give anymore of what's left in me Searching for
another day so I can give and just walk away
I have to let it out to get my life in shape so that dreams of tomorrow can
be real so I can feel
Everything that I had is now lost and gone forever Maybe I did something
wrong and now... there's nothing I can do
04:45 256 8,30 0.10
Circle Of Souls Lyrics
It's a bridge to the past built for the dying for souls that cry
You can never go back to the life that you had When you're crossing the
line it's far too late

You're looking for shelter that you never had You're tumbling around in a
faraway land
Don't trust the stranger his intentions are bad he will cause you pain and
make you insane

Nightmares begin as tomorrow becomes the past
Blinded by pictures of hope
painted by strangers in time
You're searching for answers explaining the pain it leads to the past but
it's all in vain

Looking for life in the reaper's blade
Slowly you're falling and your life
starts to fade
05:39 256 10,08 0.10
Here After Lyrics
Darkness is all around Your time is running low Listen to the wicked sound
that rises from the below
Demons in your mind Whispers from a forgotten soul Fear of another kind
Deep down from the endless hole
There is a secret place for you Darkened mirrors on the wall Burning
candles are shining through while you're walking down these empty halls
Tomorrow is not for you as the spell is cast Memories are haunting you as
forever becomes the past
Fear in your mind Whispers from an endless hole Demons of another kind deep
down in your soul
06:34 256 11,64 0.10
Gates Of Babylon Lyrics 07:01 256 12,53 0.10
Netherworld Lyrics 00:22 240 0,65 0.10