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RnB Takeover 2K7, Various Artists,DJ Finesse
RnB Takeover 2K7
Release type: Bootleg
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Duration: 77:45  
Size, Mb: 95,58  


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Title / Artist     Duration Bitrate Size (Mb) Price Download
Poppin (Remix) (Feat. Lil' Wayne & Juelz Santana) Lyrics 04:37 176 5,33 0.10
Beautiful Liar Lyrics 03:02 160 3,36 0.10
You Know Lyrics 03:11 208 4,53 0.10
Man Up Lyrics 03:02 176 3,71 0.10
1 Day (Feat. Flawless) Lyrics 03:43 176 4,59 0.10
So Sick (Feat. Clipse) Lyrics 04:26 176 5,50 0.10
Love You Better Lyrics 04:09 176 5,04 0.10
Feelin It Lyrics 03:23 192 4,55 0.10
Summer Love (Feat. Stat Quo) Lyrics 03:51 208 5,44 0.10
Fallen (Feat. Freeway) Lyrics 03:38 192 4,97 0.10
Buddy (Remix) (Feat. Red Cafe) Lyrics 03:35 176 4,46 0.10
Clap For That (Feat. Ghostface) Lyrics 03:01 208 4,35 0.10
Lock U Down (Feat. Lil' Wayne)
Lyrics 03:22 160 3,69 0.10
If I Was Ya Man (Feat. Remo Da Rap Star)
Lyrics 03:47 176 4,45 0.10
Exclusive (Feat. Ness) Lyrics 02:08 160 2,41 0.10
Thug Like Me Lyrics 03:31 208 4,89 0.10
Last Night (Feat. Keyshia Cole) Lyrics 05:26 144 5,28 0.10
Go Getta (Feat. R. Kelly) Lyrics
[Intro: R. Kelly] + (Young Jeezy)
Young Jeezy...(CT) And ya boy Kells, haha
(Yeah...87, 32, what it do, nigga?)
That's right keep clapping y'all
And DJ, quit playing with us, turn it up
(Kiki, I got you homie, Let's get it)
Let's go get 'em Jeezy...oh, oh, oh

[Chorus: R Kelly]
You know we trap all day (oh) we play all night (oh)
This is the life of a, the life of a (ay)
Go Getta (ay) Go Getta (ay) Go Getta (yeeeah)
We in the club, you see a bad bitch, point her out (oh)
Yeah ya damn right I'ma (ay) ya damn right I'ma (ay)
Go Getta (ay) Go Getta (ay) Go Getta (yeeeah)

[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]
Enemy of the state, they callin' me Will Smith (whoa)
Thing on my side, you can call that Jada (damn)
Them boys talkin' down, yeah we call them haters
I'm ballin' right now so we'll get to that later (oh oh oh oh)
I be the first to admit I'm such an alcoholic (oh oh oh oh)
Only blow that good shit, yeah that whatchamacallit (haha)
Catch me posted on the block, in something exotic (whoa)
'07 year, the same color Hpnotiq (yeeeeeah)
On the outside lookin', and I want in (ay)
My homie did the same thing and he got ten (damn)
Just took a loss, still tryin' to win (yeah)
Ain't tryin' to give back, so what you tryin to spend?
(Let's get it)


[Verse 2: Young Jeezy]
We live life on the edge like it's no tomorrow (damn)
And grind hard like it's no today
And do the same shit like it's yesterday
The game never stop, so who's next to play? (oh oh oh oh)
Against all odds, you can place ya bets (oh oh oh oh)
Yeah I'm just gettin' started so I ain't done yet (nah)
Risk it all, you can lose ya life
What else can I say? That's a helluva price (damn)
I don't under cause I overstand
No time for mistakes so I overplan (ay)
I'm in the club like what? 4-5 with me (yeah)
And I'ma stay thuggin' till the feds come get me (yeeeeeeah)


[Verse 3: R. Kelly]
Hey, hey, this is how we play
When we roll up to the club high sittin on twenty-tre's
Hop out like we fabulous, top models grabbin' us
They love them Go Gettas only in America
Put the D on, chicks like Wallace
Turn 'em forward now, they can have all of this
Can't deny it when you see the wheels spinnin'
Boy Kells out the coupe in Miami white linen
Chips big spendin'
Walk up out the club with a shitload of women
Soon as I see what I like I'ma get it
I'ma get it, ooh I'ma get it, cause I'm a Go Getta

03:25 192 4,34 0.10
That's That (Remix) (Feat. R. Kelly & Nas) Lyrics 04:31 144 4,49 0.10
Im A Flirt (Feat. R. Kelly) Lyrics 04:17 176 5,23 0.10
Runaway Love (Feat. Mary J. Blige) Lyrics 03:46 192 4,97 0.10