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Second Sun (Vinyl), Calibre Second Sun (Vinyl) 2005, Album
Even If, Calibre Even If 2010, Album
FABRICLIVE 68: Calibre, Calibre FABRICLIVE 68: Calibre 2013, Album
Condition LP, Calibre Condition LP 2011, Album
Overflow (2CD), Calibre Overflow (2CD) 2008, Album
Electric Soul (ep), Calibre Electric Soul (ep) 2008, Single/EP
Dont Mind (ep), Calibre Dont Mind (ep) 2008, Single/EP
Even if... WEB, Calibre Even If... WEB 2010, Album
Spill, Calibre Spill 2013, Album
Shelflife 3, Calibre Shelflife 3 2014, Album
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