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Rolling Stone - Rare Trax, Vol. 44 - The Dark Stuff, Echo & The Bunnymen
Rolling Stone - Rare Trax, Vol. 44 - The Dark Stuff
Release type: Tribute (to Various Artists) / Album
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Duration: 46:59  
Size, Mb: 72,33  


Price for album: 0.80 (discount 20%)  

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All My Colours (Zimbo) Lyrics 04:11 224 6,46 0.10
Stutter Lyrics
Tongue split
In the night
Woke up in blood
Red sheets
Wrapped tight
Dreamt I was drowning in mud

Now there's a beast in my mouth
It's out of control
Beats with a will of its own
Broken my teeth, withdrawn my gums
I think that it's taken control

Spits out raw emotion
Left a deep impression
Expression, makes me feel more expression

Life changed
That night
As rip chord took command
Spit balls of raw abuse
Was more than my friends could stand

Now I don't think before I speak
I open my mouth to see
What comes out
A whisper or shout
Insanity or a scream

Spits out raw emotion
Looking for a deeper expression

Expression, makes me feel more... expression

Flapping meat says all
Flapping meat says all
Flapping meat says all
Flapping meat says all

04:57 240 7,97 0.10
Health & Knowledge & Wealth & Lyrics 04:45 224 7,60 0.10
Sketch For Summer Lyrics 02:58 208 4,36 0.10
Flight Lyrics 06:01 208 8,79 0.10
Skank Bloc Bologna Lyrics
Tell her to work at Tesco's
Tell her to stay at school
Tell her what's possible - all day derision
Down at the Bull and Bush
Hopeless in Harrogate
Over and above and she hasn't a clue
Twenty number six and she hasn't an answer
No one wants to listen and there's no one wants to know
Someone's got a question that she doesn't want to see...

...Knocking around at tea time?
Up in her room, alone
Something she doesn't know - the Skank Bloc Bologna
Keeping us all alive - something in Italy
Stuck around the home and they haven't a clue
Dinner's at six and it isn't an answer
Now, they've got a notion and they haven't got a hope
Rockers in the town - the magnificent six
Rockers in the town with an overestimation
Now they've got a notion and they're working on a hope
A Euro-ruled vision and a skank in scope
04:02 208 5,62 0.10
United Lyrics
You and I
You and I
Living together
Loving forever
At our distance
Another for instance
United United
You become me
And I becomy you
She is she
And she is you too
United United
A corresponding game to play
A special way for us to stay
United United
Its a lie
Its the same
It's a sigh
It's a game
Its the why
Its the where and the when we're United
You and I You and I
United United
Four faces blending blending blending
Our places sending
Shades of evening
You and I You and I United United
Oceans between us
Sky between us
Land between us
Fire between us
We're United United

Can't stop it

United United
You are my Knight
You are my night-night my evening
Its very plain to say
Its a strange system
You miss them
You want to be them
You have to see them
You have to be them
United United
You and me la la la la
You and I
Make ourselves forever together forever and ever
United United
Love is the law
Love is the law
Love is the law
Love is the law
United United United You and I You and I United
TIme will see us
Time will free us
Time will be us
We are everywhere
There is no why
There is no sky anymore
There is just us United
05:54 224 9,41 0.10
Shadowplay Lyrics
To the centre of the city where all roads meet, waiting for you
To the depths of the ocean where all hopes sank, searching for you
Moving through the silence without motion, waiting for you
In a room with a window in the corner I found truth

In the shadowplay acting out your own death, knowing no more
As the assassins all grouped in four lines, dancing on the floor
And with cold steel, odour on their bodies made a move to connect
I could only stare in disbelief as the crowds all left

I did everything, everything I wanted to
I let them use you for their own ends
To the centre of the city in the night, waiting for you
To the centre of the city in the night, waiting for you
03:39 224 5,61 0.10
Coup Lyrics 04:09 224 6,33 0.10
Over The Wall Lyrics 06:28 224 10,18 0.10