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Martin Sexton

Seeds, Martin Sexton Seeds 2007, Album
Live At Newbury Comics (EP), Martin Sexton Live At Newbury Comics (EP) 2007, Single/EP
Solo, Martin Sexton Solo 2008, Album
Mixtape Of The Open Road, Martin Sexton Mixtape Of The Open Road 2015, Album
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Seeds, Martin Sexton
Release type: Album
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Duration: 52:31  
Size, Mb: 77,55  


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Happy Lyrics
You and I here all alone
Sunday morning here at home
The sky is blue as the coffee's strong
It's true
But then I open my eyes
To this dream realized
In front of me
Oh and I haven't got a clue
What in the world is happening to me
I think I'm happy
Like the first day of summer vacation
Happy when I get some rest and relaxation
Happy like the choir on Sunday morning
Sweet and true
Sister when you cook that way
Sweet distraction rules the day
The kitchen table honey just might break
To the sound of you and I rockin' our bodies
I don't understand why I wasn't your lover man
A hundred years ago
The fellas are gonna have to understand
And tip their hats to the man who scored
Hot damn I'm so happy
Like lovin' you all night long
Happy and sleeping on our front lawn
Happy like hearing my favorite song on the radio
Take me to the bridge
Cuz I've been round this world a hundred times
And I never knew love could happen this way
I think of you so often and I know that you are
Thinking of me too
That makes me so happy
Happy like the first day of summer vacation
Happy apple pie and relaxation
Like peace all round the world we're living on
03:53 224 6,08 ˆ0.10
Though I Knew Ya Lyrics 03:35 224 5,44 ˆ0.10
Wild Angels Lyrics
I'm glad I don't know what you've been thinking lately about yours truly I'm glad I don't know how or when I'll fall or If I'll see a movie I'm glad I don't know left from wrong or just how far I'll get I'm glad I don't I'm glad I don't you just play your tricks all day I bet when you get there you just wanna get out from wishing you were dead or maybe your real happy thrilled to break your bread well installed and so enthralled or fuckin' right out of your head I'm glad I don't know
04:07 208 5,72 ˆ0.10
Will It Go Round In Circles Lyrics
I got a song it ain't got no melody
I'm gonna sing it to my friends (x2)

Will it got round in circles
Will it fly high like a bird in the sky (x2)

I got a story ain't got no morals
Let the bad guy win every once in a while (x2)

I gotta dance it ain't got no steps
Gonna let the music move me around (x2)

I got a song it ain't got no melody
I'm gonna sing it to my friends (x2)

I'm gonna go round in circles
03:51 224 6,15 ˆ0.10
Goin' To The Country Lyrics 03:46 224 5,74 ˆ0.10
I'm Here Lyrics 03:33 224 5,65 ˆ0.10
There Go I Lyrics 04:25 208 6,09 ˆ0.10
Right Where You Belong Lyrics 04:30 208 6,38 ˆ0.10
Marry Me Lyrics 04:35 208 6,61 ˆ0.10
Failure Lyrics
Are you ready to rock n roll
Are you ready to fill my soul

All those years I try not to remember
Singin Stevie tunes in the schoolyard
The nuns would whip their sticks and
Try to make me remember
That a whie boy shouldn’t have to sing so hard

When I sang those songs the penguins said
Keep down the noise
And you’re never gonna make it as a choir boy

Thank god for failure
And the things I couldn’t do
So much of my life
It’s all I ever knew
Thank you for failure
And the mighty music
For making the dreams that chose me
Come true

Schoolin’s done now it’s time to play it serious
Forget about dreams forget about being a dude
Study business real-estate and warfare history
And just how to smile when you are being screwed
Then I bombed the test and I did the best that I can
So I finally cut my mullet and I joined a band


Are you ready to rock and roll
Are you ready to fill my soul

Thank you failure
For all those things I could not do
So much of my life
It’s all I ever knew
Thank you failure for the mighty music
Change is in my heart
You know the dreams that chose me
You made the dreams that chose me
Come true

All you did to mold this kid
You filled my heart you blew my lid
Oh you make me feel so good
Ya gimme good home cookin and gravy too
Ya gotta hop the doggie
Taught me to hop the doggie
Everything’s okay now
03:56 224 6,11 ˆ0.10
Still Think About You Lyrics 03:23 192 4,50 ˆ0.10
How Far I've Come Lyrics 02:38 208 3,82 ˆ0.10
Wild Angels (Reprise) Lyrics 01:19 192 1,77 ˆ0.10
Keep It Simple Lyrics 05:04 208 7,49 ˆ0.10