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Risotto, Fluke Risotto 1997, Album
Bubble (Single), Fluke Bubble (Single) 1999, Single/EP
Tosh (Maxi), Fluke Tosh (Maxi) 1995, Single/EP
Progressive History XXX, Fluke Progressive History XXX 2002, Album
Puppy, Fluke Puppy 2003, Album
Xmas Demos, Fluke Xmas Demos 2000, Album
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Risotto, Fluke
Release type: Album
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Duration: 73:25  
Size, Mb: 134,53  


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Absurd Lyrics
King Kong, in Cannes, on a date with Spiderman.
Dan Dar's sitting there, scared by the killer teddy bears.
Down town, Mini mouse is slippin Micky's in the famous grouse, while big bird spreads the word
Anybody with a heart votes love.
Judge Dredd, found dead, face down in Snoopy's bed.
Outside, Tweetie Pie's getting itchy on more supplies.
Meanwhile, Snow White gets ready for work tonight, turning tricks with crystal tips.
Trying to make the best of it's absurd.
Puppy dogs and pussy cats in suspect suicide attacks.
Captain Kirk from Planet Earth, fights it out with Papa Smurf
Some phoney little ponies, preying on old and lonely, making friends, robbing them
The X men taught them everything.
Betty Boop, tired of life, took vows, became a bride of Christ
While Tin Tin's been playing at Caesar's palace live on ice.
Babar Kumbayahs with the mighty Morphin movie stars, as big bird spreads the word
Anybody with a heart votes love.
05:48 256 10,63 0.10
Atom Bomb Lyrics 05:45 256 10,55 0.10
Kitten Moon Lyrics 09:19 256 17,04 0.10
Mosh Lyrics 06:21 256 11,64 0.10
Bermuda Lyrics
i can't hear myself
aint' that beutiful
i am drowned out by the roar
floating back up from the shore
it is wonderful it is easy

take your time
take all day
i don't mind
stretch it out
for all our lives

i can't hear myself
it is fine
i am mumbled by the trees
silenced by the bees

so right....
07:58 256 14,57 0.10
Setback Lyrics
i swear
alll i could see was ruins for miles and miles
as they unfolded right before my eyes
lke a lot of funny faces
looking like they don't know what's going on
searching for a home
but they're smiling now
guess that's the only right
wouldn't you?
cos somebody wants them after all

displaced final call
good attention fixed
we'll stop
usual tricks

good time to make you feel like the lucky one
you can smell good all day long
we can make your roof never leak
you've been sold

the ruins have all got better again
there are a couple of scars
better to keep them
pick them every now and again
a little reminder, a little reminder,
with a lot less pain

interrupted back to the inbetweens
no relation to the big screen
unike the tiger
one of the best i've ever seen
quite serene
he is a beautiful beast
that is beautiful meat
08:55 256 16,33 0.10
Amp Lyrics 08:10 256 14,94 0.10
Reeferendrum Lyrics 07:22 256 13,49 0.10
Squirt Lyrics
weighing over ten feet tall
feet of clay, head of gold
middle made of cannon balls
rumour has is swallowed whole
mineral, without a soul
that's the story being told
the estimated, undefeted champeen of the world

big yet unfamiliar
think bigger than the biggest bar
think big that's only half as large
bigger, better, twice as large
outsized; extra large
velocity; very fast
bigger than the closest star

bigger than the motor car

quick, quiet, confident
comfortable, permanent
undisputed every tense
not a trace of what went left
more equal than the best
unparalleled success

v. impressed
06:15 256 11,47 0.10
Goodnight Lover Lyrics 07:34 256 13,87 0.10